New York Giants: Giants Need Tom Coughlin's Leadership to Win NFC East Title

Erick Fernandez@erickgfonsportsCorrespondent IIOctober 25, 2011

New York Giants: Giants Need Tom Coughlin's Leadership to Win NFC East Title

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    Many people would believe that at the beginning of the regular season, the Giants had no chance to be on top of their division heading into Week 8 of the NFL season. Even Giants fans were quite uneasy heading into the season. After that terrible Week 1 performance against the Washington Redskins, Giants fans were down right scared.

    But under the leadership of head coach Tom Coughlin the Giants are 4-2 and find themselves in the middle of the playoff picture.

    Although the emergence of Eli Manning has also been extremely important for the success of the team, I believe that the Giants aren't where they are if they had another head coach. Despite the collapse of last year, the Giants organization (and rightfully so) trusted Coughlin and it appears as if they have made the right decision.

    There are numerous reasons why he has been so successful as a coach of the G-Men and these exact reasons are why the Giants will win the NFC East.

His Ability to Overcome Adversity

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    New offensive line. No running game. Lack of depth in the secondary and linebacker positions. No problem?

    A staple of Tom Coughlin's coaching career, especially with the Giants, is his ability to overcome pressure time and time again. Through adversity and speculation of him getting canned, he always maintains the utmost professionalism.

    He never lets outside distractions affect him and makes sure it doesn't affect the team either.

    Despite the injuries early in the season and all the people doubting the team, the Giants have responded in a way that Tom Coughlin has taught them.

His Passion and Intensity

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    There are not many coaches that have the same amount of passion and intensity on the field as Tom Coughlin.

    If he disagrees with a call on the field he will let the zebras know. As soon as his face turns red he means business. He is one of few coaches who will run on the field in outrage if he is truly disgusted by a call.

    And when Coughlin is upset there will be nothing that can prepare the refs for the ear-full they are about to receive.

    His passion for the game is contagious and it spreads to the rest of the team. Under his leadership the Giants will continue to play with the same passion for the rest of the year, or else they will be getting a piece of his mind.

His Stern Policies and Strict Guidelines

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    Tom Coughlin has high expectations on the field as well as off the field. 

    It has been made public numerous times that he has fined players, especially his superstars, for being late to team meetings and other responsibilities. Just ask Michael Strahan, Brandon Jacobs and Plaxico Burress how many times they have been fined by Coughlin.

    He is a creature of discipline and he wants his team to be as well. That is why Coughlin was livid all year with the performance of the Giants last season. The excessive penalties and turnovers must have had him muttering swear words in his sleep.

    This year's team has been a different story. Their turnover ratio of +4 has been more Tom Coughlin-like. The team, and especially Eli Manning, has taken care of the football much better this year. Manning has vastly improved his decision making. There have been less errant passes getting thrown off his back foot while under pressure. You want to bet Coughlin had something to do with that?

    The Giants discipline on the field will be an important reason why they survive their brutal schedule on the way to the NFC East title.

He's Been There Before

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    Who better to lead a team down the stretch than someone who has taken his team to the playoffs eight times?

    Tom Coughlin is a seasoned veteran. He knows what it takes to take his team to the promise land.

    Even when the rest of the NFL has given up on his team, he demonstrates the faith and confidence in his players to excel.

    Despite how wacky and looney people think Coughlin may be, his coaching philosophy works. He has proved it time after time.

    It will work once again this year as the Giants will take the NFC East crown back from the Philadelphia Eagles.