2010 NFL Mock Draft: Round 1

Erick SpaltiCorrespondent IApril 19, 2010

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - JANUARY 31: Brandon Marshall #15 of the Denver Broncos smiles during the 2010 AFC-NFC Pro Bowl at Sun Life Stadium on January 31, 2010 in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
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Brandon Marshall's Trade Effects First Round Layout

When the Denver Broncos traded Brandon Marshall to the Miami Dolphins they did three things:

1) They left the door open for former Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant.

2) Made any other team interested in Dez Bryant think they need to get higher than No. 11.

3) Took the Dolphins out of the market for a first round receiver.

Taking all of that into account, one must realize the effect this could have in the first round. Now the Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, and Cleveland Browns are all teams to watch for movement at the bottom of the first or early second round.

With the Broncos interested in Dez Bryant, I think someone will reach and try to trade above them to grab him. Possibly the Pittsburgh Steelers, if they think they need to replace Santonio Holmes with someone who could start immediately. The Jacksonville Jaguars could take him at No. 10 since their receiving core isn't much to call home about and he'd represent decent value in that slot.

Well, without further ado, let's take a look at the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft.


Round One, Pick One: St Louis Rams - QB Sam Bradford

For obvious reasons Bradford is the choice. When the Rams released Marc Bulger they tipped their hand too much in my opinion. They need someone who can come in and maximize the lack of talent they have besides Stephen Jackson on offense.

Though some think Jimmy Clausen is the more NFL-ready prospect, Bradford has more potential. The Rams are hoping this will be their last time choosing in the top five picks for a few years, so they take the franchise QB they desperately need.

Other Possibilities: None


Round One, Pick Two: Detroit Lions - DT Ndamukong Suh

For once, the Lions get the best player in the draft, and he's on defense . No surprise WR pick or anything fancy here, just the good ol' Best-Player-Available strategy. After showing the entire NFL what he could do with Albert Haynesworth and the Tennessee Titans defense, Jim Schwartz gets a younger, quicker version of Haynesworth to anchor his rebuilding of the Lions defensive line.

Pairing Suh with Corey Williams would give the Lions 4-3 defense a mean look on the inside. Vanden Bosch will also benefit greatly from Suh's arrival.

Other Possibilities: DT Gerald McCoy, LT Russell Okung


Round One, Pick Three: Tampa Bay Buccaneers - DT Gerald McCoy

McCoy has been compared to Warren Sapp with his playing style. You don't have to say that too many times before the Bucs start paying attention.

McCoy is tailor-made to play DT in their cover two defense and would instantly become their most talented lineman. Though they may consider drafting Eric Berry, McCoy fills a bigger hole at a higher position value for the Np. 3 pick.

Other Possibilities: None, in my opinion.


Round One, Pick Four: Washington Redskins - LT Trent Williams

Trent Williams reminds me a bit of Ryan Clady when he came out in the draft. After picking up McNabb from the Philadelphia Eagles, the Redskins need to keep him in one piece. Williams is a better fit for Mike Shannahan's zone-blocking schemes than Okung as well.

Jason Campbell will be traded for a third or fourth rounder to someone (possibly the Minnesota Vikings who have been rumored to be shopping Rosenfels and Jackson) during the draft.

Other Possibilities: QB Jimmy Clausen (then trade him), LT Russell Okung, S Eric Berry


Round One, Pick Five: Kansas City Chiefs - RB C.J. Spiller

The Chiefs let Larry Johnson walk last season and it paid off. Though Jamaal Charles proved he can play with the big boys, he's not an every down type back. Picking up Spiller to pair with Charles would give the Chiefs a potent one-two punch at RB. Either way, the Chiefs offense desperately needs playmakers and Spiller is exactly that.

Though Berry would be an option, I can't see Scott Pioli willing to spend No. 5 on a safety. He can get a guy in the second round like Nate Allen or possibly Taylor Mays and have two upgrades. Russell Okung may receive small consideration here as well.

Other Possibilities: S Eric Berry, LT Russell Okung, MLB Rolando McClain


Round One, Pick Six: Seattle Seahawks - LT Russell Okung

The Seahawks are another team that may be interested in Eric Berry but have a more pressing need. With the retirement of Walter Jones (who most likely wasn't interested in being part of a rebuilding team), the Seahawks have a glaring hole at LT. Okung is possibly the best OT in the draft and the Seahawks would be glad to pick him up at with the sixth pick.

