2010 NFL Draft: The Five Worst and Five Best Picks

John Thomas@@JohnThomas227Correspondent IMay 2, 2010

NEW YORK - APRIL 22:  Quarterback Sam Bradford from the Oklahoma Sooners holds up a St. Louis Rams jersey after the Rams selected Bradford numer 1 overall during the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall on April 22, 2010 in New York City.  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
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With the 2010 NFL Draft finally in the books, who came away with the best selections? There is great controversy over most picks in the draft. Although opinions may vary, here is my take on the five best and five worst picks of the NFL Draft. These are in no particular order.

The Five Worst:

Sam Bradford

Position: Quarterback

College: Oklahoma

Drafted by: St. Louis Rams

Pick: No. 1 Overall


Now, I understand that scouts believe that Sam Bradford is an NFL-ready quarterback. He has the decision-making ability, arm strength, and accuracy to succeed.

But I can’t help but wonder if last season’s injury-plagued season will cause the former Sooner quarterback problems at the next level. Bradford claims that his shoulder is better than ever. Even if it feels alright now, there is a chance that extended wear and tear could re-injure his arm. Although the Rams desperately needed a quarterback, they probably could have waited on Colt McCoy or another quarterback in the second or third round.

In addition, defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was available. I believe that he was a better value for the Rams.

Plus, quarterbacks taken with the first overall pick haven’t had great success in recent years. Two perfect examples are Alex Smith of San Francisco and Matthew Stafford of Detroit. I realize that Stafford hasn’t had much time to mature. But, he was not any better than Dante Culpepper, who is far over the hill and shouldn’t even be a backup in the NFL, let alone a starter.

There are just too many question marks in order to justify taking Bradford with the first overall pick of the draft. He will not succeed as an NFL quarterback.

Trent Williams

Position: Offensive Tackle

College: Oklahoma

Drafted by: Washington Redskins

Pick: No. 4 Overall


I have no major issue with Trent Williams as a player. He will be an NFL-caliber offensive tackle.

However, I do have an issue with him being taken over fellow offensive tackle Russell Okung. Williams is not known for his work ethic, while Okung is known as a hard worker. I understand that working hard is not everything, but over time it will show in Okung’s game.

Williams may be better than Okung right now, but Washington will regret this pick a few years down the road.

Then again, it may not matter what offensive lineman the Redskins selected. Donovan McNabb will probably get hurt anyway.


Jason Pierre-Paul

Position: Defensive End

College: South Florida

Drafted by: New York Giants

Pick: No. 15 Overall


Pierre-Paul has great potential as a pass-rusher. His skill set is undoubtedly very good.

Unfortunately for New York, he has limited experience. Pierre-Paul only started playing football during his junior year of high school.

In addition, he only has one season of experience in the FBS. Obviously, this will slow him down early in his career.

Many claim that he will ultimately mature and become a great defensive player through his skill set.

Although Pierre-Paul will become better as he gains game experience, he will still lack the experience that most NFL players have from playing football throughout high school and college. That could mean around five or more extra years to mature.

By the time he does acquire his experience, Pierre-Paul’s skills will have diminished. He will be in the decline of his career. Those that claim that he will reach his full potential are wrong. Jason Pierre-Paul won’t reach his ceiling in his NFL career.


Javier Arenas

Position: Cornerback

College: Alabama

Drafted by: Kansas City Chiefs

Pick: No. 50 Overall


To me, Arenas is the defensive version of former Miami Dolphins' wide receiver Ted Ginn.

Both are explosive and both have value on special teams as kick returners.

However, neither is good at his assigned position. Ginn is not a solid wide receiver thanks to his size and hands (or lack thereof).

The same applies to Javier Arenas. He is not a true cornerback. Arenas is undersized and doesn’t cover well enough to succeed at the NFL level.

Although he can deliver a big hit regularly and is a very good athlete, there is a lot more to being an NFL cornerback than those skills. Arenas lacks too many intangibles of an NFL cornerback to succeed at the next level.


Terrence Cody

Position: Defensive Tackle

College: Alabama

Drafted by: Baltimore Ravens

Pick: No. 57 Overall


I happened to notice that I have selected two players each from Alabama and Oklahoma for this list. I just wanted to clarify that I have nothing against either school. There is no bias whatsoever in these lists.

