NFL Week Five: Redskins, Eagles Meet in an NFC East Showdown

Sean Crowe@CroweKnowsSenior Writer IOctober 2, 2008

Just How Good Are The Washington Redskins?

The Redskins run of three straight victories after their demoralizing defeat in the season opener has been extremely impressive. That said, I'm not sure I buy into the Redskins just yet.

One of the true marks of a team's dominance lies in one simple statistic: point differential.

If you have a high positive point differential, you're probably a good team. If you have a low point differential, you're probably mediocre. If you have a high negative point differential, you're probably the Oakland Raiders.

The Redskins' point differential is a plus-5 right now, putting them in the same company as teams like the Atlanta Falcons (plus-7) and the Arizona Cardinals (plus-3). 

In the end, the teams with the best point differential typically win—with the exception of last season's Giants (plus-22).

The 2007 New England Patriots, for example, had a plus-315 point differential. The Colts were a plus-188. The Chargers were a plus-128.

So, what does all this mean?

Basically, I'm not yet sold on the Washington Redskins.

The 2-2 Eagles, on the other hand, are currently a plus-36.

Believe me when I tell you, the Eagles are inferior to the Redskins in record only. They have the better quarterback, the better overall offense, and the better defense.

The Redskins were able to step up last week and beat a superior team that suffers occasionally from inferior coaching.

The Eagles don't have that problem.

Which is why, even if Westbrook can't play, I expect the Eagles to improve to 3-2 this weekend against the suddenly overrated Redskins.

Hopefully Belichick Brings His Short Leash

Matt Cassel hopes to improve on his dismal performance prior to the bye week against the San Francisco 49ers' defense.

He should be able to put up some numbers against the 49ers, who feature a defense that likes to gamble. Randy Moss should have a good day. Wes Welker should put up big numbers.


I'm not buying Matt Cassel, as I'm sure you can tell. If he struggles early against the 49ers, a team the Patriots should destroy, look for Belichick to make the move to the rookie Kevin O'Connell.

Better to lose with a rookie than to look pathetic with a veteran…

Least Likely Upset in NFL History

The Cowboys are steaming mad after last week's shocking loss to the Washington Redskins. Standing in their way this week, the hapless Cincinnati Bengals.

Potential for some serious ugliness here.

Game of the Week, The Offensive Version: Buffalo at Arizona

This week, the Buffalo Bills travel to Arizona to face Kurt Warner's Cardinals. You know, the team that made Brett Favre look like the late 90s version of himself last week.

The Bills' offense can score points against the Cardinals' defense. Of course, anyone could score points against that defense. And the Cardinals' offense can score points against anyone.

Really, I'm cheating here. Any game featuring the Cardinals is probably going to be a crazy offensive game.

Game of the Week, The Defensive Version: Pittsburgh at Jacksonville

Enough said.

The Steelers' love to play defense and let opposing defenses kill their quarterback. The Jags are a tough, powerful team that loves a good defensive struggle.

I've said this before, and I'll say it again: I love good defensive football. 

This game is going to feature some seriously good defensive football…rivaled only by the Baltimore--Tennessee game, which, by the way, I'd also highly recommend.

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