Matt HunterCorrespondent IOctober 15, 2008

Alright well last week was a debacle in two senses.  First I had to write my picks at 930pm on Saturday night, and it was a horrible article I am not going to lie about that one.
Second I have been bombing in my picks.  Last week I went a whopping 7-7, because teams decided that they wanted to come back with less than :30 seconds left in the game and pull out a victory.  Well I hope this week can start a turn around for me, and hopefully there are not too many late victories, unless they help my picks work out.

I have no idea what our competition is at anymore, because one person did not write his picks for last week, and the other gentleman has not contacted me about what he has done either.  Due to this I can only give my record for the rest of the year. My apologies.

Last Week: 7-7
Overall: 25-18

1. San Diego (3-3) at Buffalo (4-1)
This should be a great contest.  San Diego is coming off a huge win against New England, and is starting to show that they are one of the top tier AFC teams that everybody knows.  Buffalo has gotten lucky I believe in their schedule, and that is why they have started off so strongly.  I am not taking anything away from them I just think they have had it easy so far.  I like the Bolts though in this one.

Chargers 31 - Bills 23

2. Minnesota (3-3) at Chicago (3-3)
NFC North showdown this Sunday between these two teams.  Chicago is coming off a let down which ended with an Atlanta comeback with less than a minute left in their game last week.  Minnesota is looking better as the weeks go by, but I do not think that Chicago will allow for another let down at home.  I like Chicago at home.
Bears 27 - Vikings 23

3. Pittsburgh (4-1) at Cincinnati (0-6)
Well this should be the easiest pick of the week.  Pittsburgh got their bye week at the perfect time, and has allowed for their beat up team a week to rest and heal up.  It also helps when their first game back is against a team as horrible as Cincinnati is.  Pittsburgh rolls into Cincinnati and rolls right back out with a victory.
Steelers 33 - Bengals 12

4. Tennessee (5-0) at Kansas City (1-4)
Tennessee has been a big surprise so far this year, and have become the last undefeated team left in the NFL this year.  They have showed great poise even when Vince Young went down.  Kansas City is struggling still, and this week will help to keep them down at the bottom of the league, as Tennessee continues to sit atop the NFL.
Titans 31 - Chiefs 17

5. Dallas (4-2) at St. Louis (1-4)
Well Dallas may have caught a break here this week by running into a poor St. Louis team.  Romo is hurt, Jones is back to sitting on the couch watching games, and it seemed that Dallas is slowly spiraling out of control downward.  However, they bring in WR Roy Williams this week in hopes to boost the offense.  St. Louis just needs to pressure the QB this week, but not too much or Dallas will throw on them all day.  Dallas wins this game.
Cowboys 27 - Rams 17

6. Baltimore (2-3) at Miami (2-3)
Baltimore has bombed the past few weeks, and so has Miami.  This game is a crucial game for both teams, and whoever digs down deep will pull this game out and also pull their team to .500.  I like Baltimore away this week.
Ravens 20 - Dolphins 13

7. San Francisco (2-4) at NY Giants (4-1)
This is an easy game for me to call.  The NY Giants got their tails handed to them on Monday night, and they will not allow for something like that to happen again two weeks in a row especially at home.  They will win this game in good fashion
Giants 30 - 49's 10

8. New Orleans (3-3) at Carolina (4-2)
Well another division match up, and Carolina is coming off a thumping last weekend.  They are back home this week, and I just do not think that New Orleans are going to be able to come into Carolina and face a team which has improved greatly since last season.
Panthers 28 - Saints 24

9. Detroit (0-5) at Houston (1-4)
Houston won last weekend in epic fashion with a late touchdown run by QB Matt Shaub.  Detroit lost yet again like everybody knew they would.  I think Houston starts a little win streak this weekend and Detroit just loses yet again.
Texans 20 - Lions 10

10. NY Jets (3-2) at Oakland (1-4)
The problem in Oakland is not the coaching, it is the ownership and until that is fixed then this team will continue to lose no matter who they have on the field playing for them.  Brett Favre and the NY Jets will go cross country this weekend and beat up on a hurting Oakland team.
Jets 31 - Raiders 13

11. Indianapolis (3-2) at Green Bay (3-3)
This is going to be a very good game.  You have a seasoned quarterback in Peyton Manning playing against a up and coming Aaron Rodgers.  These two teams match up very well, and it should be a great game to watch.  I am taking Indianapolis because of the experience at QB.
Colts 23 - Packers 17

12. Cleveland (2-3) at Washington (4-2)
Cleveland is coming off a big win on Monday night against the NY Giants, but I think that win will only carry over until about five minutes before kickoff.  I think Washington is playing great football, and is a team that can easily make the playoffs.
Redskins 26 - Browns 14

13. Seattle (1-4) at Tampa Bay (4-2)   SUNDAY NIGHT
Tampa Bay is too much of a team for Seattle to handle, and I think that they will win this game very easily Sunday night, and keep the lead in their division.

14. Denver (4-2) at New England (3-2)   MONDAY NIGHT
New England got stomped last week, and it will not help them that Denver is coming into New England this week.  Denver is a very good team, and they would be so much better if their defense was not giving up so many points.  New England is going to start to slip this week as Denver wins on the road.
Broncos 31 - Patriots 20

Well those are my picks for the upcoming week 7 of the NFL season.  I hope that I can improve from my last weeks record of 7-7, which should not be a very hard feat to accomplish.


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