B/R CvC 2.0: Voting for the Competition Play-in Games

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIJune 26, 2011

Hello all, Joe Burgett here and I am back with more on the competition.

Unless you're living under a rock, you know about the massive competition we're doing here in the Wrestling Section on B/R. It is an elimination-style tournament, of which will crown the top writer in the section.

This competition will only come once a year, so there are major bragging rights to become the 2011 Wrestling Writer of the Year. Some have their favs, some have no idea who will win. I'm with the latter.

I wanted to give a chance to those who weren't able to sign up at the beginning of the competition for various reasons. Some top names ended up going into the play-ins. People such as FCs Buzz and Chris Mueller. And the return of Ross Rutherford. Then we had the addition of younger names such as Eric Kanes.

Ashley Morris announced yesterday that the competition is not over for those who lose these play-ins. I have decided to open up a competition for the losers of these play in games. All four of the play-in losers will get a chance at redemption in a competition that will put all four against one another to decide who will get the last and final spot in the competition.

The winner of that play-in, will bypass the first round and move to the second round to the Blue Division. There they will play the winner of the C-CooL vs. Jon Sainz match up. Two very talented writers there, so whoever wins will have their work cut out for them despite the bypass to Round 2.

Nevertheless, I feel this competition will be awesome. I can safely say that the last time we had such a great and talented section was in the Golden Era. That era fell apart mainly because of an ego from many involved, which was sad to see. Stay grounded everyone, and this generation of writers can be seen as better than the Golden Era that I, myself, was a part of.

Now brass tax time. It's time to vote for who will win the play in games to have a guaranteed spot in the competition that gets better by the minute:


First matchup was Buzz vs. Eric Kanes
Topic: Who Was the Best WWE Superstar to Never Win the Triple Crown?




Second matchup was John Kindelan vs. Ross Rutherford
Topic: Best WWE Superstar to Never Win a World Title




Third matchup was Chris Mueller vs. Nick Bolyard
Topic: Most Era-Altering Move in WWE History




The Fourth and Final Play-in was Mike Shannon vs. Graham "GSM" Matthews
Topic: Best WWE Diva to Never Win a Championship




Make sure to look at all the articles before voting. A few people with the same topic picked the same person, but that is okay. You should pick based on which made the best overall article. So, if one was simply better, then pick it no matter how well the other article's read or comment count was.

This competition is about finding the best to ever write in this section. It's gonna be tough to vote, I know. But do the best you can.

For those who lose, I will contact you personally with the topic you will write on for the final spot in the competition. To the writers that win, congratulations and I wish you the best in the competition.

Voters, you have until midnight central time to vote. I know, it's too soon, right? Problem is, the competition begins tomorrow and many will need to know their topic this week. Some may even write tomorrow, so I want to give them plenty of time.

The winners will also get contacted by me when the votes are counted.

Good luck voters, and remember to pick well and read all the articles before voting.