WWE: 13 Reasons Why the Summerslam Results Were Right for the Business

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIAugust 20, 2011

WWE: 13 Reasons Why the Summerslam Results Were Right for the Business

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    Summerslam has come and gone and the "Biggest Party of the Summer" did or did not disappoint, depending on the person that you ask.

    There were unannounced matches, surprises, returns.

    In fact, all of the 13 questions that I asked before the PPV were answered, although I may have gotten some predictions wrong.

    (Here are the 13 questions in case you want to see what they were)

    Now, as the Summerslam hype and shock slowly dies down, I have decided to look at the decisions that were made that night and how they were right for the business.

    Notice how I said that they were right for the business. I may not like them, but at the end of the day, they helped, instead of hindered, the WWE.

    Keep on reading to find out why.

Alberto Del Rio Fulfills His Destiny

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    His name is Alberto Del Rio, but you already knew that.

    He is the current WWE champion, but you already know that as well.

    How did he become champion?

    By cashing in his Money in the Bank contract, that's how.

    Now why is this a good decision, moreso, the right decision?

    Because Alberto Del Rio needed to fulfill his destiny.

    He talked and talked and talked about how it was his destiny to become the WWE champion but never fully accomplished it.

    He was even given a Royal Rumble victory, a title shot at Wrestlemania, a title shot at Extreme Rules, a Money in the Bank briefcase, and another No. 1 contender shot somewhere in between.

    He was just being given too many privileges, but never fully using those privileges to his advantage.

    Now, that his destiny's fulfilled, the WWE can finally stop using those opportunities on him and give them to another deserving superstar.

    Alberto already has the belt, he doesn't need any more pushes.

    It was the right move for the company, whether you like it or not.

Kevin Nash Returns

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    "Oh no! The old man returns!"


    "He's just going to bury the younger talent!"

    Those are just a few examples of the many comments made in disbelief at the sight of a Kevin Nash return.

    Now, those remarks may be right and he may actually just be doing it to please his ego and for the money, but all in all, this was the right move for the WWE to make.

    Why? Well, because he's an established veteran. He can help make a big name star such as CM Punk look credible after he loses to him. 

    He also has close ties with Triple H and can add a swerve to the storyline.

    But the biggest reason why it was the right move is because Nash changes the story. 

    Try to imagine what would've happened if Nash hadn't interfered.

    Alberto doesn't cash in, his destiny is still a wasted story.

    CM Punk is the new WWE champion, Cena gets a rematch because he lost "unfairly."

    We get Punk/Cena III for the WWE championship, and there will be no way that we will love it as much as their encounters at Money in the Bank and Summerslam. 

    We will have seen it already, and it wouldn't have been anything new.

    Nash helped prevent this, and it was the right move because it stopped the feud from becoming overkill.

CM Punk Wins, John Cena Loses, Triple H Counts the Pin

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    Protect the face of the company, not the face of the "Reality Era."

    That sentence proves why this was the right move for the company.

    Triple H did not see that Cena's foot was on the ropes but counted the pin, making it official.

    Punk became champion only to get beaten up and lose it in a matter of minutes.

    On the company scale, John Cena matters more than CM Punk, making Punk the scapegoat to achieving Alberto's destiny and to Nash's return.

    Imagine Cena doing that.

    I can't.

    Which makes this the right move for the company to make, even if not many people love it at all.

Triple H Is Shocked at the Results, Yet He Has the Power

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    When Nash attacked Punk, it was considered a swerve to many, even Triple H.

    He had a shocked expression on his face, one that made it seem as if he didn't know what had happened.

    But here's the kicker, Nash is Hunter's best friend and apparently he had received a text from HHH's phone to attack the winner.

    All Nash did was oblige.

    But why was this the right move?

    Why is Triple H's shocked expression a good move for the WWE?

    Well, because it puts doubt in people's minds. It adds depth to the storyline and makes it seem as if it could or could not have been Triple H who ordered Nash to attack the champion.

    It makes it seem as if it could be anyone who hired Nash and thus, Hunter's shocked expression was the right move for the WWE business.

Stephanie McMahon Wishes Luck to CM Punk and John Cena

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    Stephanie McMahon returned at Summerslam!

    But why and was it the best move for the WWE to make?

    Yes, because it adds to the story.

    Like Hunter's shocked expression, it makes it seem odd that she appears all of a sudden and wants to congratulate CM Punk right after he became the reason for putting her daddy out of day-to-day decisions, but maybe she was happy that her husband ended up with the power?

    I don't know, but whatever the reason for her returning at Summerslam, it was the right business move for the WWE to make, especially if it was to add to the focal storyline of the company at that moment.

Randy Orton Becomes World Heavyweight Champion for the Hundredth Time

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    Yes, I know I exaggerated with the slide title, but it certainly seems that way.

    Now I know many of you are thinking, how is Randy Orton taking the title away from Christian the right decision?

