The Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak: My Ratings for All Matches & Opponents Pt3

Justin HollowayCorrespondent IAugust 31, 2011

The Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak: My Ratings for All Matches & Opponents Pt3

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    Today, we return to my revisit of the dead man's WrestleMania streak.

    His record currently stands at 19-0. Today, I'm watching these matches and rating the opponents as well as overall performance.

    This final part will cover the remainder of matches of the streak, 2005-2011.

    The rating system is on a 0 to 5 scale and focuses on the following topics:

    Opponents Performance
    Technical Skill
    Finish (final minutes)

    I hope you enjoy, and thanks to all those who are reading this and/or have read the previous installments.

WrestleMania XXI: 2005

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    vs. Randy Orton

    Opponents Performance: 4.5

    Technical Skill: 4.5

    Brutality: 2

    Finish (Final minutes): 4

    Overall Rating: 15

    I've never come across a pro wrestling fan that didn't fully respect Undertaker. You have to respect a guy that can pull off that gimmick night after night for 20-plus years.

    I didn't care of Orton at this point in his career. I thought he was too young, and his inner heel was sticking out a bit too much. (See the slap at 9:12 into the video for an example) I've come to respect him a bit more in recent years. Although, I do think he has a natural heel side to him.

    They have a great back-and-forth segment early on. 'Taker is keeping up and staying toe-to-toe with Orton. Solid wrestling from both men. Great storytelling all around. Finisher reversals on both sides.

    Hall of Fame inductee and Randy's dad Cowboy Bob using the classic cast shot to the forehead couldn't keep the dead man down. Chokeslam countered into the RKO. Amazing! I was for Undertaker all the way, but that made me roar when I first saw it.

    Then Orton's cockiness comes out as he tries to steal 'Taker's tombstone only to get a classic reversal in response. Great match, one I could watch over and over. My hat's off to both performers.

WrestleMania XXII: 2006

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    vs. Mark Henry

    Opponents Performance: 2

    Technical Skill: 1

    Brutality: 2

    Finish (Final minutes): 3

    Overall Rating: 8

    A lot of my friends didn't realize this was the first Casket match Undertaker has had at WrestleMania. Sure he had plenty of casket matches but only this one at the biggest show of the year.

    Henry had some trouble selling it in my opinion. He didn't really fit the style or pace of 'Taker. The match was saved though. Undertaker leaping over the casket, then getting Henry up with a tombstone was...well, phenomenal.

WrestleMania XXIII: 2007

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    vs. Batista

    Opponents Performance: 4

    Technical Skill: 4

    Brutality: 2.5

    Finish (Final minutes): 4

    Overall Rating: 14.5

    As Michael Cole said, Batista took it right to Undertaker. Batista overpowering "Takers chokeslam was impressive looking. The elevation on Undertaker's classic leg-drop was perhaps the highest I've seen from the dead man.

    Running power-slam from table to table was powerful, and I was a bit surprised to see that table hold up with both of them on it. Then again, they may have reinforced it for just that reason.

    Nice back-and-forth near the finish. Good match, Undertaker looked hurt and/or tired though. Still didn't hold him back from putting on a good match and coming out undefeated again.

WrestleMania XXIV: 2008

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    vs. Edge

    Opponents Performance: 3

    Technical Skill: 3.5

    Brutality: 3

    Finish (Final minutes): 3.5

    Overall Rating: 12.5

    I never really looked at Edge as a contender to break the streak. Just my opinion really. Standard Undertaker offensive pace to start. Nice counter to the Old School counter. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

    Countering a counter is always worth bonus points. And the splash in the corner sending Undertaker down the floor didn't look comfy. Either Undertaker's back is in dire condition or he's working hard selling Edge's attacks.

    Not seeing anything really new so far other than the belly-to-back suplex over the guardrail. First time I've seen Undertaker dumped in that way.

    Not a terrible match. To note, this was 'Taker's first WrestleMania win using the Hell's Gate submission move.

WrestleMania XXV: 2009

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    vs. Shawn Michaels

    Opponents Performance: 5

    Technical Skill: 5

    Brutality: 5 (You don't need chairs, cages or blood to make a brutal match. This is how you make a standard singles match brutal.)

    Finish (Final minutes): 5

    Overall Rating: 20

    I promise you now, any review of this match does not do it justice at all. Both of these men rise to another level when WrestleMania comes around. Nice fake-out with the leg coming off the ropes by Michaels—classic ring psychology we don't get enough of today.

    If you haven't seen this match, you're not a Pro Wrestling fan, in my opinion. I can recall watching this match live; you couldn't turn away for a second. I knew the streak was in true danger here. Shawn Michaels performs like none other against the dead man. Stellar match all around.

