The Worst Siblings in Sports

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The Worst Siblings in Sports

Sibling rivalries can be heated, with one brother or sister constantly trying to outdo the other in a search for both personal satisfaction and parental approval. So when two or more siblings show up together in the sports world, comparisons are inevitable. 

And almost invariably, one sibling will emerge as the best of the bunch, while the other finds himself living in his sibling's shadow wherever he turns.

We're not talking about siblings of superstars who weren't superstars themselves, but still patched together respectable careers (see Billy Ripken and Chris Gwynn) or even nearly equal siblings (see the Williams sisters or the Alou brothers). No, what we have here are those siblings that failed to come close to matching their blood's accomplishments on the field of play or, worse yet, caused nothing but strife in their life.

Here's a look at ten siblings that couldn't keep pace with their more athletically gifted next-of-kin.

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