Other Possibilities: OT/OG Bryan Bulaga, OT Mike Iupati, S Eric Berry


Round One, Pick Seven: Cleveland Browns - TRADE ALERT, TRADE ALERT- San Francisco 49ers are on the clock!


The 49ers select QB Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame

The Browns trade the seventh overall pick to the San Francisco 49ers for the 17th pick, the 15th pick in the third round, and a 2011 first round pick,

This trade makes sense on so many levels. The 49ers could keep the 13th pick to upgrade their defense and get their franchise QB. No one can look at me with a straight face and tell me that the 49ers are happy with Alex Smith and David Carr as their QBs.

Clausen would be an instant upgrade over either of them. He's a true franchise QB and would bring some excitement to the Bay Area. The 49ers owe it to their fans to try to upgrade at QB. With Crabtree, Gore, Morgan, and Ginn, Clausen would complete an offense with breakout potential. Gore can't continue to carry this team forever and his mileage is getting up there.

Other Possibilities: Browns keep the pick and choose S Eric Berry


Round One, Pick Eight: Oakland Raiders - OT/OG Mike Iupati

Though Bruce Campbell is often slotted here, for once Tom Cable will get his say in the draft room. Iupati is a perfect fit to play OT in Cable's scheme. He'd automatically become a starter and has the potential to be a book-end OT for the next decade.

With facing Dumervil, Merriman, and Tyson Jackson twice a year, the Raiders realize they have to upgrade their QB protection.

Other Possibilities: OT Bryan Bulaga, S Eric Berry


Round One, Pick Nine: Bills - TRADE ALERT, TRADE ALERT - Philadelphia Eagles are on the clock!


The Eagles select S Eric Berry, Texas

Bills get the 24th pick, a second round pick (via Redskins), and a third round pick (via Seahawks).

The Eagles see Berry fall to No. 9 and run to scoop him up. Berry would step in and upgrade the Eagles defense across the board. Possibly a top five pick, Berry falls because of the low premium placed on the safety position.

Other Possibilities: Bills keep the pick and choose either S Eric Berry or DT Dan Williams


Round One, Pick 10: Jacksonville Jaguars - CB Joe Haden

Though McClain is a possibility, the Jags can't pass on a chance to draft a potential shut-down corner in a division with Peyton Manning. Haden would team up with Rashean Mathis to give the Jags a lethal CB duo.

Other Possibilities: MLB Rolando McClain


Round One, Pick 11: Denver Broncos - MLB Rolando McClain

The fit is perfect, with Andra Davis gone, McClain already has a set role to step into in the Broncos 3-4 defense. He'd be a significant upgrade in run support and has the tenacity to become a great MLB with the proper work ethic. Though the Broncos could opt for help on the offensive line, McClain is too significant an upgrade to pass on at No. 11.

Other Possibilities: OG Bryan Bulaga, OC Maurkice Pouncey


Round One, Pick 12: Miami Dolphins - DT Dan Williams

The Dolphins need an upgrade at NT and Williams is the best one in the draft, as good if not better than Raji was coming out last year. Dan Williams is exactly the blue-collar, hard-working, tough-nosed DT Parcells loves on his defense.

Other Possibilities: DE Derrick Morgan, WR Dez Bryant (paired with Marshall that could be lethal)


Round One, Pick 13: San Francisco 49ers - OT/OG Bryan Bulaga

After picking up their franchise QB, they invest in a player to protect him. Bulaga has been anywhere from the end of round one to the top five which makes him hard to predict. His ability to play either OG or OT is a big plus, and with Smiley's inconsistency, Bulaga could come in and replace him or Snyder at RT.

Other Possibilities: DE Derrick Morgan, DE Jason Pierre-Paul


Round One, Pick 14: Seattle Seahawks - DE Everson Griffin

Pete Carroll reaches for one of his own players. With the retirement of Patrick Kerney, the Seahawks have a huge hole to fill on their defensive line. Though Pierre-Paul and Derrick Morgan are better prospects, Carroll already knows what to do to utilize Griffin's talents.

Other Possibilities: WR Dez Bryant, DE Derrick Morgan, DE Jason Pierre-Paul


Round One, Pick 15: New York Giants - OT Bruce Campbell

Kareem McKenzie took a huge step backwards last season and Guy Whimper isn't the future (which saddens me to say because I'm from Havelock, NC and went to high school with him). Campbell is by far the most athletic OT in the draft and has the tools you look for in a franchise LT. Pairing him with Beatty could potentially give the Giants a set of bookend OTs moving into the future.

