PART 1: 8 Changes That Need to Be Made In WWE This Decade

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PART 1: 8 Changes That Need to Be Made In WWE This Decade


With Linda McMahon's recent senate loss, every die-hard wrestling fan seems to be under the belief that WWE will revert back to a TV 14 format over their current PG format. I seriously doubt that will happen.  

The WWE is a publicly traded company that, for the greater part of the last 2 years, has positioned itself as a PG show.  For them to just up and go back to TV 14 would hurt them greatly as far as sponsors of their programming is concerned, and it could also be a PR nightmare.

Even if they did decide to go back to TV 14 it really wouldn't matter. The WWE's problems stretch far beyond their TV rating.

People remember the Attitude era with great fondness. While I was a fan of this era, and have the same fond memories, I also remember all the tripe that this era spawned.

Mae Young giving birth to a hand, Harry Beaver Cleavage, choppy choppy your pee pee, The Big Bossman crashing the funeral of the Big Show's father, etc. are angles that truly made me embarrassed to be a wrestling fan sometimes.

Truth be told, the WWE brand got away with a lot of bull during the Attitude era. The thing is though, none of it mattered because everyone in the company got to ride the coattails of two men; The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin (and to a lesser extent, Mick Foley).

The bottom line is wrestling is not hot right now and there have been no innovations in the last decade to make people want to invest in it. In the 80's we had the birth of WrestleMania and Starrcade. In the 90's we had the internet boom that opened the lid on professional wrestling. The 00's, however, spawned no new innovations in wrestling.

Once WWE bought WCW, millions of WCW fans stopped watching wrestling altogether and never took to WWE, and TNA still has yet to hit their stride.

This decade, social networking, by way of Twitter and YouTube, might make wrestling hot again but that remains to be seen. One thing for sure is that the wrestling industry is in need of a major overhaul with MMA (UFC, in particular) being red hot right now and many former wrestling fans are flocking to it in groves.

Both TNA and WWE are in need of many changes. Next week's article will look at TNA, but for this week, I will talk about the changes WWE needs to look at making going forward into the decade.

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