NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Deals That Could Put Chicago Bulls at Top

Brian LendinoCorrespondent IIDecember 20, 2011

NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Deals That Could Put Chicago Bulls at Top

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    The Chicago Bulls were one reliable scorer away from reaching the NBA Finals a season ago and they essentially bring back the same roster as last year.

    The lone difference is at the position the Bulls need the most: shooting guard.

    The team has added former Detroit Piston Richard Hamilton to the mix and have since waived last year's starting 2-guard, Keith Bogans.

    But are the Bulls quite there yet with their addition of Hamilton? I think not.

    So here are five interesting trade options for the Bulls to put them at the top.

Take a Shot at OJ Mayo

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    Chicago Receives: OJ Mayo

    Memphis Receives: Omer Asik and a first-round draft pick

    When you compare the likes of Omer Asik and OJ Mayo, you question why would Memphis ever agree to such a trade?

    Well, put it in this perspective. When OJ Mayo looked like he was headed to the Indiana Pacers, the reported deal was for Josh McRoberts and a first-round pick. So, who says they couldn't bite on a potential Asik for Mayo deal.

    Mayo would fit in perfectly with the Bulls as a tough player that has the ability to create his own shot on offense, as well as play tough defense for Tom Thibodeau's Bulls.

    The Bulls desperately need a go-to scorer aside from Derrick Rose, and it seems that OJ Mayo could be that perfect fit, even with the recent addition of Richard Hamilton.

Try and Lure Dwight Howard

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    Chicago Receives: Dwight Howard and Hedo Turkoglu

    Orlando Receives: Joakim Noah, Omer Asik, Carlos Boozer and two future first-round draft picks

    Dwight Howard has been the talk of the NBA offseason with his demands to be dealt away from the Orlando Magic. In those rumors, the Chicago Bulls' name has surfaced many times.

    What it will take for Howard will be lofty and it calls into question just how worth it it really is. Asik is young, Boozer and Noah are established and the future first-round picks could become something.

    There is no debating how good Dwight Howard really is, and just the thought of how scary a duo of Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard might be together is worth at least a phone call.

Pau Seems Unhappy in Los Angeles

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    Chicago Receives: Pau Gasol

    Los Angeles Receives: Carlos Boozer and Kyle Korver

    We speak constantly about how bad the Bulls need a 2-guard to compliment Derrick Rose but sometimes you have to wonder if an upgrade at power forward alongside the addition of Richard Hamilton is a good move.

    Pau has been unhappy since he was supposedly shipped off to Houston as part of the nixed Chris Paul deal, and it's well-documented how restless that Bulls fans have become with Carlos Boozer.

    So, I propose sending Kyle Korver to the Lakers, which gives them a big-time shooter to score some buckets when Kobe needs a breather, and I feel a player like Boozer could compliment Andrew Bynum.

    For the Bulls, replacing Carlos Boozer with Pau Gasol adds better rebounding and much-improved post scoring for Chicago.

Marcus Thornton and Derrick Rose?

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    Chicago Receives: Marcus Thornton and J.J. Hickson

    Sacramento Receives: Kyle Korver, Taj Gibson and a first-round draft pick

    This one may seem a little high coming from the Bulls, but I'm very high on Marcus Thornton and his ability to score the basketball.

    Thornton is the key component in the trade and the Bulls would most likely be required to part ways with Taj Gibson.

    The Kings are very deep at the guard position, so Korver would fit nicely into the rotation for big shots off the bench.

    Marcus Thornton isn't exactly the biggest name on the market, but his talents did just warrant him a new contract and he's certainly a nice piece that would fit perfectly alongside of Derrick Rose.

Revisit Nick Young

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    Chicago Receives: Nick Young and Trevor Booker

    Washington Receives: Kyle Korver and Omer Asik

    Nick Young just recently re-signed for one more year with Washington, and while his name came up multiple times in the offseason related to the Bulls, now may be the time to go after him.

    Young is a young talent that has the ability to score the basketball in bunches and would help burden the offensive load from Derrick Rose.

    Parting with Omer Asik would be tough, but receiving another young big man in Booker could offset that loss.

    Young was a player I was really high on in the offseason and I think the Bulls should continue to show interest in him.