UFC 130: Randy Couture Predicts Main Event Fight of Frank Mir vs. Roy Nelson

Todd SeylerContributor IMay 23, 2011

Roy Nelson, not the poster boy for physical fitness
Roy Nelson, not the poster boy for physical fitness

The co-main event of UFC 130 features a heavyweight bout between the former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir and the winner of The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights, Roy "Big Country" Nelson.

Sitting down to speak with Affliction, Randy "The Natural" Couture, a three-time UFC heavyweight champion and current hall-of-fame retiree, voiced his thoughts and analysis regarding this matchup.

Speaking about both fighters excellent ground games, Couture said, "Mir is remarkable on the ground. We saw him break (Tim) Sylvia's arm and he has a great submission game."

Like Frank Mir, Roy Nelson is tremendously talented in the jiu-jitsu department.  "Roy is no slouch either," Couture said. Earning a black belt under Renzo Gracie, Nelson is more than well-equipped to battle off of his back.

With both fighters equally strong on the ground, Couture believes that the "jiu-jitsu negates each other. Even for big guys, they are both good on the ground."

Solid ground games leaves only the opportunity to stand and trade in the center of the Octagon to determine a victor.

However, one variable exists that concerns "The Natural." And that variable is Frank Mir's questionable mindset coming into this fight.

"It's interesting to see how serious Mir is taking this (fight)," he said. "Is he going to come in in great shape and try to make another run with the top guys? Or is he just punching a card?"

Athletically, Frank Mir holds the advantage. "I would say that Mir is the better athlete," Couture said. "He is probably the stronger guy. He's got more experience and he was the heavyweight champion."

With that said, however, Nelson possesses excellent boxing skills to be able to stand and trade with Mir.

"He (Roy Nelson) has a tremendous right hand. He has finished a lot of fights that way. He's like a Timex, he takes an amazing, amazing beating."

Additionally, unlike Mir's variable which can serve as a negative, Couture is convinced that Nelson's variable is a positive.

"Roy has this unknown deal. He ain't fun to look at, but he's effective. He gets the job done," Couture said.

According to Randy Couture, the game-plan for this co-main event between Frank Mir and Roy Nelson will be stand and exchange strikes in the center of the cage.

Falling in line with my prediction posted last week, Couture questions Mir's mental focus and his ability to maintain a high level of competition against "Big Country."

Like me, "The Natural" believes that Roy Nelson will be the victor of this heavyweight duel.

"I'm gonna go with the upset and go with Roy Nelson in this fight."

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