NFL Week Two Predictions 2008

Drake EckCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2008

I am yet again going to try to make some predictions involving the NFL. Last week I got almost every single game wrong(pretty much everyone did considering there were 5 upsets), but I will try to do better

GB @ DET(1:00 PM)-Aaron Rodgers looked impressive in his first regular season start against the Vikings, but the Lions looked horrible against the team I thought was the worst team in the league...the Atlanta Falcon. The Packers are a pretty balanced team. A good passing offense and an improved rushing offense. The Lions haven't done anything but got worse. I wouldn't be down on the Lions TO MUCH if they would have kept it a close game against Atlanta but getting beat by 14 points against Atlanta isn't helping there chances very much. The Packers beat the Lions in this one.

Final Score

MVP:Aaron Rodger 22-36, 132 Passing Yards, 3 TDs

NYG @ STL(1:00 PM)-New York coming off of a very helpful victory and the Rams coming off of a dreadful game. The Giants a good talented team. The Rams..not so much. New Yorks defense will be a huge factor in this game. The G-Men take this game.

Final Score

MVP:Justin Tuck 11 Tackles, 4 Sacks, 3 FF, 2 FR, 1 Fumble TD, 3 TFL

CHI @ CAR(1:00 PM)-Both of these teams coming off of upset victories. The Bears just (I hate to say it) destroying the Colts and the Panthers (Im happy to say) beating the Chargers on the last play of the game. I honestly believe the Bears beating the Colts wasn't the Bears owning it was the Colts playing a poor game, and having injuries to three of there best players (Joseph Addai, Dallas Clark, Jeff Saturday). The Chargers obviously played a pretty good game but Carolina still pulled it off...WITHOUT STEVE SMITH. Jake Delhomme looked very impressive last week, along with the whole entire Panthers offense. The Bears defense won't play as well as they did last week. Delhomme has a good game and leads the Panthers to victory once again.

Final Score

MVP:Jake Delhomme 27-39, 143 Passing Yards, 2 TDs

TEN @ CIN(1:00 PM)-Tennessee had a very upsetting injury last week with Vince Young injuring his kneee. Cincinnati just came off an upsetting lose against Baltimore. This week Tennessee will show everyone that they don't need Vince Young just like they did against Jacksonville and beat Cincinnati, only because there defense will have a very good game. Tennessee takes this one.

Final Score

MVP:Lendale White 14 Carries, 76 yds, 2 TDs, 2 Rec., 9 Rec. Yds

BUF @ JACK(1:00 PM)-Jacksonville coming off of an upsetting lose and Buffalo coming off of a very very convincing victory. Jacksonville will win this game only because of these 4 things
1.They have Maurice Jones-Drew
2.They have a good defense
3.They have David Garrard
4.There Pissed Off
Buffalo is a good team, but there not good enough to beat Jacksonville. Jacksonville beats Buffalo and improves to 1-1.

Final Score

MVP:David Garrard 16-24, 102 yds., 2 TDs, 4 Rushes, 18 Rushing yds., 1 Rush TD

OAK @ KC(1:00 PM)-Kansas City had a pretty good game last year almost pulling off the upset against New England, Oakland...not so much. Oakland absolutely got demolished against Denver who doesn't have much talent either. Neither of these teams have much talent but I see Kansas City winning this game. They won't destroy Oakland like Denver did last week but they will still come out with a W. Oakland is just a bad...ok horrible team. Larry Johnson has a big game here and leads Kansas City to there first victory.

Final Score

MVP:Larry Johnson 14 Carries, 102 yds., 3 TDs

IND @ MIN(1:00 PM)-Both of these teams are coming off of week 1 losses. Minnesota @ Green Bay and Indianapolis at home against the Bears. The Vikings have the best Rushing Offense and the best Rushing Defense but the Worst Passing Offense and the Worst Passing Defense. The Colts have 7th Best Passing Defense and the 29th best Rushing Defense but the 7th Best Passing Offense and 5th Best Half Back. This will be mostly an Offensive game. Adrian Peterson will have a very good game, but I see the Colts bouncing back from there Week 1 lose and Peyton having a huge game going up against one of the Worst Passing Defenses in the League.

Final Score

MVP:Peyton Manning 31-46, 212 yds., 4 TDs

NO @ WAS(1:00 PM)-New Orleans looked very impressive in there first game against the Tampa Bay Buccaners. The Redskins looked pretty good in the game against the Giants but couldn't quite pull of the victory. The Saints had a very costly injury last week with Marques Colston injuring his thumb. The Redskins are an improved team this year but I don't think they can pull it off against the Saints. The Saints have a very good offense and an improved defense. Drew Brees has a big game in this win.

