1. Here’s Pau Gasol twice reminding Jahlil Okafor you can’t bring it weak to the rim. https://t.co/ORnmhI8gNj https://t.co/FqegLF1O8V

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  6. VIDEO: Pau Gasol teaches rookie Jahlil Okafor a lesson. Don't drive and spin on Pau. https://t.co/vGAA9eUXtp https://t.co/sdgkc3oIgs

  7. Heading to the 4th on @NBATV, @ChicagoBulls lead @Sixers 76-62 on Pau's 14p, 6r & 6b. Okafor w/ 18p & 12r. #CHIatPHI https://t.co/Jowlsc1MaS

  8. Bulls lead 76-62 after 3. Mirotic with 16 and 10. Rose with 12-7-5. Pau with 14-6-6 blks. Okafor with 18-12

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  10. Pau Makes Game-Saving Block on LBJ

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  12. Vintage Pau Gasol spin on the block! #CHIatPHI #NBAgif https://t.co/QkjixqxRdw

  13. Hoiberg said he is planning to keep same starters (Rose, Niko, Pau, Jimmy, Doug) for Friday's game vs. Hornets -- but who knows?

  14. Bulls just gave Hoffman Estates mayor a uniform with No. 16 on it. So I guess Pau is using that player option . . .

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  18. Strikes all around for @ETwaun55 and @paugasol! #BullsBowlingParty https://t.co/aOpNueiNhb

  19. Quick start for Pau - he has 7 of the first 11 points for the #Bulls so far.

  20. Pau Gasol came to play today, nearly has a double-double in the first quarter. 7 points, 8 rebounds in just 9 minutes.

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  23. Gasol, Spain Beat Lithuania 80-63 to Take EuroBasket Title

  24. Pau gives ➡️ Jimmy goes on CSN! https://t.co/S8sOf0ELaf

  25. Pau is  with that jumper! That clutch shot gives the Bulls a 98-92 lead, 2:46 left.

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  28. Diary From NBA Africa 2015 | By Pau Gasol

  29. Kobe Bryant says Kristaps Porzingis is more like Dirk Nowitzki, not Pau. https://t.co/otS1oiCQes https://t.co/GR88B44F7k

  30. Will Pau Gasol decline his player option? How many more years will he play? Trib asked. He answered. (Kind of) https://t.co/euvLNH1oFU

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  33. The Bulls' Pau Gasol would likely lose money by not opting out next summer. Per @KCJHoop. https://t.co/G14gYvKRug https://t.co/svSkzIfBDw

  34. Pau Gasol likely to become a free agent. https://t.co/WKhrSG2Z2E https://t.co/FlVF58peQU

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  36. Congratulations @paugasol on being named the 2015 Global Impact Player! https://t.co/vXmn7bnvJq

  37. Whoa! Pau➡ to ️Jimmy for the !

  38. GIF: Pau Gasol feeds Jimmy Butler for sweet alley-oop - https://t.co/lE5YfCEejW #BullsTalk

  39. Jimmy Butler reaches back to slam Pau Gasol oop (video) https://t.co/HCiXLQRDba

  40. Pau Gasol to Jimmy Butler: Boom! https://t.co/P5cDfrjjpz https://t.co/rErvTpLwFg

  41. #HoopIdea A reality show that follows around Pau Gasol as he treats people with kindness.

  42. Pau runs the court for a dunk ahead of Chandler; Tyson's senior citizen facility application gets expedited

  43. Pau is feasting  so far. 4-4 from the field here in the 1st. Bulls up, 16-9.

  44. The battle of the 2001 Draft, Gasol vs Chandler. Pau perfect from the field, 5-5. Only thing missing is Kwame Brown and Kedrick Brown

  45. Pau with the espanol dream shake; granted a bit slower than Hakeem's but with plenty of ingredients, like paella; 42-26 Bulls

  46. Terrific tipin by Pau; into Suns basket; but it was really nice


  48. Veteran Spaniard @PauGasol goes up with the jam! #CHIatPHX on ESPN! #NBARapidReplay https://t.co/nvGfU8p8uy

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  50. Pau Gasol's special friendship w/ a children's hospital patient, his love of opera & more. My story on the real Pau: https://t.co/XAmPuChoK1

  51. Pau Gasol - Philanthrapist and a Man of the Arts https://t.co/Dv1QzYSKMg https://t.co/sQNXSvcmgH

  52. A skilled big man like Pau Gasol presents infinitely more issues for the Warriors than a simply athletic big man like DeAndre Jordan.

  53. Latest @SInow Roundtable: Trades we’d like to see ... Carmelo Anthony for Pau Gasol https://t.co/Q9JdhOCNgj https://t.co/uIdv4HcLkU

  54. Pau, what's it like to play the Warriors at Oracle? https://t.co/MdoAP8WBV6

  55. Pau congratulates Luke with his usual affectionate pat on the back of the head.