Matt Hasselbeck: What is His Future in Seattle?

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Matt Hasselbeck: What is His Future in Seattle?
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The Seahawks again went through another horrible season, only this time Matt Hasselbeck wasn't watching a Seneca Wallace-led Seahawks team slump to a 4-12 record.

Unfortunately for Hasselbeck, he was the starter for all but two games of 2009. The Seahawks did not fare much better as they finished 5-11.

Now, as the Seahawks prepare for a new season with a new head coach, the question remains: will Matt Hasselbeck be with the Seahawks in 2010?

There are several things that could happen this offseason with No. 8:


1. The Seahawks Could Trade Hasselbeck to Minnesota

This doesn't seem to be too far out of left field. The Vikings may not have Brett Favre coming back after a horrific end to his season in the NFC Championship game. 

The Vikings have all the pieces to reach the Super Bowl next season, especially if Adrian Peterson can cure his fumbleitis.

While this may be the best scenario for Hasselbeck, it is not likely to happen. Rumor has it that the Vikings will target Donovan McNabb if Favre decides to retire. McNabb, like Hasselbeck, has one year remaining on his deal and could want to reunite with his former QB coach Brad Childress.

2. The Seahawks Could Trade Hasselbeck to Cleveland

This is another idea that doesn't seem too far-fetched. The Browns won the "Mike Holmgren" sweepstakes this past offseason and are looking to rebuild their franchise. 

Holmgren could bring in Hasselbeck just like he did after arriving to Seattle from Green Bay in 1999. Holmgren likes having a veteran QB to lead his team, and who better than his former Pro Bowl QB?

However, the Seahawks do not seem enamored with Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn, and that would have to be essential as they would be part of any trade.

3. The Seahawks Could Trade Hasselbeck to Oakland, St. Louis, Kansas City, or Buffalo

This may be a stretch, but if the Seahawks are wowed by any deal these QB deficient clubs offer then they may have to pull the trigger.

This won't happen however, as these teams seem to be involved in the Michael Vick hunt.

4. Keep Hasselbeck, Sign Him to a Two Year Extension, Draft Future Franchise QB

This is the most likely scenario for the Seahawks. Unfortunately, Matt Hasselbeck has more value to the Seahawks than he does for any other team in the NFL

The Seahawks would love to have Hasselbeck groom their next QB, much like Brett Favre did with Aaron Rodgers.


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