The Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak: My Ratings for All Matches & Opponents Pt2

Justin HollowayCorrespondent IAugust 28, 2011

The Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak: My Ratings for All Matches & Opponents Pt2

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    Today we return to my revisit of the dead man's WrestleMania streak.

    His record that currently stands at 19-0. Today I'm watching these matches and rating the opponents as well as overall performance.

    This second part will cover matches seven through twelve. During the heart of the attitude era. 1998-2004.

    The rating system is on a 0 to 5.0 scale and focuses on the following topics:

    Opponents Performance
    Technical Skill
    Finish (Final minutes)

    I hope you enjoy, and thanks to all those who are reading this and/or have read part one.

WrestleMania XIV: 1998

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    vs. Kane

    Opponents Performance: 4
    Technical Skill: 2
    Brutality: 3
    Finish (Final minutes): 2
    Overall Rating: 11

    First things first, one of 'Takers best entrances ever. Still gives me chills to watch. Great stuff. The coat was amazing. Best popped collar of all time. Right, bro? Anyway Kane held up well against the dead man. This match showed what The Undertaker was capable of at WrestleMania. But we all know the best matches are yet to come. So let's move on to those...

WrestleMania XV: 1999

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    vs. Big Boss Man

    Opponents Performance: 1
    Technical Skill: 0
    Brutality: 2
    Finish (Final minutes): 3
    Overall Rating: 6

    Boss Man didn't do much in this match. But, the crowd knew the winner before it began. They were just waiting for the finish. Best part was the costume for 'Taker's entrance and the hanging at the end. Not much of a wrestling match in between. But still entertaining in my book.

WrestleMania X7: 2001

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    vs. Triple H

    Opponents Performance: 4.5
    Technical Skill: 3.5
    Brutality: 3
    Finish (Final minutes): 3.5
    Overall Rating: 14.5

    Getting into some good matches at this point. Perfect opponent here in Triple H. He knows 'Taker well enough and they put on a great match. The sledgehammer counter to The Last Ride was awesome, in my opinion. Gave them a bit of a curve on the skill points. But you have to admit it's more of a wrestling match than we've seen thus far. Plus this one had some heat on it due to the staples to 'Taker's head thanks to Triple H's sledge in weeks prior. I very much enjoyed this one and the live crowd was digging it as well.

WrestleMania X8: 2002

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    vs. Ric Flair

    Opponents Performance: 3
    Technical Skill: 1
    Brutality: 3
    Finish (Final minutes): 2
    Overall Rating: 9

    Flair put on a show like he only can. Although their styles are miles apart they seemed to work well together, overall. This match made up for a lack of skill and finesse in the finish with brutality and having The Nature Boy in rare form for his age. Could have used some work, but entertained and kept my attention overall. Arn Anderson's spine buster was a blast from the past. Go Arn!

WrestleMania XIX: 2003

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    vs. Big Show and A-Train

    Opponents Performance: 3
    Technical Skill: 2
    Brutality: 2
    Finish (Final minutes): 2
    Overall Rating: 9

    Undertaker worked hard in this match. Not only going against two monster sized men, but he did most of the working in the match. Nathan Jones coming down at the finish tells the story. They realized that he wasn't good enough to be in a WrestleMania match in the first place so they scraped him, leaving 'Taker to pull double duty. Had some decent spots but overall it was again just about the entrance and how they finished. The fans knew the outcome and just wanted to see what they'd been waiting for.

WrestleMania XX: 2004

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    vs. Kane

    Opponents Performance: 3
    Technical Skill: 2.5
    Brutality: 2
    Finish (Final minutes): 2.5
    Overall Rating: 10

    Yet, another great entrance for the dead man. The return of Paul Bearer was a nice added surprise to this event. Small botch on the back-body drop. But, nothing they couldn't recover from. A devastating tombstone to finish it off. I was looking for more of a contest from Kane. Nonetheless, a good 10 ten minutes in my book.

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    Thanks for reading! -J.