1. #Athletics promote Beane to executive VP of baseball Ops and Forst to GM.

  2. And another team where GM is #2: #Athletics promote Billy Beane to Exec VP of Baseball Operations, David Forst to GM.

  3. Athletics Promote Billy Beane, David Forst http://t.co/fLW9wodrRY http://t.co/eTXMucOusS

  4. #Athletics promote Billy Beane to Exec. VP of Baseball Ops., David Forst to GM http://t.co/4L83d2o4Iq http://t.co/qm1Xt5mWfX

  5. Congrats to Billy Beane and David Forst on their promotions #Athletics

  6. A's promote Billy Beane to VP; Forst to GM http://t.co/ciJMsoFchh

  7. #Athletics announce front office promotions for Billy Beane, David Forst http://t.co/rJ7oGtiPPf #MLB #AsTalk http://t.co/so4nSXvza8

  8. David Forst is promoted to #Athletics GM job while Billy Beane promoted

  9. A's promote Billy Beane to executive VP and David Forst to general manager.

  10. As I first reported in August would happen by end of season, #Athletics promote Billy Beane and David Forst. Forst now GM as I had said.

  11. Beane and Forst will talk in a few minutes. The unknown is how much day to day authority Beane relinquishes, if any. #Athletics

  12. Billy Beane promoted to VP, David Forst named A’s general manager http://t.co/VBnjhOFjAF

  13. As I reported previously, this is just change in titles for Beane and Forst; Forst very much deserves this. Has had many options to leave.

  14. A's promote Billy Beane to president of baseball operations, name David Forst new GM http://t.co/fQHfaHIpP4 http://t.co/7NEsbutqXf

  15. He's "one of the most valuable people in the organization." - Billy Beane on GM David Forst http://t.co/qSVhHUB2cs

  16. Beane says firmly that Reddick is back next year and a candidate for a contract extension.

  17. Beane and Forst duties won't change much but Beane says well deserved promotion for Forst.

  18. Beane, Forst indicate no major changes in hierarchy/decision making. Promotions make public how they've been operating, Beane says.

  19. Beane/Forst promotions only a change in titles. As Beane said, "This makes public how we've been operating."

  20. One thing Beane does want to do, personally, is focus more on draft, player development, especially with #Athletics emphasizing that so much

  21. Beane reiterates need to retain, develop prospects. "We've got a ways to go before we sort of consider ourselves a contender."

  22. That last statement from Beane doesn't mean #Athletics won't add to 2016 roster. But emphasis clearly remains on future.

  23. Beane anticipates Reddick "at minimum being here next year." That seems to end trade speculation. Extension not out of the question.

  24. Under new title, Beane said he'd like to get back to doing more as it relates to the draft and player development.

  25. Oakland #Athletics announce promotions for Billy Beane, David Forst: http://t.co/vYZJMI5k1o via @sfchronicle

  26. With promotions, Beane, Forst in for long haul with #Athletics http://t.co/Nw50PkMiQ6 (@JoeStiglichCSN) #AsTalk #MLB http://t.co/HaVEpoIB2x

  27. Beane: "I think we’ve got a ways to go before we consider ourselves a contender ... How long it takes I can’t predict."

  28. So expect Beane and Co. to retain and continue to develop young talent in the system, rather than make trades for the short term.

  29. A's become the latest club to turn to a dual executive model, promoting Billy Beane and David Forst: http://t.co/AOKS3UBY4T

  30. VIDEO: Beane: 'Well deserved' to promote Forst to #Athletics general manager http://t.co/Y5W490pVV5 #AsTalk #MLB http://t.co/RBvXzSD4Sw

  31. VIDEO: Billy Beane describes how new title will change his job with #Athletics http://t.co/AGn4RGnr2J #AsTalk #MLB http://t.co/bvopPtyCX5

  32. VIDEO: Beane breaks down how he sees Josh Reddick's future with #Athletics http://t.co/yj2EHkMkm6 #AsTalk #MLB http://t.co/C0XLoH9xRr

  33. VIDEO: Beane: Health with #Athletics pitchers 'always my biggest fear' http://t.co/jfoHSbjr9d #AsTalk #MLB http://t.co/r62RHp2Zkl

  34. Athletics promote Billy Beane, David Forst in front office: http://t.co/4UBxjKf0ZC http://t.co/6sxVBSGaEP

  35. #Athletics notes: Beane says Reddick contract extension possible (@JoeStiglichCSN) http://t.co/LPtpaXSKFg #AsTalk http://t.co/blKvfLD6ST

  36. A's promote Beane, name Forst new GM; http://t.co/dPoXRm622P

  37. I'm sure Billy Beane (No.3) has an explanation for his excessive water use. Perhaps a massive sewage leak? http://t.co/0GcSJANRxK

  38. Billy Beane is one of the biggest water wasters in the Bay Area: http://t.co/QRE6bja3W3

  39. Billy Beane doesn't care about drought, playoffs or otherwise #satire http://t.co/clHAVFpwON http://t.co/i2CxBXtILs