Other Possibilities: S Taylor Mays, CB Kyle Wilson, OC Maurkice Pouncey


Round One, Pick 16: Tennessee Titans - DE Jason Pierre-Paul

The Titans need talent on their defensive line. After losing Haynesworth and Kyle Vanden Bosch in back-to-back seasons, the Titans have no choice but to select a DE in the first round. Derrick Morgan is an option here as well but Pierre-Paul's potential proves to be enough to make the Titans go that route.

Other Possibilities: DE Derrick Morgan, DE Brandon Graham, CB Kyle Wilson


Round One, Pick 17: Cleveland Browns - Trade Alert, Trade Alert - Texans are now on the Clock!


Texans select S Earl Thomas, Texas

With a worry in their mind that the Falcons or Steelers might be poised to select Thomas, the Texans make a move up a few spots to get the man they want. Thomas would pair with Bernard Pollard to give the Texans one of the best 1-2 safety duos in the NFL. Throwing their first rounder together with a third this year and next year should get the deal done.

Other Possibilities: S Taylor Mays, depends who the Texans decide to target. The Bills could also keep the pick and draft DT Terrence Cody.


Round One, Pick 18: Pittsburgh Steelers - OT Anthony Davis

After seeing the Texans snatch Thomas out of their claws, the Steelers go with the next best upgrade and improve their offensive line. Davis is another player whose draft stock has fluctuated throughout the first round, but the Steelers would be glad to get their hands on him. Could play either OT or OG which is a huge bonus to a Steelers line with several holes.

Other Possibilities: S Taylor Mays, CB Kyle Wison, OC Maurkice Pouncey


Round One, Pick 19: Atlanta Falcons - WR Dez Bryant

After seeing their offense take a step backwards last season, the Falcons bring in arguably the best receiver in the draft to pair with Roddy White. Moving Jenkins into the slot with Tony Gonzalez still around would give QB Matt Ryan the best receiving arsenal he's had so far in his short career. Turner would appreciate the respect teams would have to pay to the passing game as well which would take some of the pressure of him.

Other Possibilities: CB Kyle Wilson, CB Devin McCourty, S Taylor Mays


Round One, Pick 20: Cleveland Browns - QB Colt McCoy

Unable to find another partner to trade down further, Mike Holmgren makes his move to get his man and picks up three third rounders and a first rounder next year in the process of doing so. (Third rounder from the 49ers, third rounder from the Texans, and a first and third rounder in the 2011 draft).

Colt McCoy is exactly the type of QB that Holmgren needs to build his offense. With Jake Delhomme to tutor him for a year and take the beating while Holmgren upgrades the roster, McCoy could sit comfortably on the bench for a season and learn the offense. The Browns want Colt McCoy, it's just a matter of when they are going to be able to draft him.

Other Possibilities: DE Derrick Morgan, OLB Sergio Kindle, S Taylor Mays


Round One, Pick 21: Cincinnati Bengals - TE Jermaine Gresham

The only offensive piece the Bengals truly lack is a threat at TE. Gresham is easily the best TE in the draft and the Bengals will be glad to have him. Capable of making catches and blocking, Gresham is the type of TE that could take the Bengals offense to another level.

Other Possibilities: DT Jared Odrick, LB Sergio Kindle, S Taylor Mays


Round One, Pick 22: New England Patriots - DE Derrick Morgan

The Patriots have their replacement for Richard Seymour fall right into their laps. If Gresham was on the board he'd be the obvious choice; however, he was just drafted in my mock. Another person of interest to the Patriots might be Golden Tate. They've been linked to both Bryant and Thomas this off season and with Randy Moss on his way out, they may be looking towards the future.

Other Possibilities: DE Brandon Graham, LB Sergio Kindle, CB Kyle Wilson


Round One, Pick 23: Green Bay Packers - CB Devin McCourty

Al Harris and Charles Woodson are both on the back end of their careers. With McCourty, the Packers have a chance to grab the best pure man-coverage corner in the draft. McCourty would instantly contribute in the nickel and give the Packers some insurance in case either Woodson or Harris gets injured.

Other Possibilities: DE Brandon Graham, LB Sergio Kindle, RB Ryan Matthews


Round One, Pick 24: Buffallo Bills - DT Terrence Cody

The Bills move down and still get their target while picking up valuable picks to help rebuild the roster. (Round 1 Pick 24, Round 2 Pick 5 and, Round 3 Pick 7).

