The Undertaker vs. Mick Foley at WrestleMania 28: What Do You Think?

Justin HollowayCorrespondent IAugust 29, 2011

The "Isn't he dead?" Man vs. The Dead Man
The "Isn't he dead?" Man vs. The Dead Man

Rumors abound that Mick Foley will push for one last match with the WWE.  Could he hold out for something special at WrestleMania?

Does he want to challenge The Undertaker's streak?  Does he have it left in him to perform at such a huge event?

If not Mick Foley, then who else could even stand a chance?  These are the questions running throughout my mind these days.

So I've decided to put these questions to you fine people on Bleacher Report. Comment with your thoughts on the rumor as well as what predictions or dream matchups you've thought about for The Undertaker's 20th WrestleMania match.

Should this be his final match in your opinion? Let's see what you can come up with.

I think this should be Undertaker's final match. I think Mick would be great if he's confident he can hold up physically.

Alternative opponents would include Triple H, Randy Orton, CM Punk and Kevin Nash. But I don't want to fill your head with my ideas, I want feedback from all of you. T

Tell me who you want to see as a part of the greatest streak in sports history. Do you think anyone is worthy of breaking the streak?

Now that Triple H is in charge as COO of the WWE, he'll have the last word when the decision is made.

Do you think he'll throw himself into a rematch to please his ego? Comment, boo, cheer, let's hear your ideas and feedback.

As fans we should have a say in who we watch in the ring. Now is your time to speak up and be heard! Thanks for reading.