2010-2011 Seattle Seahawk Season Predictions

Bubba GillContributor IMay 6, 2010

So with the upcoming season and the high hopes of the Seattle Seahawks' new regime, I thought it would be fun to try and predict the NFC West with the focus on the Seahawks. Please feel free to comment or post your predictions.


Regular Season

Sunday, Sept. 12 San Francisco 49ers

I think this game will either set the tone for our Hawks team or be the beginning of SF pushing its way towards NFC West champs. Pay attention to Taylor Mays getting made a fool of by Carroll. Watch the matchup between Smith vs. Seattle's secondary. The only way SF wins is by Smith's arm, doubt it. Home field advantage and 12th man create false starts, and the newly drafted SF first round O-Line players have a hard time adjusting. SEA 24-SF 17


Sunday, Sept. 19 at Denver Broncos

The Doncos lost their No. 1 playmaker, Marshall. They still have a stout defense though. I think the offense struggles for Seattle against the Doncos. I think the only way Seattle wins is on the ground. Denver was 26th against the run last year and third against the pass. Seattle will not get anything going till it is too late. DEN 21-SEA 13


Sunday, Sept. 26 San Diego Chargers

Where to begin. San Diego is simply a great team led by Pro Bowl QB Philip Rivers. We all know that SD cannot run, but then again they just drafted the best RB in the 2010 draft. Seattle will not be able to stand up against SD's tall WRs and Rivers' game management skills. Seattle's offense will score but the Seahawks get out gunned in this one. SD 31-SEA 24


Sunday, Oct. 3 at St. Louis Rams

With Bradford having only three games under center, the Seattle secondary will make a fool of the first overall pick. Look for Jackson to be the only highlight in this game. Seattle will crush St. Louis's defense. SEA 27-STL 10


Sunday, Oct. 10 Bye Week

Going into the bye week this Seattle team will begin to work out the kinks. Okung will be getting better by the game and the Forsett/White package will look formidable. I still believe Washington is the special teams specialist we have lacked for some time. The plus of having Carroll is that there is hardly any film on his schemes. Some teams will have a hard time figuring out what Carroll is going to do. So far Seattle is 2-2.


Sunday, Oct. 17 at Chicago Bears

The Bears did not draft any players worth mentioning due to the Cutler trade. It will be pretty much the same team, except the additions of Peppers and RB Chester Taylor. The Seahawks will battle this one out till the end. If Cutler has a good game the Bears will win, but he will falter against the Seahawks secondary. SEA 17-CHI 10


Sunday, Oct. 24 Arizona Cardinals

With the key losses of LB Dansby, S Rolle, WR Boldin, and QB Warner, the Cardinals will not look like the same team. Look for Carroll to scheme Leinart to failure. I think this game will be a battle of the coaches, but Carroll's knowledge of Leinart will let the Seahawks prevail. SEA 24-ARI 17


Sunday, Oct. 31 at Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders will surprise a lot of people this year, especially with a decent QB. Davis had a fantastic draft this year. Just think about this: The Raiders have drafted in the top 10 for the past seven years and eventually it has to pay off. This team is loaded with talent, just no direction. Seattle will win this one but not by much. SEA 17-OAK 13


Sunday, Nov. 7 N.Y. Giants

The Giants are not the same team they were three years ago. Eli Manning, however, is becoming the silent leader of the offense. The Giants secondary seems to be pieced together. Ex-Seahawk S Grant will want to put a lick on someone, but he better hope its not Lendale White, because White will just run right through him. Seattle does not have an O-line good enough to compete against the Giants D-Line. NYG 28-SEA 17


Sunday, Nov. 14 at Arizona Cardinals

After losing to us in Seattle, Wisenhunt will be better prepared. By this time Leinart will not be starting; Anderson will. The Cardinal coach will out coach Carroll in this one. I see Dockett and Okung being one of the key matchups in this game. Dockett will test Seattle's newly acquired LT. I can't wait to see this one. ARI 21-SEA 13


Sunday, Nov. 21 at New Orleans Saints

This game will be more competitive than some would think. Seattle will look good all the way until the fourth quarter. The defending Super Bowl champs will have a little bit of a hangover from last year. Drew Brees will make Seattle's secondary look like a young secondary, making them look confused at times. This game will be a high scoring. NO 41-SEA 27


Sunday, Nov. 28 Kansas City Chiefs

Matt Cassel is simply not the answer on KC. Carroll also knows this QB. KC has not been a good team for years. The matchup I want to see is Tate vs. Berry. I expect Tate to be the better player. Look for big plays in this game from both teams. SEA 31-KC 21


Sunday, Dec. 5 Carolina Panthers

With huge QB questions for the Panthers and Steve Smith whining, the Panthers will not have a good season. Other than RB Stewart, this team will not have many highlights. Hasselbeck will tear their secondary apart. With this one in Seattle, the Seahawks simply out-play the Panthers. SEA 35-CAR 17


Sunday, Dec. 12 at San Francisco 49ers

This time the 49ers should have records identical to the Seattle Seahawks', both teams at 7-5. The 49ers will be playing hard, especially since they are at home. Look for Seattle to try and punch them in the mouth as well. But by this time in the season Smith will either make or brake this 49er teams playoff hopes. SF wins in overtime.    SF 20-SEA 17


Sunday, Dec. 19 Atlanta Falcons

This team has much to prove as does starting QB Matt "Iceman" Ryan. This team will make the playoffs this year. Seattle will look good simply because of the 12th man. The Falcons will squeak out the win in Seattle. Ryan has one of his best games. The defense plays with a ferocity but loses. Seattle will have the ball last in this one but fail to score. ATL 28-SEA 21


Sunday, Dec. 26 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Seattle Seahawks never do well on the road, especially on the East Coast. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will not play that well but they will play well enough. This one will be a heartbreaker for Seattle fans. Hasselbeck will just not be on his game, and for that matter neither will the Seattle offense. TB 14-SEA 10


Sunday, Jan. 2 St. Louis Rams

Bradford will be coming around by the end of the season, but I think the Rams will be in the top 10 again in next year's draft. Seattle having lost in Tampa and losing any hope of the playoffs will not be as sharp in this one. Bradford has a good first half and Jackson runs for 100 yards in the first two quarters. Carroll rallies the Seahawks and wins. SEA 24-STL 17


NFC WEST Final Records

SF 9-7 After being only one win away from the playoffs last year, the 49ers will finally win the NFC West. This will be the only year I really don't think Singletary is the answer.

SEA 8-8 Carroll's first year will be a look into a newly formed team that will excel in all areas. This new team will almost make it, but next year will be an amazing season. We will take the West back.

ARI 7-9 Wisenhunt is one of the best coaches in the NFL; he only lacks a QB and will compete next year at a higher level.

STL 6-10 Bradford's first year will be on a learning curve. This team will draft in the top 10 again next year. Look out for St. Louis in the next five years.


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