    The Hell's Gate to counter the inverted figure-four was genius. Only Michaels can get out of the way of the giant leg-drop from the apron. Then the moonsault that we thought might have ended the match. It was hard to tell if HBK was hurt badly from that. I'm sure it didn't feel nice at any rate.

    But then Undertaker flies, right into the camera man Shawn pulled in the way. Sadly, the camera man wasn't much cushion for the dead man as he nosedives into the floor on the outside. That was a very memorable and scary moment. But, you can't help but smile or cheer when Undertaker rolls back into the ring preventing that 10-count.

    A picture perfect choke-slam followed. Jim Ross was right; Undertaker's eyes tell the story after Michaels kicks out following a tombstone. A brilliant counter to set that tombstone up, by the way.

    When Undertaker caught Shawn off the moonsault I jumped, that was an amazing finish! To try and make up for this rushed and far too brief review, and also knowing that I'll more than likely be watching this match every day after work for the next few days, I'll try to make time to start on a spotlight article focused on this match.

WrestleMania XXVI: 2010

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    vs. Shawn Michaels

    Opponents Performance: 5

    Technical Skill: 4.5

    Brutality: 5

    Finish (Final minutes): 5

    Overall Rating: 19.5

    The rematch of a lifetime. The first match was monumental. Could this one live up to it? Great match with action to match the previous encounter. A viscous tombstone on the floor foretells that we are in for a war. Then things start to pick up again when Shawn Michaels counters the Hell's Gate into a pinning roll-up.

    A very high angle Last Ride and we go back to the outside where Undertaker intends to use the Last Ride to put HBK through the announce table. Shawn countered with Sweet Chin Music and took a crazy man's leap of the top rope, moonsaulting onto Undertaker laying on the table below.

    Kick out after kick out, finisher after finisher. The look on Undertaker's face when Shawn kicked out the tombstone was priceless! But the final stare down at the finish told the story. A never-say-die attitude from Shawn and the rage of the dead man create a spark in the crowd as Undertaker jumps high into the air with his tombstone piledriver.

    Just three seconds later Shawn Michaels' career was at an end. A great continuation from the previous competition. The streak lives, and we say goodbye to arguably the best in-ring performer of all time. It's what a wrestling match should be.

WrestleMania XXVII: 2011

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    vs. Triple H

    Opponents Performance: 5

    Technical Skill: 4

    Brutality: 5

    Finish (Final minutes): 5

    Overall Rating: 19

    Triple H was a good choice to challenge for the streak in my mind. Both were commanding ring generals and fantastic athletes. Undertaker's rage was set ablaze by Triple H after crashing through the Cole Mine. Solid brawl in the early going. Once it goes to the outside and the announce tables get involved things start to heat up.

    The fall Triple H took from the back-body drop off the table rivaled that of the countered moonsault of the Shawn Michaels' match. The weight difference in the two made the shorter fall seem just as painful.

    Then as 'Taker was setting up Triple H for a tombstone on the steel steps Triple H counters. Undertaker's fury drove him to launch off those steps towards triple H; out of nowhere, Triple H turns Undertaker's momentum into a spinebuster through the announce table behind him. That was a great spot and a heck of a bump.

    Back in the ring we go! Two count after the chokeslam from the dead man. Nice spot where Undertaker hits snake eyes and gets his usual big boot countered into another spinebuster. Then the chair enters play. Huge shot to the back of Triple H, warping the chair.

    Somehow Triple H gets up, and moments later, strikes with a resounding, a thunderous pedigree! Only to have Undertaker kick out, of course. Then Triple H answers with a kick out of his own following the last ride out of the corner. Not even the tombstone would keep him down.

    Undertaker's tombstone countering into the DDT into the chair got a great response. The fans, including myself, wanted this match to continue, and it did. Another pedigree, but to no avail. Then another, followed by another two count. Then a THIRD pedigree with the same results! Only near fall after near fall in this match. It actually never ended, both men are still in that arena. Who will win? We may never know...

    Ok, that was a lie. But three pedigrees in a row and only near falls? Wow! Then, Triple H grabs that chair and wails on the spine of the dead man. Yelling, "Stay down!" before hitting him another seven times on the back with that bent chair.

    When Undertaker finally gets back to his feet, he's greeted by a steel chair to the head, courtesy of "The Game." Stay down and just die Triple H yells. But Undertaker doesn't follow orders well at all. He gets back up. Triple H signals for a tombstone and delivers one to the dead man! The Phenom still kicks out, keeping this epic war alive.

    Triple H looks to his friend the sledgehammer but gets caught in Hell's Gate. One minute and 47 seconds later Triple H taps out to finish the match. Great performance.

The Future?

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    Thanks to all of you who joined me for this look back at the greatest streak in sports and  entertainment history.

    All parts linked below. Also check out my latest articles about the Dead Man in Hell in a Cell and future Streak opponents here and here. Thanks for reading!

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    I hope you had as much fun as I did. -J.