WWE SummerSlam: 13 Questions Heading into the Biggest Party of the Summer

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIAugust 12, 2011

WWE SummerSlam: 13 Questions Heading into the Biggest Party of the Summer

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    SummerSlam, possibly the second biggest PPV of the year next to WrestleMania and maybe the Royal Rumble, is now coming fast to Los Angeles, California.

    It'll be here this Sunday, and it looks to have the makings of total bust or a complete success, yet it is still too early to tell due to an unaired SmackDown show that could add a few twists to the PPV.

    For now, though, all the hype focusing on the PPV, specifically on the CM Punk/John Cena match as well as the Christian/Randy Orton match, there are still a few questions that need to be answered.

    Which is why I've decided to try to provide the answers to 13 of these questions (yes, there's that many).

    At first I was thinking of doing something along the lines of "WWE SummerSlam: Top 5 Matches in This Year's Match Card," but then it occurred to me that someone else may end up using that idea so I settled for this idea.

    Plus, I wanted to answer these questions before the PPV do so I'm going to so right now.

    Anyways, without further interruption, or distractions, here are my answers to 13 of the questions heading into SummerSlam.

Will There Be Any Last Minute Matches Added to the Match Card?

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    Miz vs Rey Mysterio and Dolph Ziggler vs Alex Riley for the United States championship are two matches that are rumored to be in the event this Sunday, but will they happen?

    So far, it seems that the most possible addition will be Dolph Ziggler vs Alex Riley for the United States Championship because in the past few weeks, they have had multiple confrontations including a short match that ended with tension between Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero.

    Then, there's a chance that we could get a rematch between the two finalists in the WWE championship tournament in the Miz vs Rey Mysterio.

    We could also get a match, most likely for the Intercontinental championship, that involves Ezekiel Jackson and Cody Rhodes.

    Or we could get a random thrown together match, possibly for the Tag Team championships, involving the team of Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga versus the Usos.

    But then again, we may not get a bonus match at all and only get what we literally payed for although I doubt it because the WWE usually adds an unannounced match in their PPVs for the heck of it.

Who Seems to Be the Winner of Each Match?

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    So far only four matches have been announced. 

    Those four matches are:

    CM Punk vs John Cena for the WWE Championship with Triple H as the Special Guest Referee in an Undisputed WWE Championship Match

    Christian vs Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship in a No Holds Barred Match

    Sheamus vs Mark Henry in a Singles Match

    Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix in a Singles match for the Divas Championship

    Now is that enough to fill up the match card? I don't know, but I do know that we can predict what may happen.

    Although no results can be known until the results actually happen, we can take a well thought guess from examining the events leading up the wrestler's encounters.

    So here are my predictions for the four announced matches.

    Christian(c) defeats Randy Orton to retain the World Heavyweight championship

    Kelly Kelly(c) defeats Beth Phoenix to retain the Divas championship

    Sheamus defeats Mark Henry

    CM Punk defeats John Cena to become the Undisputed WWE champion and keep the Reality Era going.

    What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Make your predictions known.

What Will Triple H's Role Be in the Punk/Cena Match?

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    The new COO Triple H "shockingly" inserted himself into the John Cena/CM Punk match to make sure that everything can go his way, but what exactly is his way?

    He has already admitted to having an ego as well but will it come into play and affect the decision of the match?

    Only time will tell, but from what I can tell, the Game will make sure that the match goes how he wants it to go.

    He's going to overcome his instinct on beating people up to do what's right for the business by making John Cena win, or will he?

    Whatever he does do though, will play into whether he'll be a face or a heel for the few months to come.

Will the Divas Take a Step Closer to Reviving Their Division?

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    The days of the blonde bimbo(Beth Phoenix's words, not mine) and the perky princesses(Natalya said this part) are apparently going to end.

    The Divas who can wrestle are apparently going to take them down and it all starts with this match.

    If Kelly Kelly wins, the dominance that was promised may not be believable anymore because the perky model Divas will reign over the stronger women and the Divas division may continue being in the same state that it once was.

    But if Beth Phoenix backs up her words, the Divas division may be revitalized and wrestling may matter again instead of pure looks.

    The spark that Kharma was supposed to bring may be brought once again if Beth Phoenix wins.

    This is not your typical match folks, instead this match defines the future of the Divas division.

Will the Christian vs Randy Orton Feud Reach Its End?

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    An encounter on Smackdown, Over the Limit, Capitol Punishment, and Money in the Bank makes this Summerslam encounter the fifth in the feud between Christian and Randy Orton.

    But with a few matches already, the WWE had to spice things up in the feud, so they did. The stipulation of No Holds Barred was added and it will be for the World Heavyweight championship.

    With an added stipulation, especially one of this caliber, it adds to the effect of this feud by making it seem more personal yet also adds the thought that this could be the final encounter between the two.

    And with the way Randy Orton's sadistic and psychotic side has been emphasized as of late, the rules seem to favor the Viper but we can't always doubt Christian can we?

    But even if the rules and stipulation make it sound like it's their last encounter, I honeslty doubt that it will be. 


    Because Smackdown is lacking the main event talent to carry the show, that's why.