I digress.

At Alabama, Cody was a wall on the defensive line. Known as “Mount Cody,” he swallowed up ball carriers and was a leader of the Crimson Tide defense.

But, does that success translate to a successful NFL career?

Cody was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens, a defense known for its intensity and hustle. However, one of his biggest issues for scouts was his lack of stamina. I don’t believe that he will fit in well with the Ravens’ style of intense defense. Although Baltimore has many options on defense, Cody will not be one of them.


The Five Best


Ndamukong Suh

Position: Defensive Tackle

College: Nebraska

Drafted by: Detroit Lions

Pick: No. 2 Overall


This one is fairly self-explanatory to me. The Lions got the best player in the draft with the second pick.

Simple logic tells us that they made a good pick.

Suh will have an impact in the NFL and will bolster a poor Detroit defense. Last season, the Lions gave up 392.1 total yards per game, the worst in the league. Suh should help them improve on that number. He will stop the run and be able to get after the quarterback as a pass rusher.

Picking the best defensive player in the draft cannot be a bad thing for the worst defensive team in the NFL.


C.J. Spiller

Position: Running Back

College: Clemson

Drafted by: Buffalo Bills

Pick: No. 9 Overall


Spiller was the best running back in the 2010 NFL Draft. He was a major part of Clemson’s offense last season. Currently, Spiller holds 31 different school records.

In addition, he also holds four ACC records and three NCAA records, including the most kickoff returns for touchdown in a career, with seven.

Spiller has the explosiveness that Buffalo has lacked offensively for the past few seasons. He can change the course of the game with just one play. C.J. can come out of the backfield as a receiver, return kicks, and even line up in the slot from time to time.

The Bills’ current running backs, Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch are good options. Spiller probably won’t overtake them to become the starter at running back.

However, both backs are better known for their ability to grind out yards on the ground. They lack that explosiveness that Spiller provides.

Even if C.J. is not in on every play, he will have an immediate impact for the Buffalo offense.


Dez Bryant

Position: Wide Receiver

College: Oklahoma State

Drafted by: Dallas Cowboys

Pick: No. 24 Overall


Bryant is a very good receiver. He has the size and talent to make it at the NFL level.

The main issue with Dez is his off-the-field issues. Last season, he was suspended on October 7th and did not play for the remainder of the year. These issues could lead to further troubles in the NFL. Also, Bryant’s lack of on-the-field action may hurt him as a player.

However, despite those concerns, there are no questions about his talent. Bryant has legitimate top ten draft pick potential. When that kind of player falls to you late in the first round, it can be hard to resist.

There are several reasons to believe that Dez will be another first round bust.

There are also several reasons to believe that he will be a success. He has the ability. Although it may take some time, Bryant will eventually mature and become a solid NFL wide receiver.


Tim Tebow

Position: Quarterback

College: Florida

Drafted by: Denver Broncos

Pick: No. 25 Overall


I know, I know.

Tebow is not an NFL-ready quarterback, his delivery is all wrong, and he has poor footwork.

Keep in mind that in Denver, he will not be required to be the starting quarterback. Kyle Orton will most likely have that duty.

Tebow will most likely run the Wildcat and may throw some passes from time to time. He is a big player that still has speed. In addition, Tebow is very creative. That will be a good asset in the Wildcat offense.

Also, many people criticize Tebow for openly voicing his Christian beliefs. That should not happen. There is nothing wrong with speaking what you believe. Because of this, I think that Tebow will be successful. He will be divinely influenced in order to prove doubters wrong.


Jimmy Clausen

Position: Quarterback

College: Notre Dame

Drafted by: Carolina Panthers

Pick: No. 48 Overall


Now, I am not on the Jimmy Clausen. I don’t believe that he will be a superstar NFL quarterback.

But that’s not what the Panthers need.

They need a functional quarterback.

Clausen is just what Carolina needed. Although Matt Moore played well last season, he is not the quarterback of the future. Jimmy will be able to come in and fill that position.

Just like Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, and Mark Sanchez of previous seasons, Clausen is backed by a strong running game, led by DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. He will not be forced to make plays.

Instead, Clausen can simply fit into the Carolina offense and make throws when needed. He will not be required or expected to be a superstar, but hopefully perform better than Jake Delhomme.






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