Derek Jeter Gets 3,000th Hit: 5 Reasons Alex Rodriguez Is so Jealous Right Now

Timothy Howell@@tmurrayhowellCorrespondent IIJuly 11, 2011

Derek Jeter Gets 3,000th Hit: 5 Reasons Alex Rodriguez Is so Jealous Right Now

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    Last week, Derek Jeter became just the 28th player in Major League Baseball history to join the 3,000-hit club—and he is the first New York Yankee to accomplish the feat.

    Of all the 43 members of the Hall of Fame that've donned the Yankees' pinstripes—not one accomplished what Derek Jeter has done. Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra—just to name a few famous Yankees—never reached the 3,000-hit plateau. 

    It's astounding, really. Perhaps, one last major feat achieved by the future first-ballot Hall of Famer.

    It's no secret around baseball that Derek Jeter is the face of the most fabled franchise in sports—and now that he has done what no one in Yankees' history had managed to achieve, he'll be the "Captain" of the games most captivating franchise for years to come.

    And you'd better believe that all this hoopla—all the "Jeter mania"—chaffs a certain slugger's hind quarters.

    Alex Rodriguez must be incredibly jealous right now.  Here are the top five reasons why.

Why Alex Rodriguez Is Jealous of Jeter—Reason No. 5: The Mitchell Report

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    Once Derek Jeter's fabled career comes to a close, he's a sure fire HOFer. Alex Rodriguez certainly has the numbers to follow Jeter after he hangs up his spikes.

    Unlike Jeter, A-Rod might not be enshrined on his first attempt—this is due to a little thing known as the "Mitchell Report." You won't find Derek Jeter's name in that report.  A-Rod's is written on there in permanent ink, larger than the John Hancock's "John Hancock" on the United States' Declaration of Independence.

    A-Rod's inclusion amongst this infamous group might mark his exclusion from a much more prestigious assemblage. One that Jeter will surely call his own.

    Derek Jeter's excellent career has been paved by accomplishments that he had no help achieving. And A-Rod, well, you know.  

Why Alex Rodriguez Is Jealous of Jeter—Reason No. 4: Jeter's the Short Stop

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    Derek Jeter has lost a step or two.  He's no longer the game's premiere short stop.  This isn't any news flash—Jeter's last couple of Gold Gloves ('09 and '10) have been thrown his way much like Denzel Washington's Academy Award win for Training Day—based on reputation and the strength of previous performances.  

    It's also probably no secret that A-Rod is a much better short stop than Jeter is right now—or possibly ever was, for that matter.

    A-Rod is the type of man that gets what he wants.  

    Except for when he has to go through Jeter to get it. It was a non-issue when A-Rod came over from the Texas Rangers: Jeter was the short stop; A-Rod would have to make the adjustment to third base.

    End of story.

    You'd better believe this burns a hole in his pride bigger than the expansive one that lies between himself and Jeter on the left side of a baseball field.  

Why Alex Rodriguez Is Jealous of Jeter—Reason No. 3: Minka Kelly

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    Derek Jeter is dating one of the hottest women on the planet in Minka Kelly. Seriously. Look at that photo. She's smoking hot. And this isn't even a great photo of her. She has some other, ahem, very titillating features. Run a "google" search of her. You'll be glad you did.

    And as for Alex Rodriguez, well...

    A-Rod has Madonna. DO NOT "google" pictures of her—it will make your eyes bleed. Okay, maybe not literally. But it's not pretty.

    Seriously, have you seen a picture of her recently? I just threw up a little in the back of my mouth because I have.

    I was going to put up a picture of the tired-old pop singer, but her visage would cause the entire Bleacher Report server to crash—if not the World Wide Web as a whole.  

    You can thank me for the exclusion later. 

    The "girlfriend factor" could easily be No. 1. It doesn't really matter where it ranks, however—because you know A-Rod, if he's human, is extremely envious.  

Why Alex Rodriguez Is Jealous of Jeter—Reason No. 2: Derek Jeter Isn't a Douche

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    I mean A-Rod really is a douche, isn't he? Okay, the accusation is subjective, but the fact that Derek Jeter is not a douche isn't plausible for debate.

    Derek Jeter is the consummate captain. He starts rallies. He compensates for diminishing skills by working even harder. Love him or hate him, he's classy.

    Alex Rodriguez is oftentimes classless.  

    A-Rod likes to show up opponents.

    Remember last season when he glided across the Oakland Athletics' pitching mound during a Dallas Braden start? That's about as cool as slapping a first baseman's glove to knock the ball out on a close play at first—something A-Rod did in Game 6 of the 2004 ALCS. We all know how that series turned out. As they say, karma is a real...

    And if that wasn't enough, A-Rod, while with the Texas Rangers, purportedly gave the opposing batter's information as to which pitches to expect while they were batting.

    Derek Jeter is the superlative teammate and leader—A-Rod is the ultimate douche bag. 

Why Alex Rodriguez Is Jealous of Jeter—Reason No. 1: Jeter Hits in the Playoffs

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    Truth be told, the old "A-Rod can't hit during the postseason" schtick has been greatly exaggerated. Sure, he's had plenty of choke moments—but had it not been for his production throughout the playoffs in 2009, the Yankees just might not have won the World Series that year.

    Of course, the flip side of that coin is that A-Rod's dismal .190 BA during last year's ALCS might just have sealed the fate of the heavily favored Yankees as they were ousted by Josh Hamilton and the Texas Rangers.

    Regardless, Derek Jeter is rock solid in the postseason—over 147 postseason games, Jeter has a .309 batting average, with 20 home runs and 57 RBI. The 147 games is astounding on its own and is a pretty good sample size to back up Jeter's postseason dominance.

    Plus, Derek Jeter was dubbed "Mr. November" when he sent a 3-2 Byung-Hyun Kim pitch out of the park for a walk-off home run during the 2001 World Series. A-Rod's lack of postseason productivity at times is more reminiscent of a "Mr. September".

    There you have it. The final reason that Alex Rodriguez is super jealous of Derek Jeter right now—and maybe forever. Even though A-Rod is phenomenally gifted and closing in on  3,000 hits himself—he'll always be second fiddle to Derek Jeter.  

    Derek Jeter is, simply put, "The Man" in New York—and this fact is bound to turn A-Rod into a sniveling, malcontent.