Randy Moss: Inconsistent, Not Motivated, Or Just Bad Situation

Andrew OtovicContributor IOctober 2, 2008

The fall in New England is good for only a few things: no school isn't one of them.

Here in New England, the fall brings on the Boston Red Sox in the postseason as well as the start of the NFL season. And around this area, there is a lot of excitement because of the fact that we have (had?) the best team in the NFL.

After last year, starting the year 18-0 and then losing to the Giants, we were ready for this year to start and see our Patriots use that loss as motivation and win another Super Bowl. Of course, all of this was ruined when our franchise player, reigning MVP, and the BEST player in football, Tom Brady was hit on his knee by Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard.

But this is Tom Terrific, the Golden Boy, Mr. Perfect, he can't get hurt. Every time he has been hit, he gets right back up. Not this time. This means no Super Bowl, no perfect season, no 50+ touchdowns, and more importantly, no Randy Moss making defenses look stupid and him being the Minnesota Vikings freak of nature Moss.

Yes this is right. I know it is easy to pick on Moss because he has been called a quitter, a bad teammate, and more importantly, selfish. However, in this case, Moss is a New England Patriot because one he knows this team is the best in football year after year.

Secondly, Tom Brady is the best QB in the league and will make Randy a top reciever in the game again. Sure it is easy to say Moss quits on his team, especially when things go wrong. In Minnesota, yes this was true. In Oakland, this was definitely true. Oakland though, he knew going in it was going to be a miserable experience.

Seriously, who in their right mind would think that playing with Andrew Walter as their QB is a good idea? But that was all in the past. Randy Moss is more mature than ever, even to the point where he is one of the offensive captains of the team.

Point I'm making here is this: Randy Moss is not quiting on the Patriots, he would be screwed if he even tried to. Rodney Harrison, Mike Vrabel, Teddy Bruschi, and Bill Belichick would NEVER allow that to happen. This is all on the shoulders of Matt Cassel.

Matt Cassel is not experienced enough and to put this in simple terms: he's not even close to Tom Brady. Drew Hensen is closer to Tom Brady and that's because he was QB in front of Tom at Michigan. See my point?

Cassel doesn't know how to throw the deep ball, which Moss excels in. Moss needs the open field and more importantly, the ball thrown in his direction for him to catch it. Cassel actually under-threw Moss. How the hell do you do that? He burns everybody by ten yards so all you got to do is throw it as far as you can and he'll catch it. Moss only has 11 catches through three games. Or, more or less, on pace for 60 catches which is 30+ less than what he had last year.

Moss demands the ball because he is a playmaker. I once told my buddies that Brady is the most important player to his team. He has won with nobody and he has won with Pro Bowlers. Peyton Manning can't say that and neither can Tony Romo, Eli "the sissy girl" Manning, or Brett Favre.

And with this injury to Tom, this has exactly proven my point. Nobody is the same without him on the field. The running backs can't run because defenses are stacking the box with 9 guys. They are doing this because MATT CASSEL cannot pass the ball. I know it is unfair to bash on Cassel, it is not his fault, but with the team he has, he should only be looking Moss' way. These 5 yard passes won't cut it.

The Pats are a Super Bowl contender and maybe a lock to make it there year in and year out with Brady. With Cassel, they are maybe 9-7. He makes that big of a difference.

All Moss wants to do is win and he knows he is not going to win this year with Cassel as his QB. It is not about the numbers anymore, he is already a Hall Of Fame lock. He wants to win and this year it is not happening. Tom not only runs the offense, he runs the team. That is how important he is to the team.

It is not Moss being lazy and on the verge of being a cancer to the team, it is Brady being injured that has ruined another possible undefeated season and a Super Bowl trip. It just so happened that Moss was the most affected.