NFL Community Challenge Week 16 Results

Sean Crowe@CroweKnowsSenior Writer IDecember 24, 2008

Before we get to the awards, I want to direct everyone’s attention towards T.W. Krems’ poll to see who Bleacher Report thinks is this season’s NFL MVP.

You can check out the nominees here: T.W. Krems Presents: Bleacher Report's NFL MVP Nominees

Vote here.

Make sure you get your vote in. We want to know who YOU think is the NFL’s MVP. Especially since we all know the real voters will probably pick the wrong guy…

On to the awards!

Best Written Article: Oakland Raiders Potential Team Modifications for 2009 by Jeff Little

It’s been a good week for the Raiders. First, they improbably and inexplicably win a game against the Houston Texans (no truth to the rumor that the Texans were kidnapped and replaced with a CFL team prior to the game).

Now one of their own has taken home the coveted Best Written Article award for this week!

Seriously though, Jeff did a fantastic job breaking down what the Raiders’ front office needs to do to ensure better results in 2009.

Someone send a link to Al Davis (he knows what a computer is, right?).

Best Discussion/comments: Philadelphia Eagles: You Ruined My Christmas by Bryn Swartz

There were a few other articles with more comments (two of my own, actually), but Bryn’s pain was felt by the entire Bleacher Report community and we showed up in his comments to tell him so.

There’s nothing like a good post-game rant…

Accuracy of game/fantasy predictions: NFL Night Games Predictions: Can the Panthers Be Giant Killers? By Joe Kleiber

Joe had the Giants winning a close one, and the Bears winning by a field goal. Pretty good. Had he predicted both games going to overtime and a coin hitting Urlacher in the head, I’d be at his house right now asking for lottery numbers.

Funniest/Original article: 2008: Year of the Eli Manning Face (slideshow) by Matt Martino

This made me spit by Barq’s Diet Root Beer out my nose, onto my keyboard. Which, actually, almost lost him the award because now my keyboard’s sticking and I’m relatively annoyed.

So make sure you’re not drinking anything when you read this.

Best Roundtable: Chicago Bears Roundtable: One Man's Loss Is Another Man's Gain by T.W. Krems

Once again, T.W. does a great job putting together a roundtable. T.W. might have leaped over Angel Nevedo for most weekly awards won.

Overall winner: Raider Card Addict

He wrote an insane amount of articles, and got an insane number of reads. He nearly knocked me off in the NFL the Season contest. Raider Card, for a few days anyway, was the  No. 1 ranked writer in the NFL section. He is currently ranked No. 2, and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before he retakes the lead.

Best overall Community: Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles community did a great job this week, both leading up to their big game against the Redskins and following their devastating loss. Congratulations to the Eagles community, and their Community Leaders Bryn Swartz, Chris Klinkner, and Patrick Wall.

If you feel we omitted somebody or something, please let us know by either posting a comment or emailing us. My email is , and Andrew’s is .

Be sure to send me your nominees for next week’s award!