CvC 2.0 Play-In: Who Is the Best WWE Diva to Have Never Held a Championship?

Graham GSM Matthews@@WrestleRantFeatured ColumnistJune 24, 2011

Sunny inducted into this year's Hall of Fame.
Sunny inducted into this year's Hall of Fame.

Disclaimer: I began writing this before I had realized that my opponent, Mike Shannon, already used the same topic. I apologize for that inconvenience, and best of luck to him as well.

Since the start of the women's pro wrestling division, now known today as the WWE Divas, fans worldwide have bear witness to some of the best female athletes in history. This elite group of women to come through the WWE set their minds to the ultimate goal of winning one thing: the WWF/E Women's Championship.

This prestigious title made its debut in 1956 as a part of the NWA promotion, lasting over half a century before it was ultimately retired last September at Night of Champions. Today, the minimal Divas that remain now vie for the new Divas Championship, currently held by Kelly Kelly.

Until Monday, Kelly Kelly was one of the only Divas currently in WWE to have never held a championship after being with the company for five years. It was an emotional win for the former Extreme Expose star, as it is for many women when they capture their first taste of gold.

However, there are many Divas in the history of the company that were never able to live this same experience.

One primary example would be Torrie Wilson, who only departed a few years back due to personal issues. During her eight-year run with the company, Wilson was unfortunately not treated correctly and was never a legitimate threat to the gold.

Another Diva who met this same fate was Stacy Kiebler, who was one of the most attractive Divas of her time but was never known to ever become champion. Despite this, she still went on to major success outside of wrestling, especially on Dancing with the Stars.

Not even the legendary Mae Young was able to earn this feat, despite her long tenure with the company. Although she was once a part of the Fabulous Moolah, Young was never as successful as a singles competitor.

The list goes on and on, but there is one name that deserves to named the greatest Diva to never hold a Divas Championship: the original Diva herself, Sunny. Being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame just this year, it is simply shocking to think that such an attractive and talented athlete (and still is today) was never able to win the Women's Championship.

She was considered the first true Diva to ever grace the business, and is known for dubbing the term "Diva" in time as well. During her tenure in the 90's, Sunny was seen as one of the most sexiest women of the decade.

Although she found no success in sole competition, she was able to manage a handful of stables to tag team championships, including the Smokey Guns and even Legion of Doom. It is worth mentioning that the Women's Championship was constantly active during Sunny's time with the company, so it seems as if she wasn't given a fair chance to contend for it.

It is important to realize that Sunny was eventually recognized for her accomplishments this year being inducted into the Hall of Fame, but not having the Womens Championship on her resume has had many people speculating.

Do you believe Sunny is the greatest Diva to never hold gold in the WWE, or possibly someone else I have not mentioned? Make sure to leave your opinions on the matter below. GSM out.

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