Though Cody clearly carries a high risk, he also has a high reward possibility. If he can slim down a bit and get in better shape, he could become an elite NT at the NFL level. His size is colossal and he's precisely the man the Bills need to anchor their shift to the 3-4 defense.

Other Possibilities: DE Brandon Graham, OLB Sergio Kindle, S Taylor Mays


Round One, Pick 25; Baltimore Ravens - DT Jared Odrick

After seeing both Dwan Edwards and Justin Bannan walk this off-season, the Ravens need to retool their defensive line. Odrick is the perfect fit to play DE in the Ravens attack 3-4 scheme. He's probably the easiest to predict pick if he's on the board when the Ravens draft.

Other Possibilities: MLB Sean Weatherspoon, LB Sergio Kindle, S Taylor Mays


Round One, Pick 26: Arizona Cardinals - TRADE ALERT, TRADE ALERT - Denver Broncos are on the clock!


Broncos select OC Maurkice Pouncey, Florida

The Cardinals trade the 26th pick to the Broncos for a second round pick (via Dolphins), and the Broncos first rounder in 2011.

The Broncos trade off next year's first rounder to get the best center in the draft this year. Pouncey fills a huge hole on the Broncos roster and instantly becomes the starter. With the potential and ability to play the center position for years to come, next year's first is a small price to pay for this year's success.

Other Possibilities: WR Demaryius Thomas, S Taylor Mays, LB Sergio Kindle


Round One, Pick 27: Dallas Cowboys - OT Charles Brown

The Cowboys choose the OT left on the board. After allowing Flozell Adams to walk this off season, the Cowboys need to find someone to replace him. Robert Brewster could step up and play, as could Doug Free, but Brown would give the Cowboys a potential franchise LT they don't have on the roster at this time.

Other Possibilities: DE Brandon Graham, LB Sergio Kindle, S Taylor Mays


Round One, Pick 28: San Diego Chargers - RB Ryan Matthews

With Darren Sproles only under contract this season at a hefty price tag, the Chargers look for their future back in the first round. Matthews is the best back in this year's draft. Pairing him with Sproles' big play ability will help balance the Chargers offensive game plan. This may be Norv Turner's last chance to prove he has what it takes to take the Chargers all the way, and Matthews is his best option at 28.

Other Possibilities: S Taylor Mays, CB Kyle Wilson (after moving Antonio Cromartie to the Jets), DE Brandon Graham


Round One, Pick 29 - New York Jets- DT/DE Brian Price

To the heartbreak of Colts fans everywhere, the Jets choose Brian Price. He's the perfect fit to play DT in 4-3 setups and DE in Ryan's 3-4 defense. Price would come in and compete with an aging Marques Douglas at RE.

Other Possibilities: Anything. This is Rex Ryan, so you never know what in the world he's thinking.


Round One, Pick 30: Minnesota Vikings - S Taylor Mays

Though the Vikings might give some thought to Tim Tebow or maybe Brandon Graham, but Mays would be a significant upgrade over Madieu Williams at FS. The Vikings watched their defense get torn apart again and again by the Saints and realize they need to either upgrade at CB or S this off season.

With McCourty off the board, Wilson is the only other CB worth consideration here. Mays however, was once thought of as a Top 15 pick, so getting him at No. 30 would represent great value at a position of need.

Other Possibilities: CB Kyle Wilson, LB Sean Weatherspoon, QB Tim Tebow


Round One, Pick 31: Indianapolis Colts -CB Kyle Wilson

With Jerraud Powers and Kelvin Hayden currently the starters, the Colts would like to upgrade the talent in their secondary. With Price off the board and Cam Nelson a reach at No. 31, the Colts opt to pick up Wilson. Though his coverage skills need some polishing, he excels in the zone showing great closing speed and proper angles. He's a good tackler at the CB position and puts himself in good position. Great overall upgrade for the Colts at this point in the draft.

Other Possibilities: DT Can Thomas, OLB Sergio Kindle, LB Sean Weatherspoon


Round One, Pick 32: New Orleans Saints - DE Brandon Graham

After seeing Charles Grant walk this off-season, the Saints find his replacement with the final pick in Round One. Graham is a top 15 talent in an amazingly deep draft class. Though LB Sean Weatherspoon or LB Sergio Kindle may make sense in the wake of Scott Fujita's departure, Graham at No. 32 represents too good a player with too much value to pass up.

Other Possibilities: LB Sean Weatherspoon, LB Sergio Kindle, S Nate Allen

Thank you all for taking the time to check out my mock draft. Please feel free to leave comments or feedback and make sure you follow me on Twitter as well.

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