1. "John Jerry has been a starter here and we've always been fortunate to be able to call on him." - Coach Coughlin

  2. "We're in a holding pattern with Larry Donnell. He doesn't have the green light." - Coach Coughlin

  3. Why Giants’ Tom Coughlin believes Landon Collins will rebound | New York Post https://t.co/Q2zTakMQok

  4. Tom Coughlin on Landon Collins: "He's a pretty tough, resilient kid." Not worried about mental toughness after dropped INT vs NE.

  5. Coughlin says Landon Collins tends to creep up toward the LOS and "he'll have to learn to stay deep."

  6. Coughlin says Weston Richburg will take some snaps today to test his high ankle sprain.

  7. Coach Coughlin says Weston Richburg will be limited today but will practice. #Giants

  8. Tom Coughlin says Larry Donnell "continues to have the issues" with his neck. Hence not practicing.

  9. Tom Coughlin: "Very little" improvement from Justin Pugh. Still in concussion protocol. #NYG #Giants

  10. Not a lot of optimism from Tom Coughlin regarding Justin Pugh (concussion) for this week.

  11. Justin Pugh, Larry Donnell and Mark Herzlich will not practice today per Coach Coughlin. #Giants

  12. Coughlin said Justin Pugh (concussion) has improved "very little."

  13. Tom Coughlin said Justin Pugh has improved "very little". That's obviously concerning. His concussion symptoms have now lingered a while.

  14. Tom Coughlin: Justin Pugh (concussion) has made very little progress #Giants

  15. Tom Coughlin says Justin Pugh has improved "very little."

  16. Giants news, 11/23: Future for Reese,Coughlin may depend on last six games #nyg https://t.co/1f8xQ1d3sX https://t.co/wIl5D1eUy3

  17. Coach Coughlin says Hakeem Nicks is excited about being back with the #Giants.

  18. It's a 6-game sprint to the finish now for first-place Giants -- and maybe for Tom Coughlin, Jerry Reese, too.... https://t.co/XW92GVXNuj

  19. "Six game season. Every game is critical. We are relevant, now we have to finish." - Coach Coughlin

  20. Tom Coughlin: "We are relevant. Now we've got to do something about it."

  21. Tom Coughlin on whether Hakeem Nicks can be what he once was: "I'm hoping that's exactly what he can be."

  22. Tom Coughlin: "We are relevant. Now we've got to do something about it." #Giants

  23. Tom Coughlin: "It's a six-game season now. We are relevant. Now we've got to do something about it. Finish."

  24. JPP on Eagles and Redskins losing: "Coach Coughlin talked about it or whatever, but who cares, you know? It’s all about us right now.''

  25. Can Hakeem Nicks be the player he once was? Says Tom Coughlin: "Yeah, I’m hoping that’s exactly what it will be."

  26. Reporter: Where is Pugh in the protocol? Tom Coughlin: He’s in the protocol, that’s where he is. Boom. #Giants

  27. Coach Coughlin updates injuries as the #Giants return from the bye week. READ: https://t.co/njktmXnRKL https://t.co/3USXd2fJkw

  28. Tom Coughlin believes Hakeem Nicks can be what he once was: https://t.co/XHOjZpmRIO

  29. Coach Coughlin has the #Giants ready for the stretch run! #GiantsPride https://t.co/l2DF4B2V3P

  30. Tom Coughlin urging Giants to once again go from finished to finish with division on line in "6-game season" https://t.co/0L4yc2NYFQ

  31. Tom Coughlin still believes in Hakeem Nicks. But there are no guarantees Nicks can still deliver: https://t.co/oZ3RfKHgx3

  32. Tom Coughlin on what the Giants need to do the rest of the season

  33. "Prince Amukamara is medically cleared to play." - Coach Coughlin #Giants

  34. Coach Coughlin says Justin Pugh is going through concussion protocol. #Giants https://t.co/F60Y7k6c4w

  35. No sign of Justin Pugh or Weston Richburg at #Giants practice. We'll see what Tom Coughlin says afterward.

  36. Of course it was a catch! Coughlin still hot over reversal of Odell Beckham touchdown ... https://t.co/tSlTsVfMCj

  37. Tom Coughlin, on @WFAN660 earlier, made it very clear he's unhappy with the NFL's Catch rule and the way it was applied to Odell Beckham.

  38. Coughlin said it is his expectation that Prince Amukamara will be cleared to practice after the bye.

  39. Coughlin on Prince Amukamara: "He wasn't going to get the ok there." Expects Prince to be ready in two weeks for Washington.