TNA: 8 Changes That Need to Be Made This Decade

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TNA: 8 Changes That Need to Be Made This Decade

Last week, I wrote about WWE and the 8 changes that the company needs to make moving forward into the decade. This week I'm writing about TNA, and I have to admit that it was extremely hard to narrow down my TNA list to just eight.

TNA has certainly had their fair share of ups and downs this year. Their extremely hyped move to Monday nights turned out to be a complete bust, and in the process, they lost a sizable chunk of their audience.

TNA made many mistakes in their move to Monday, but rather than hark over the past, I would rather talk about moving forward. It took them a while, but TNA has finally gotten back a lot of their audience who jumped ship when they moved to Mondays.

The question now becomes, how do they build on their current audience?

I have heard people say in the past that TNA will never be as big as WWE. Maybe I am in the minority, but I do not think that is necessarily true.

WWE is huge, hell, it's WWE, but if the Monday Night Wars of the late 90s taught us anything, it's that they are not invincible. Right now, WWE does not see TNA as competition. If TNA and WWE were weapons, the WWE sees themselves as a Tommy Gun and TNA as a butter knife.

Believe it or not, this is where TNA has an advantage; As a result of WWE's arrogance, they have been putting on less than stellar episodes of Raw that have scored lower ratings and even had a record low rating this year.  TNA could easily capitalize on the fact that old-school WWE fans, like myself, are tired of the same ol' watered down product.

TNA's ratings are actually at an all-time high, and over the course of the next year, they can easily be within striking distance of Raw's weekly rating. However, their PPV ratings are still down, and more often than not, for every five steps forward TNA makes, they seem to take 10 steps back.

I am of the belief that the time is now for TNA to start making an impact (pun intended) in the wrestling industry. The company has actually come a long way in it's eight-plus years of existence. Now, they have to move to the next level and make TNA an organization where talented disenfranchised wrestlers want to go and wrestling fans want to watch and be a part of. Let the countdown begin...

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