Final Score

MVP:Drew Brees 25-39, 103 yds., 2 TDs

SF @ SEA(4:05 PM)-Both of these teams just came off of dreadful games, it's the 2nd week of the season, there both pretty ticked, there division rivals. This is going to be a good game. I would say Seattle would win pretty convincingly but they had a pretty devastating season ending injury to who I believe is there best player, Nate Burleson. Seattle has a good QB, a pretty good WR(Deion Branch) and a good defense. San Francisco has a good HB an OK QB but a pretty bad defense. Seattle would win this one big but San Francisco is angry and there both rivals. Seattle still wins this one but San Francisco keeps it close.

Final Score

MVP:Matt Hasselback 20-40, 97 yds., 2 TDs

ATL @ TB(4:05 PM)-Atlanta an absolutly horrible team actually pulling off a victory last week. Tampa Bay a very talented team lost a game to an interception. Tampa Bays defense will prove to be ALOT better than Detroits and dominate the crappy Atlanta Offense. Tampa Bay wins this one easily.

Final Score

MVP:Phillip Buchanon 7 Tackles, 4 Tipped Passes, 3 INT., 2 INT TD, 1 FR

MIA @ ARI(4:15 PM)-Two pretty pitiful teams facing off in the toilet bowl game of the week. Miami lost a heart-breaker to the Jets and Arizona wins convincingly. Arizona wins again with the help of Edgerrin James.

Final Score

MVP:Edgerrin James 16 Carries, 67 yards, 2 TDs

SD @ DEN(4:15 PM)-San Diego just came off of a very upsetting and devastating lose to the Panthers. They are going to be angry, and there playing there rival. The Broncos have nothing to be angry about, and they don't have the talen San Diego does. San Diego takes this one.

Final Score

MVP:LaDainian Tomlinson 14 Carries, 107 yds., 2 TDs

NE @ NYJ(4:15 PM)-Ah finally the game I have been wanting to talk about..the first game the Patriots play without Brady. The Patriots are amazing, the Patriots can do NO wrong, they can beat anyone. That is all I used to hear, but ever since Tom Brady suffered that SEASON ENDING INJURY last week, I haven't been hearing that as much. The Jets and Brett Farve are coming off of a very narrow win against the Dolphins. I see New England not doing so well without Brady. I see the Jets winning this one. For two reason, One:Brady is out, Two:They have homefield advantage.

Final Score

MVP:Brett Farve 18-27, 102 yds., 2 TDs

PIT @ CLE(8:15 PM)-Here are two cities that don't like each other. This is always one of the greatest games of the year. Cleveland is actually very talented this year and I think will give Pittsburgh a GREAT game. Pittsburgh has Roethlisberger, Parker, Ward and a pretty good defense on the other hand Cleveland has Anderson, Winslow, Lewis, Edwards and a pretty good defense. This will be a game that will come down to the last second. Pittsburgh barely pulls this one off.

Final Score

MVP:Willie Parker 19 Carries, 134 yds., 3 TDs


PHI @ DAL(8:30 PM)-This in my eyes is by far the best game of the year. Two fantastic rivaled teams facing off in a Monday Night Game. Philadelphia won last years game which came down the the final minute. Dallas has Tony Romo and Terrell Owens and Philadelphia has Donavon McNabb and Brian Westbrook. The Eagles come very close to beating the Cowboys but won't quite pull off the upset. The Cowboys win this game not because of Romo, but because of there defense.

Final Score

MVP:Tony Romo 29-41, 124 yds., 3 TDs

BAL @ HOU(8:30 PM)-Baltimore at Houston...a game most people will not talk about. Both of these teams not very talented. Houston coming off of a blow-out lose, Baltimore coming off of a narrow win. I see Houston winning this one pretty big only because there angry, have home-field advantage, and have Andre Johnson.


MVP:Andre Johnson 11 REC., 96 yds., 3 TDs

Week Awards:
Best Game Of the Week-Philadelphia vs Dallas
Worst Game of the Week-Miami vs Arizona
Toilet Bowl Game of the Week-Miami vs Arizona
Most Surprising Game of the Week-New England vs New York
Blow Out Game of the Week-Atlanta vs Tampa Bay
MVP(s) of the Week-Peyton Manning 31-46, 212 yds., 4 TDs


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