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Ali's Brother Comments on Boxing Icon's Health

By Timothy Rapp (Photo: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

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    Remembering Ali at a Crossroads

    by Tim Smith

    I'm sitting on a couch in a dimly lit hotel room on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River near Cincinnati. The man sitting next to me is asleep. The man is Muhammad Ali ... Read More »

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    'I Am Ali' Clip Shows Ali in New Light

    by Dan Carson

    The subject of Muhammad Ali is well-trodden ground. The boxer that changed a sport (and an entire nation) has been the subject of writers, reporters and big-budget Hollywood filmmakers ever sinc... Read More »

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    Can You Spot Sloppy Footwork?

    by Jack Slack

    I'm going to talk briefly today about something which you will see over and over again. A fighter wins or loses, and the forums are flooded with posts about how he has bad footwork... Read More »

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    Durant Kicks It with Ali

    by Kyle Newport

    Kevin Durant has been getting a lot of attention this season as he looks to capture his first NBA Most Valuable Player award, but it's what he did off the court recently that stood out... Read More »

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    The Worst Winners in Sports

    by Gabe Zaldivar

    There are some who win graciously, walking back to the sidelines or dugout with nary a smirk, knowing their amazing success was all the talking that was needed. These are the other guys... Read More »