NFL Mock Draft 2010: Final Guess

Matt KonkleContributor IApril 22, 2010

1 – St. Louis Rams – QB from Oklahoma – Sam Bradford

Rams need a face.  They need Bradford.  It's that simple.

2 – Detroit Lions – DT from Nebraska – Ndamakung Suh

Lions need talent.  Suh is the best in the draft.  It's that simple.

3 – Tampa Bay Bucaneers – DT from Oklahoma – Gerald McCoy

Bucs could use another Warren Sapp.  McCoy is being called the next Sapp.  It's that simple.

4 – Washington Redskins – LT from Oklahoma State – Russell Okung

Whether it's Okung or Trent Williams, the Redskins have a glaring need at tackle and need to give Donovan McNabb some time to throw.

5 – Kansas City Chiefs – S from Tennessee – Eric Berry

Chiefs need a safety.  Berry is the best to come out in a while.  It's that simple.

6 – Seattle Seahawks – LT from Oklahoma – Trent Williams

Out of Okung and Williams, whichever the 'Skins take, Seattle will take the other.  They too have a glaring need at that position.

7 – Cleveland Browns – NT from Tennessee – Dan Williams

Shaun Rogers' recent idiotic decision to bring a loaded gun into an airport creates a void at the position and the best way to solve that is by picking D. Williams and kicking Rogers to the curve.

8 – Oakland Raiders – QB from Notre Dame – Jimmy Clausen

The Raiders' attempts at acquiring McNabb have undoubtedly revealed the have some hesitations about moving forward with Jamarcus Russell, to say the least.  Clausen's fiery on-field personality is a perfect fit for Raider nation and I believe Al Davis pulls the trigger on him.

9 – Buffalo Bills – LT from Iowa – Bryan Bulaga

Trading Jason Peters away left a predictable void on the Bills' offensive line and until they take care of that, no quarterback will produce back there for them.

10 – Jacksonville Jaguars – S from Texas – Earl Thomas

They missed on Reggie Nelson a few years ago, but they shouldn't be scared to pull the trigger on Thomas.  They still have a need at the position and he is an instinctive ball-hawk who can be a tremendous addition to their team.

11 – Denver Broncos – WR from Oklahoma State – Dez Bryant

Bryant isn't a character problem the same way Brandon Marshall was.  Marshall got in legal trouble.  Bryant is just a diva, like most great wide outs.

12 – Miami Dolphins – DE/OLB from Texas – Sergio Kindle

The failure to reacquire Jason Taylor reveals the 'Fins interest in boosting the pass-rush.  Kindle does this and Brian Orakpo's success last year moves Kindle ahead of Derrick Morgan in this draft.

13 –San Francisco 49ers – CB from Florida – Joe Haden

Haden slides to San Fran when many thought previously he was slated for the top-10.  The 49ers gladly will take him here.

14 – Seattle Seahawks – RB from Clemson – CJ Spiller

Spiller make an impact in the run, pass, and return game for a team with many areas to upgrade.  This seems like a logical landing spot for Spiller.

15 – New York Giants – LB from Alabama – Rolando McClain

No more Antonio Pierce opens the door for McClain to lead this defense from the middle linebacker spot.

16 – Tennessee Titans – DE from Georgia Tech – Derrick Morgan

Morgan slides right into the lap of the Titans' organization.  Kyle Vanden Bosch is immediately forgotten as this rookie racks up the sacks and sets the edge for Jeff Fisher's defense.

17 – San Francisco 49ers – G from Idaho – Mike Iupati

Mike Singletary will like the fierocity and sheer nastiness of this kid and I'm sure Frank Gore will approve the addition as well.

18 – Pittsburgh Steelers – C from Florida – Maurkice Pouncey

The run game needs to become the focus again in Pittsburgh, especially with the absence of Big Ben in the early part of the season, and Pouncey can help bring back that physical brand of football to the Steel City from the guard position and later on from center.

19 – Atlanta Falcons – DE from South Florida – Jason Pierre-Paul

Pass defense is a problem so corner or defensive end has to be the pick.  The value of a player on defense, or a position on defense really, increases the closer you get to the quarterback.  A freakish athlete with a high ceiling, Pierre-Paul could be great as he develops.

20 – Houston Texans – CB from Boise State – Kyle Wilson

Allowing Dunta Robinson to walk forces the Texans to go corner early and Wilson has some of the same aggressive qualities Robinson had in his better years there in Houston. 

21 – Cinncinatii Bengals – TE from Oklahoma – Jermaine Gresham

When was the last time the Bengals had a noteworthy, talented tight end?  This guy drops to them because of the knee injury last year, but he's had plenty of time to heal and he'll give Carson Palmer the weapon down the seams he's never had there, until now.

22 – New England Patriots – DE/OLB from Michigan – Brandon Graham

The Pats need to refocus on getting their defense back to a contending level.  They can start with this high energy, high motor, highly productive product from Michigan.  He'll make the pass-rush a lot better immediately.

23 – Green Bay Packers – OT from Rutgers – Anthony Davis

Protecting Aaron Rodgers is the top priority in Titletown.  Having a talent like Davis drop to the Pack is too good to be true and passing on him would be a huge mistake.  Questions about his character can be overlooked because he loves the game whole-heartedly.  He could be an absolute steal at this spot.

24 – Philadelphia Eagles – CB from Rutgers – Devin McCourtey

The trade of Sheldon Brown leaves the Birds a little short on players in the secondary.  Though they’d prefer a safety, and really they would like to get Thomas from Texas, they are happy to take McCourtey here as they see him developing into a solid starting corner, contributing early in the nickel, and impacting the return game.

25 – Baltimore Ravens – WR from Georgia Tech – Demaryius Thomas

Thomas slips to the Ravens and they gladly give Joe Flacco another big target to throw to.  Thomas’ speed, size, and ability to adjust well to the ball when it’s in the air will mesh perfectly with the former Blue Hen’s ability to rainbow the ball deep down the field.

26 – Arizona Cardinals – NT from Alabama – Terrence Cody

This defense has been hovering between the 4-3 and 3-4 defenses for a while now.  Mount Cody finally completes the transition to the 3-4 as he’ll provide a massive presence inside and allow his ‘backers to roam free to make the play.

27 – Dallas Cowboys – OT from Indiana – Roger Saffold

No more Flozell Adams makes this pick easy.  They need a guy who can protect their face of the franchise, Tony Romo.

28 – San Diego Chargers – RB from Fresno State – Ryan Matthews

LT’s exit means Matthews’ entrance.  The local guy will give the Chargers what they once had in Tomlinson, a back who can lengthen their offensive drives and take 20-30 carries a game. 

29 – New York Jets – DT from Penn State – Jared Odrick

Adding to this defense makes sense.  Rex Ryan is a master mind and giving him a talented big guy to play with is a wise move.  He’ll make the most of Odrick.

30 – Minnesota Vikings – QB from Florida – Tim Tebow

And here comes Tebow.  Why not take a chance on a guy who could be all the things Tebow can be: a great player, a great leader, a great teammate and face for the organization and great in the community.  If the Vikings can coach him up, this pick will be talked about for a long time.

31 Indianpolis Colts – OT from USC – Charles Brown

Indy has called out its own on their offensive line on more than one occasion.  They’re not left with much after the run on tackles, but Brown is talented and the Colts cannot afford to leave Peyton Manning with anything less than their best attempt with the resources they have at protecting his backside.

32 New Orleans Saints – LB from Missouri - Sean Witherspoon

The energy this guy brings to the game and to his team, along with his sideline-to-sideline ability make this a great addition to the defending Super Bowl Champions’ team.



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