WWE Night of Champions: 13 Reasons Why It Really Was a Night You'll Never Forget

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WWE Night of Champions: 13 Reasons Why It Really Was a Night You'll Never Forget

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    After a successful article mini-series for Summerslam called "WWE Summerslam: 13 Questions Heading into the Biggest Party of the Summer" and "WWE: 13 Reasons Why the Summerslam Results Were Right for the Business", I have decided to translate that success into a series which continues onto this installment for Night of Champions.

    Now I know that Night of Champions has ended and that my lack of time prevented me from making a "13 Questions Heading into Night of Champions" article, but it has not stopped me from highlighting the show and it's occurrences, which I'm going to do in this slideshow.

    So without further interruption, here are 13 reasons why Night of Champions was truly "a night you'll never forget".

The Champions Aren't the Champions Anymore

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    Heading into Night of Champions, we knew who the champions were (of course).

    They were as follows:

    Alberto Del Rio - WWE Champion

    Randy Orton - World Heavyweight Champion

    Dolph Ziggler - United States Champion

    Cody Rhodes - Intercontinental Champion

    Kelly Kelly - Divas Champion

    Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston - Tag Team Champions

    Now why does this matter?

    Because all of the championships were on the line, that's why.

    And with every single championship being defended, it's safe to assume that at least one new champion would've been crowned, and last Sunday only added evidence to prove it.

    Two new champions were crowned and those two new champions had to beat the former champions to gain the title.

    The new champions became John Cena and Mark Henry.

    Of course, we expected John Cena to win because it's his" belt, but the shocker was Mark Henry's win.

    We didn't expect him to win, or at least not as much as we expected Randy Orton to retain, which made this result a surprise that we'll never forget. To add to the memorableness of the show, Randy Orton finally lost clean while his championship was on the line!

    Can you truly call this forgettable?

Alberto Del Rio's Destiny Was Really a Wasted Story

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    "It's my DESTINY!!!! But you, you already know that!"

    Remember those words?

    Remember how he he was apparently destined for greatness?

    Remember his championship reign?

    I doubt you remember the answer to the last question, because his title reign came and went as quickly as it took him to get it by cashing it in.

    What was once a story of destiny has transformed into a story of wasted opportunities along with a touch of bad luck.

    Alberto Del Rio always said that he was going to become champion but whenever he seemed destined to win it, an unfortunate event had to occur and his eventual championship eluded him. Instead, he had to climb back to reach his destiny and eventually, he reached it.

    He cashed in Money in the Bank and became WWE champion.

    The problem is, he only held it for about a month.

    At Night of Champions, he lost the belt to John Cena.

    His destiny was really a "wasted story".

The Viper Was Unable to Strike the World's Strongest Man

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    In his feud with Christian, Randy Orton dominated every single time.

    This time?

    It didn't turn out that way.

    The viper was unable to strike with a lethal RKO, costing him the World Heavyweight championship in the process.

    Randy Orton lost, which is rare to see, making this quite the unforgettable moment in a "night you'll never forget".

The ''Hall of Pain'' Gets a New Victim

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    But what makes it more unforgettable, is the fact that Randy Orton lost to Mark Henry.

    True, lately Mark Henry has become a dominant force but did you really expect him to win?

    More importantly, did you expect him to beat Randy Orton cleanly?

    Did you expect him to add a new member to the Hall of Pain?

    Whatever your answer to those questions was, Mark Henry provided us with the answer.

    The latest inductee to the "Hall of Pain" was the former World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton.

Christian Gets One More Chance?

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    Christian wasn't booked for the show but his presence was still felt in his promo.

    He asked for one more match and the crowd, along with Sheamus, agreed.

    Will he get it?

    More importantly, will he regain the World Heavyweight championship?

The Divas of Doom Don't Dominate

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    If you have 'Doom' in your name, you're supposed to dominate right?

    Well, as proven with Dr. Doom getting dominated by the Fantastic Four, the Divas of Doom have yet to dominate as well.

    They have lost to Eve and Kelly Kelly but have beat AJ and Kaitlyn.

    How does that work?

Dolph Ziggler Really Is Perfection......or Close to It

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    He was able to survive and defend his title successfully against three other men that could've easily left with the championship belt.

