WrestleMania 27 Results: Orton Beats Punk, Lawler DQ, Announcers Get Stunned

Luis HerreraAnalyst IApril 3, 2011

The fourth match of the card was probably the best so far, and the one that finally got the crowd fully excited.

Since the start CM Punk targeted Randy Orton’s injured knee, dominating most of the match and getting several two-counts.

However, Orton managed to bounce back and at some point he was ready to punt kick Punk in the skull, but in the middle of his attempt, he fell to the ring, selling his knee injury.

Overconfident as he saw Orton’s struggles, Punk almost got RKO’ed once, but managed to scape. However, Orton did connect a second RKO attempt as Punk jumped from the top rope.

It maybe wasn’t an instant classic, but it was a very good match, with the crowd split supporting both wrestlers and a very well-developed storytelling.

Following on the card was the match between Jerry “The King” Lawler and Michael Cole, who had been announcing the event as usual so far.

To replace them, Booker T and Jim Ross joined the commentators table for this match.

Special guest referee “Stone Cold” Steve Austin arrived on an ATV and chased Cole to his booth, so Jerry Lawler had to start the action by attacking Cole’s trainer, Jack Swagger.

After getting ride of Swagger, Lawler climbed into the Cole Mine to attack his opponent, then dragging him out of the booth and slamming him into the Raw GM podium.

Swagger took advantage of a distraction by Austin to attack Lawler, which allowed Cole to take the control of the match for a few minutes.

However, “The King” reacted and he ended up destroying Cole as expected, then starting a celebration in the usual Steve Austin style.

Booker T joined the celebration and performed a spinaroonie, only to get a stunner from Austin seconds later.

After that, the Raw Anonymous General Manager interrupted and Josh Matthews announced that Lawler had been disqualified due to Austin’s physical interference during the match.

This led to Matthews himself receiving a stunner from Austin, which I guess was made just to keep Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler alone in the announcers table for the rest of the match.

The next match on the card is the No Holds Barred encounter between The Undertaker and Triple H.


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