2010 NFL Mock Draft: Top 15 From My Point of View

Nicolas SouleContributor IApril 7, 2017

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

A few days ago I wrote an article about the Cleveland Browns draft and I thought about doing a mock draft of the first fifteen draft picks.

1. St. Louis Rams, Sam Bradford QB

The Rams need a franchise QB and Bradford has the tools and ability to do so.

2. Detroit Lions, Russell Okung

I know I feel strange not putting Suh here. But hear me out. They need to protect their franchise QB and getting Okung will help a lot. He will start right away and will give them better running lanes and give Stafford more time to throw to Calvin Johnson and Brandon Pettigrew.

3. Tampa Bay Bucs, Ndamukong Suh

The Bucs need a physical DT that can get pressure on the QB. Suh can do such that. In a division that has Drew Brees and Matt Ryan.

4. Washington Redskins, Trent Williams OT

The Redskins offensive line is terrible and they need an OT badly. Trent Williams is the best OT available and should take it. QB should be taken care of later in the draft.

5. Kansas City Chiefs, Bryan Bulaga OT

The Chiefs need to protect Matt Cassel. They have spent too much money on Cassel to not give him good protection. Bulaga will be a good fit for Kansas City.

6. Seattle Seahawks, Gerald McCoy DT

They take the best player available in this pick. Will help the defensive line that hasn't done well.

7. Cleveland Browns, Eric Berry S

The Browns will love to have Berry fall to 7. He fits the teams biggest need. With a divison with very good safeties. They address the need in a very good way. Berry will give the secondary a very big boost and allow them to play physical.

8. Oakland Raiders, Bruce Campbell OT

They need to protect their QB and they need running lanes for Bush and McFadden. So I have the Raiders to picking up Campbell.

9. Buffalo Bills, Jimmy Clausen QB

The Bills need a franchise QB and Clausen fits that role. OT is another big need but their franchise QB is on the board and they're going to take it.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars, Rolando McClain ILB

The Jaguars need a inside linebacker. With this pick they get a linebacker that will fill a much needed hole on defense. I still think they need to address the DT position.

11. Denver Broncos, Dan Williams DT

The Broncos need a big upgrade on defense. They get one with Williams. He will upgrade the Broncos DL.

12. Miami Dolphins, Jason Pierre-Paul DE

Jason Taylor is getting old and the Dolphins need to address the DE position. Pierre-Paul can learn a thing or two from Taylor and play opposite from him.

13. San Francisco 49ers, Joe Haden CB

The 49ers need help at the secondary. Haden fills a weak secondary.

14. Seattle Seahawks C.J. Spiller RB

Seahawks need a playmaking RB and can help on special teams.

15. New York Giants, Dez Bryant WR

The Giants need a big playmaking receiver. Bryant fills that need. He's been compared to T.O. with better hands. Eli Manning will be happy to throw to this guy.