    The answer is simple.

    Orton was drafted to Smackdown for one reason only, to be Smackdown's face.

    As the face of the blue brand, he doesn't really need the title but it certainly helps.

    So how is this the right move?

    Because Randy Orton is Smackdown's version of John Cena, a Superman.

    SuperOrton needs to be unbeatable and a win was the right move to establish that.

Edge Confronts Christian to Tell Him the Truth

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    "You are a whiny, little bitch!"

    Edge told Christian these words to make a statement to his friend.

    But why was it the right result for Summerslam?

    It was the right result because it helped lead into a possible turn or character enhancement in Christian's future.

    It could help Christian realize his ways are wrong and make him care for the people again. Or, it could just make Christian further angry and want to complain more.

    But either way, it led to an Edge return and helped lead into Christian's plan failing.

    It further enhanced the story and leaves the door open for other options, making it the right decision for the WWE to make.

Daniel Bryan Feels the Greed of Wade Barrett

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    Daniel Bryan is the Money in the Bank winner, yet he lost to a wrestler who had no momentum going for him?

    Exactly. That's why this was the right move for the WWE to make.

    Wade Barrett was once in the main event and looked poised to be a future champion but after moving to Smackdown, his momentum quickly went downhill.

    He lost so many PPV matches as well that he needed a win here too.

    Daniel Bryan on the other hand, could've afforded the loss.

    He is booked to be the underdog and a loss doesn't really ruin his momentum and character.

    Barrett needed the momentum boost, making this the right decision.

The Diva in Kelly Kelly Beats the Wrestler in Beth Phoenix

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    The blonde model Diva wins, the tough wrestler Diva loses.

    How is this a good move?

    Storyline-wise it is.

    It shows that the model won't give up that easily and helps make the wrestler angrier, making her seem more determined to actually get rid of the perky princesses.

    Plus, it helps championship-wise, too.

    It helps Kelly gain a longer reign and Beth Phoenix also gets a chance to win the belt in her hometown in Night of Champions.

    Overall, long-term, it was the best move for the WWE to make.

Sheamus Can't Count to 10, Mark Henry Can

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    The monster beat the brawler.

    It may have slowed down Sheamus's momentum from his recent face turn, but it helped Mark Henry maintain his heel momentum.

    Anyways, the outcome was not exactly the thing that the WWE got right, what they got right was the finish.

    Sheamus couldn't get up to prevent the 10-count in time but it was after Mark Henry slammed him through the barricade.

    The ending helped show Mark Henry's viciousness while keeping Sheamus looking somewhat strong by not having him lose to a pin count in the ring.

    The finish was great, and it is why this result was the right decision for the WWE to make.

Rey Mysterio Scores the Pin out of Six Men

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    In an unannounced bout, Rey Mysterio got the winning pinfall for his team.

    He needed the win more than anyone, and it was the right move for him to get it.

    He was set to challenge for the WWE championship the next night on Raw and needed the win as a momentum boost.

    He was also in his home state which means that the hometown wants to see their superstar win his match.

    A good result once again.

'Little Jimmy' Can Go From Enemy to Ally

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    Jimmy Hart made his return in a segment with R-Truth.

    He was trying to convince R-Truth to let him manage him but in the end, it ended with R-Truth arriving to the conclusion that Hart was 'Little Jimmy.'

    But why was this the right move?

    Because R-Truth doesn't need a manager, he's already entertaining enough and can talk on the mic.

    Have Hart manage someone who needs the mic help.

    Someone like Sin Cara?

    Plus, the return of Jimmy Hart helps give a window of opportunity to anyone to get him as their manager.

    "The Mouth of the South" looked willing to return to managing stars into superstars and this segment helped lead to that, which makes this the right decision.

The Miz Fails to Live Up to His Promise

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    The Miz made a promise that he was going to make an impact at Summerslam.

    In fact, I even wrote an article about it which can be found here.

    It was being hyped up so well, that I anticipated the Miz's presence at Summerslam.

    After he appeared, he was put in a match and he lost, but I still had high hopes for the Miz's presence later on in the show.

    I waited and waited, but nothing happened.

    At the end of the show, the Miz had failed to make an impact.

    But looking back at it, it was the right move.

    If Miz had interfered in the WWE championship match, the whole storyline with Nash and who contacted him wouldn't be playing out. 

    If he had done anything else, it might have ruined the whole show by making it have a different result.

    Overall, the Miz not making an impact was basically the best way to make an impact.

    It allowed the whole show go the way it did and as for the Miz, well, he seems to be on good terms with Vince McMahon who is possibly planning a push for him soon.

    The Miz not making an impact was the right decision for the WWE to make at the end of the day.

    Out of all of the decisions in this slideshow, the Miz failing to make an impact was possibly the best decision to make.

    What do you think? Which was the best decision made at Summerslam and were these decisions indeed good for the business?

    Comment below and tell me what you think.