    Sure, he outsmarted them by taking advantage of the occurrences in the ring, but he still won and defended his belt successfully.

    Dolph Ziggler has, so far, been a good United States champion that has slowly improved his character while reviving the prestige of the belt.

    His ''perfection'' seems to be rubbing off onto the belt as he has slowly made his reign and character entertaining.

Cody Rhodes Is Still the ''Fortunate Son''

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    Remember when Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes were a part of Lagacy?

    Remember when they split and Cody Rhodes became "Dashing" while Ted Dibiase became "The Fortunate Son"?

    Cody Rhodes eventually became "Undashing" but felt success along the way.

    Ted Dibiase on the other hand, lost all of his credibility.

    Last Sunday proved just who really was the "fortunate" one as Cody Rhodes defeated and retained his Intercontinental championship from none other than......Ted Dibiase.

Air Boom Is Not Just a Tag Team.......

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    ......they are the Tag Team champions.

    But the problem is, they are the tag team champions of a dying division.

    To add to that, Air Boom is not a natural tag team but one that was put together at basically the last minute.

    Thankfully though, it seems like Air Boom may have success similar to Miz and Morrison if they are provided legit teams to compete with.

    So far, it's been going great as they fought the Awesome Truth at Night of Champions in what was a good match that ended with a "conspiracy" decided finish.

The Cerebral Assassin Was Revived

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    When Triple H said that CM Punk had made this feud personal, many believed him and expected his vicious side of Hunter to show up.

    We got what we wanted as CM Punk and Triple H delivered a brutal match.

    The COO disappeared for that one match as the Cerebral Assassin was revived.

    He used every tactic possible to fight for his role as COO in the No Holds Barred match and he kept his job at the end of the night but.........

The Conspiracy Is Real

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    The conspiracy lives on!

    As Miz and R-Truth contended for the Tag Team titles, they were disqualified by the referee.

    It was a conspiracy against them and they took out their frustrations by attacking the referee.

    Then, later on, during the CM Punk/Triple H match, the Miz and R-Truth came to help rid the company of the COO who "conspired" against them, Triple H, by breaking up a pin count.

    They failed in their attempt to do so but the conspiracy was still far from over.

    John Laurinaitis came and told the ref in a quick manner to count the pin when CM Punk had Triple H down but HHH kicked out.

    Then, Kevin Nash came and tried to assault Triple H as well as Punk, but mostly HHH.

    HHH survived the onslaught and emerged victorious as the conspiracy lived through many twists and swerves of the night.

The Spotlight Is Still on the Same People

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    But during the whole show, there was a pattern that was being shown.

    The spotlight is still on the same people.

    John Cena reclaimed "his" WWE championship, basically repeating the past few years of domination in the process.

    CM Punk, lost, again. Sure, he was in the main event but he lost.........to Triple H, the same HHH, who is known as a spotlight hog.

    Then, we also had Kevin Nash interfering just because his ego didn't accept "You're Fired" as an answer.

    John Laurinaitis also appeared, just because he finally feels important enough to show his face on TV and isn't ashamed of his own voice.

    Then, on the Divas side, Kelly Kelly won......again.

    To make matters worse, she beat the hometown hero, Beth Phoenix, who is supposed to be a "Diva of Doom".

    We also witnessed Randy Orton compete in the World Heavyweight championship match again, thankfully though, he lost.

    And finally, we not only witnessed the Miz and R-Truth appear at the beginning of the show, but on the end of the show as well but I'm okay with that decision since it helps the company more unlike the others.

    But seriously though, can't the spotlight be moved just a little at least?

It Truly Was a "Night of Champions" but Not "A Night You Will Never Forget"

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    "Night of Champions", it is the name of the PPV so we obviously expected title defenses and we got what we asked for.

    What we didn't get though, was a truly memorable night.

    We did get a few moments that we'll "never forget" for the short-term but nothing truly "unforgettable".

    But the champions did show up in their matches as we got stellar matches from almost everyone.

    The problem is, the champions weren't even in the main event. 

    For a show that calls itself a "Night of Champions", shouldn't a champion be in the premier spot known as the main event?

    I'm sorry for this little rant, but I'm just wondering.

    Anyways, aside from a few things, it was a good PPV for what it's worth.

    Now tell me, what are your thoughts from Night of Champions?