WWE & the Indys: Why Jack Evans Needs to Join the Big Leagues

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 6, 2012

Jack Evans is a name that is becoming more familir to TNA fans lately, but for those of you unfamiliar with him he is only one of the best high fliers in the world.

He has the size of a Colin Delaney, but the skill of Evan Bourne. He has had runs with just about every company who means anything, except for WWE.

He has fought in Ring of Honor, TNA and AAA where he is the current World Cruiserweight Champion. He also filmed shows for the short-lived MTV promotion Wrestling Society X, where he actually faced Evan Bourne when he was still billed as Matt Sydal.

His in-ring abilities are insane given his size. He is fast, intelligent and skilled in all the ways a good cruiserweight should be.

Since he appearied in TNA due to the cross promotional deal with AAA, fans have gotten to see more of what this young wrestler can do, and they have been loving it.

He is one of the most exciting wrestlers in the X-Division of TNA and he has the ability to do moves some people would think were impossible to perform safely.

He is still the only person I can find who has done a full 720 degree moonsault from the top of a cage. Even Jeff Hardy can't make the claim of a crazy spot like that, and he has been known for his insane moves for years.

While it would make sense for someone of Evans's size to fear he would be used poorly in the WWE, times have changed and guys like Daniel Bryan, who is not much bigger than Evans, are the world champions.

Evans has all the qualities WWE should want in a young up-and-coming superstar. He is only 29 so he still has years ahead of him, which is great considering he has already been in the business for 12 years, having debuted in 2000.

If WWE ever decided to bring back the Cruiserweight division, then I think Evans is a must-have in order for it to be as exciting as it was back in the days of WCW.

I could also see a very exciting tag team if he and Bourne were to team up in WWE.

If you have never seen much of Evans, I recommend going to YouTube and checking out some of his matches, especially the one where he faced Matt Sydal in WSX, it is probably the only match from that whole series worth watching over and over again.

What do you think, would Evans make a good addition to the WWE roster?


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