Who Could The Detroit Lions Trade DOWN With? 5 Potential Teams

Oliver SethContributor IApril 6, 2010

The Detroit Lions, all of whom have pretty much settled on grabbing Ndamukong Suh out Nebraska in this year's NFL Draft. Which I personally, have no problem with. But Detroit is rebuilding and could use as many hit picks in this years draft, or a trade down including veterans. Here are the top five potential trade-downs and scenarios I see for Detroit at No. 2, with A. Bradford Being Selected at No. 1, and B. Bradford Not Selected No. 1.

Picture this, the NFL Draft has begun, and the Rams are on the clock, and there choice is...

Sam Bradford is officially off the board, leaving Detroit at two, with a tough decision. Well for arguments sake that is. Here are five "rumors" to be done within the next minutes here at the draft,

1. Detroit Lions trade down with the San Francisco 49ers, the trade details would be. Detroit sends the second Overall Selection in this year’s draft, while San Francisco would send the 18th Overall Selected, Frank Gore, and a 2010 fourth and 2011 sixth Round selection. Detroit Probability: 20 percent

2. The Detroit Lions have been linked in another possible trade down, this time with the, Kansas City Chiefs? The Rumored deal would send Glenn Dorsey and the fifth overall selected to the Lions for the second overall selection and a 2010 fourth round pick. Dorsey would thus fit well with the lions, be it they run a 4-3 and he is most comfortable in that scheme, while a 3-4 he has been lackluster and his value has went down. Detroit Probability: 27 percent

3. Yet another speculated deal for the Lions has been thrown out in war rooms, but this move is blockbuster. The Detroit Lions trade with the Washington Redskins, who both of late have been busy making deals. But with Albert Haynesworth on the bad side of the Shanny Fence, a deal has been made to trade Haynesworth to his former defensive Coordinator in Detroit. The Details of this trade would be Washington sends the fourth overall selection and Albert(and to take partial salary) to Detroit for the second Overall Selection and 2011 third round choice. Detroit Probability: 32 percent

4. Oh my, this war room is going at large here folks; Detroit has yet another Deal in the wings for this second overall selection. Who's the team this time? It is the Buffalo Bills. Why such a fuss, this may be the selection that to be accepted by Detroit because Buffalo is throwing the ship at Detroit for this selection, for who? Jimmy Clausen. Whom many already have going to Buffalo, but for certain measures they trade up to guarantee it. The details of this deal are Detroit sends the second overall selection and a 2011 fourth round selection to Buffalo in return for, the ninth overall selection, 2010 third round selection George Wilson, and Marshawn Lynch. Detroit Probability: 47 percent

5. Ah, the last news for the selection, the heat is dying down here, and Detroit has one last offer on the table. From whom, you ask. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the deal is fairly simple, and is a few swaps. Detroit would send the second selection and WR Dennis Northcutt and a 2010 third, in exchange with Tampa for the third Overall selection, Ronde Barber, and the 2010 third round selection as well, Detroit finally accepts this simple one spot trade down, with the probability of 80 percent being accepted.

In final, the first five teams to offer for Detroit’s second selection are Tampa Bay, Buffalo, Washington, Kansas City, and San Francisco 49ers.


St. Louis Rams have selected Ndamukong Suh out of Nebraska with the first selection in this year’s draft. Oh boy, Detroit now has plenty out there.

1. The Detroit Lions, now have the pleasure of making easy business, but the first offer they receive, you guess it folks is from the Cleveland Browns, on which they offer, the seventh overall selection, Lawrence Vickers, the 71st selection, and a 2011 third round pick to Detroit for the second overall selection and a 2011 fifth round choice. Detroit Likelihood: 45 percent

2. Another offer on the table, from who we ask yet again, this time from the inter division foe, Minnesota Vikings? I'm scratching this one guys, but this offer seems to be out on the table, so they can develop this QB behind Favre for one year, but they had to throw the table with this offer, and they decided to send 2010 31st selection, 2011 first round selection, 2010 third round selection and Cedric Griffin for the second selection and 2011 third. The Detroit Likelihood of this is a littler under 9 percent.

3. My phone is going crazy with possible trade offers, but this time, Detroit Gets an offer from the Oakland Raiders. This trade offer from Oakland looks fairly similar to Cleveland’s, but with a bit more pizzazz in this offer, sending the 8th overall selection, Darren McFadden and a 2010 3rd round choice, for the second selection and a 2010 fourth round choice. Likelihood here: 55 percent

4. Hey guys, look, another offer. Boy oh boy what fun? Who is it from this time? The New England Patriots? No. the Buffalo Bills. With an offer that looks familiar to some already. The Details of this deal are, Detroit sends the second overall selection and a 2011 fourth round selection to Buffalo in return for the 9th overall selection, 2010 third round selection George Wilson, and Marshawn Lynch. Detroit Likelihood: 46 percent

5. The last offer of the day? Oh, false alarm, the Bills were the last to offer today for the second overall selection

Offers from times could include, the Buffalo Bills, Oakland Raiders, Cleveland Browns and Minnesota Vikings.

These trades to some may not seem realistic, but these are just basic gists of who could be coming in bidding for the second selection, and very well could be trade partners, while I won’t be shocked if they keep the selection and select a player.