WrestleMania 27 Results: Sheamus Retains the US Championship in the Dark Match

Luis HerreraAnalyst IApril 3, 2011

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

WrestleMania 27 has begun and, sadly, the WWE decided that the US Championship was only worthy of a dark match.

Mexican newspaper Reforma reported in its Twitter account that Sheamus and Daniel Bryan started the event in a lumberjack match with 22 wrestlers around the ring.

The battle ended in a no-contest and then was followed by a battle royal involving all the lumberjacks and even Sheamus and Bryan.

In the battle royal, Sheamus eliminated Bryan, but he was then eliminated by The Great Khali.

In the end, The Great Khali won the battle royal. Some of the participants in this match were Mark Henry (who was eliminated by five men), Evan Bourne and William Regal.


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