Week 14 Predictions: DAL/PIT Game Already Being Hailed As Greatest Of All Time!

Gus HowTCorrespondent IDecember 5, 2008

Everyone loves predictions, especially when it’s from a guy who’s never posted anything.  Feel free to bash the picks – I’d do the same thing.


Washington @ Baltimore


Common sense tells you to go with Baltimore, the hotter team, the better defense, and they’re at home.  But this game is essential for the Redskins; the Ravens probably feel they can look ahead to the next couple of weeks against Dallas and Pittsburgh.

My Pick:  Redskins – 16  Ravens – 14


Jacksonville @ Chicago


Jacksonville is one of the biggest disappointments this year, next to the Chargers, Seahawks, Packers, etc.  Still, this team would love to play spoiler for the remainder of the season considering the rest of the teams they face are playoff contenders.  But Chicago is pissed from losing to Minnesota last week; expect Urlacher to rip someone’s head off.

My Pick:  Bears – 23  Jaguars – 13


Minnesota @ Detroit


Sad sad situation in Detroit.  The Big three bailout.  Economy is in the pisser.  If the Lions can just win one game, Detroit would be the happiest town on this planet for that small amount of time.  With both Kevin and Pat Williams back in the lineup, I don’t see it happening this week.

My Pick:  Vikings – 27  Lions – 10


Houston @ Green Bay


Big win last week for Houston, but the good times won’t last for long.  Green Bay can’t get embarrassed at home two weeks in a row by fair weather teams, right?  Houstongets frostbite at the Frozen Tundra and Green Bay stays alive for another week.

My Pick:  Packers – 34  Texans – 17


Cincinnati @ Indianapolis


I did not think the Colts could keep up this kind of streak considering their horrific games at the beginning of the season, but with games against the Bungholes and the Lions back to back, chalk up at least a 10 win season for the Colts.  Indianapolis as a wild card…that’s scary for any team in the AFC. 

My Pick:  Colts – 35  Bengals – 24


Atlanta @ New Orleans


Another tough game to pick.  Am I convinced the Dirty Birds are for real?  This team is just like the Saints from 2006, only more impressive with a rookie QB leading the team to greatness.  I know home teams in the NFC South are 22-2 or some crap, but like most trends, it doesn’t last forever.  Give me Atlanta to jump to second in NFC South after this week.

My Pick:  Falcons – 27  Saints – 25


Philadelphia @ New York (Giants)


My my Philly.  You can beat the Steelers, but tie the Bengals?  You looked so good earlier this season, but couldn’t maintain the momentum.  Win this game, and it doesn’t matter what happens for the rest of the year, it will still be a good year.  But…the Gaints win again, and clinch a playoff birth this week.

My Pick:  Giants – 24  Eagles – 13


Cleveland @ Tennessee


All you suckers out there who thought this was the Browns year because of the miraculous Derek Anderson, this is what you get.  And don’t think Dorsey is the next Kosar either; he’s a backup’s backup.  The Stains are still the Stains, end of story.

My Pick:  Titans -  44  Cleveland – 21


Miami @ Buffalo (in Toronto?)


So is this game going to be on a CFL field or what?  If we mix the Wildcat with this field and CFL rules, we could see a pretty cool game.  Buffalo was a great story up until everyone could see behind the façade – the Bills do not have consistent QB play.  Miami fades a little near the end of the game from the cold weather, but holds on for the narrow victory.  Surprise prediction:  Miami wins the next three and plays for the Division title against the Jets in the last week of the season.

My Pick:  Dolphins – 13  Bills – 10


Kansas City @ Denver


Herm Edwards recently compared his team to a college team.  Nice.  Way to encourage your players.  I see where you’re coming from Herm, but at 2-10, do you think they need the extra putdown?  Denver’s season on the other hand most resembles a roller coaster with a great beginning, falls fast, goes back up with wins against the Falcons and Jets, and a loss against the Raiders.  Which is it going to be this week?

My Pick:  Broncos – 31  Chiefs – 17


New York (Jets) @ San Francisco


West coast versus east coast.  This matchup is all about the running game, with Frank Gore up against Thomas Jones/Leon Washington.  Favre is simply a mediator for these two teams.  After pulling his pants down a few weeks back, Coach Singletary has convinced the team to keep winning so he doesn’t do that again.  I wanna go with San Fran, but the Jets are just too overpowering for them, offensively and defensively.

My Pick:  Jets – 28  49ers – 20


St. Louis @ Arizona


Can Warner and the Cards come back after the last two weeks?  Against St. Louis, you betcha.  The Rams have fallen and they can’t get back up.  Even Action Jackson can’t pick up the whole weight.  Another year, another high draft pick.  With this win and a 49er loss, I do believe the Cards can clinch.  Wow…never thought I’d utter those words.

My Pick:  Cardinals – 31  St. Louis – 9


Dallas @ Pittsburgh


Finally, I’ve gotten to the big one.  Oh kay, lets begin.  The Cowboys will come out and scare the Steelers.  They’ve had 10 days to prepare, and they’ll put up a good amount of points on this defense.  In the first half.  The Steelers 2nd half adjustments this year have been phenomenal, and they will continue this week.  On a side note, the Steelers will give up their first 300 yards of total offense for the opposing team, but they won’t give up the victory.

My Pick:  Steelers 34  Cowboys – 24


New England @ Seattle


The Seahawks are going down fast, but maybe that’s exactly what they want.  After losing Alexander, the running game just hasn’t been the same, and that was their backbone for so many years.  Get a high enough draft pick to pick up any one of those top running backs Mel Kiper Jr. says is the best one.

My Pick:  Patriots – 27 Seahawks – 23


Tampa Bay @ Carolina


The Monday night game is a doozy, with the two teams at the top of NFC South fighting it out, Dukes of Hazard style.  Can the country boy Delhomme make enough first downs against a solid and still dominant Bucs D?  Or can Cadillac ride all over the Pepper fields and into the promised land?  I think the winner of this game won’t just win by a field goal – it will be a complete whoopin one way or the other.

My Pick:  Panthers – 38  Bucs - 24


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