    So is this match going to mark the end of the Christian/Orton feud?

    I doubt it but I can always be proved wrong.

Who Will Dominate the Other? Mark Henry or Sheamus?

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    The battle of the dominant powerhouses.

    Sheamus vs Mark Henry, who will win?

    The odds seem to favor the recently turned face Sheamus to be the winner so he could keep his momentum going, but Mark Henry has also made a strong case for himself as he has literally been dominating and decimating his opponents lately.

    But who is going to walk out the victor?

    Will Mark Henry continue to dominate or will Sheamus stop the domination?

    Either way, whoever ends up the winner will gain a lot of momentum while the loser will lose a lot of momentum.

    This match basically determines a momentum shift.

Are Injuries Going to Be a Factor?

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    Recent reports have surfaced saying that Dolph Ziggler and Rey Mysterio are apparently working injured.

    If these rumors are indeed true, will they affect the way the PPV is booked?

    Although both stars are not booked, will they somehow get involved to give them some time off?

    Dolph Ziggler seems to be in a feud with Alex Riley and if they do have an unannounced match, will Alex Riley win the United States championship from Dolph Ziggler just so Dolph can have time to heal?

    As for Rey Mysterio, well, he was rumored to be in line for a push heading into Summerslam but it seems to have gotten derailed when the Miz attacked him this past Monday.

    Does this mean a match is in the works? Or will Rey's apparent injury prevent him from making his presence in LA?

    Will the injuries even affect booking at all?

Will Money in the Bank Be Cashed In?

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    The Money in the Bank contract, there's a reason why everyone wants it.

    That reason is because 100% of the Money in the Bank contract holders so far have all cashed it in successfully to become the new WWE or World Heavyweight champion.

    Can Alberto Del Rio and Daniel Bryan keep the percentages intact?

    We have yet to see if they can but if they do, will it be teased or actually happen at Summerslam?

    I don't know but on the Smackdown side, it's basically Randy Orton and Christian in the World title picture all the time so it could be possible.

    As for the Raw side, the CM Punk/John Cena saga seems to be continuing for the time being which makes me doubt a possible cash-in.

    But in the end, if nothing happens then nothing happens, yet a possible cash-in could be looming by especially for Smackdown if the Christian/Randy Orton saga reaches its end.

Will the Unbooked Make Their Presence Known?

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    Will outside interference occur at all?

    Will there be clean finishes?

    These are three questions that are almost one and the same.

    Why? Because interference can happen by the unbooked, thus making the match end in a dirty finsih and not a clean one.

    The unbooked in this case are stars ranging from the Miz all the way to Alberto Del Rio who are not booked to be in a match yet are credible enough to make an impact in the show.

    But how can they interfere and what motive will they have?

    Well, Alberto Del Rio has a valid reason as he could be looking to cash-in his Money in the Bank contract.

    As for the others, the Miz may be looking to regain what's rightfully his.

    R-Truth may be looking to fight the conspiracy against him conspired by the Little Jimmys.

    Alex Riley may take a chance to become champion.

    Cody Rhodes may want to rid the hideousness from the arena. 

    And................well you get the point, right?

    Anyways, expect to see the unbooked make a presence, big or small, by the end of the show.

Will We See a Swerve or Unexpected Finish?

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    Vince Russo's specialty, the swerve, otherwise known as the unexpected finish. 

    Will it happen this Sunday?

    Now how can a swerve happen, you may ask?

    Well, there's always the chance that Daniel Bryan backs down from his word and cashes in to become champion and effectively turn heel or face depending on his victim.

    There's also a chance that Triple H may do something to surprise us all, which I won't try to guess because there's a lot that can happen.

    And there's also the possibility that someone returns to the WWE or makes their debut.

    But will a swerve or unexpected event happen?

    We will have to wait and see.

Will the Overall PPV Live Up to the Hype?

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    But the thing that we will have to wait and see for the most is if the overall PPV lives up to the hype.

    Will it live up to the hype?

    I say yes.

    Why? Because if you examine the card closely, there has only been one match that has been extremely hyped. That match is the Punk/Cena match and if it nears the excellence of their Money in the Bank encounter, then it'll live up to the expectations.

    As for the rest of the matches, they haven't received as much hype. Orton/Christian is possibly the closest in hype to the the Punk/Cena match but the result won't matter as much as the Punk/Cena match.

    The Punk/Cena match is relied upon by the business and it has a lot of expectaitions heading in, the rest of the matches on the other hand don't.

    Which makes it easy for me to say, that this PPV may easily surpass expectations and live up to the hype because honestly, what are you really expecting from this PPV?

Will There Be a Change in Face?

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    The Reality Era has started thanks to the words of a certain Straight-Edge Superstar.

    That star is CM Punk and he looks to lead the new era of pro wrestling by taking down the current face of the WWE.

    That current face is the face of PG, John Cena.

    If Cena wins, the PG era lives. If he loses, the Reality Era begins.

    But which result will happen after the Punk/Cena match at Summerslam ends?

    Which leads me to the next question..........

Will the End Come or a Start Begin?

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    Will the end come or a start begin?

    PG era or Reality Era?

    Which one's going to live and which one's going to die once it is all said and done?


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