Giants vs. Jets: 4 Things We Learned from New York Jets' 29-14 Loss

Chris CiprianoCorrespondent IIDecember 25, 2011

Giants vs. Jets: 4 Things We Learned from New York Jets' 29-14 Loss

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    The New York Jets put forth another embarrassing display on Saturday and fell to the rival New York Giants 29-14. 

    The Jets actually got off to a great start and led 7-0 early in the first quarter, but then the wheels fell off. 

    As badly as they played, the Jets were actually still in the game until late in fourth quarter and had a chance to drive the length of the field for the win.

    However, on the first play of the drive, Mark Sanchez dropped back to pass and was sacked in the end zone for a safety. That play effectively ended the game and was a microcosm of the Jets' season. 

    Let's take a look at what we learned from the latest loss by the Jets. 

They Need a Lot of Help to Make the Playoffs

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    Going into Saturday's game, the New York Jets controlled their playoff destiny. 

    However, that is no longer the case after their embarrassing loss to the New York Giants.

    The Jets, now 8-7, need a lot of help next week if they want to make the playoffs for the third season in a row. 

    The Jets now need to beat the Miami Dolphins (which is no given, considering how the Dolphins are playing now) and need Cincinnati, Tennessee, and either Denver or Oakland to lose. 

    It's possible, but I don't have my fingers crossed. 

Not Making the Playoffs Might Be Good for the Jets

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    Of course I want the New York Jets to make the playoffs, but given the odds of them making it now, it wouldn't be the worst thing for them to miss the playoffs. 

    Yes, they advanced to the AFC Championship Game the past two years, but they did so as a Wild Card team.

    That masked the fact that their roster wasn't as good as other contenders'. 

    Now that it looks like they will be playing golf instead of football in January, changes will be made. This could finally be the year Brian Schottenheimer gets fired and forces the Jets to improve other areas of the team. 

Rex Ryan Needs to Shut Up

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    After the game yesterday, Jacobs exchanged words with Rex Ryan near midfield.

    According to the The (Newark) Star-Ledger Jacobs yelled "Time to shut up, fat boy!" 

    While Jacobs should cut the talking himself, he does have a good point.

    I have never had a problem with Ryan talking because he always backed it up. 

    Ryan needs to tone it down a bit before he gets himself laughed out of town. 

The Offense Needs a Makeover

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    The New York Jets offense was a mess yesterday and barely resembled an NFL offense.

    Their offense needs to make some big changes before next season.

    There is now way Wayne Hunter can return next year.

    Believing he could be the solution at right tackle was perhaps the biggest mistake the front office made in the offseason. 

    At the skill positions, the Jets have no explosive players. Their offense isn't capable of any big plays.

    Shonn Greene's longest run of the season is only 31 yards. At wide receiver, Plaxico Burress is a great red-zone option, but he isn't burning anyone down the field.

    On the other side, something seems wrong with Santonio Holmes this season. His longest catch of the season is only 38 yards. 

    We could talk all day about Mark Sanchez, but the reality is he is most likely to be the starting quarterback next season.