NFL Conference Playoff Predictions

Sam Richman Contributor IJanuary 24, 2010

Well here it is, the final two games before the Super Bowl. It has been a long and exciting season, but we've finally reached the final four. Last week the Colts and Saints showed their dominance with decisive wins on Saturday over the Cardinals and Ravens respectively. On Sunday, the Vikings destroyed the Cowboys. The Vikings were able to handle everything the Cowboys threw at them. In the final game of the weekend the Jets defeated the "hottest team in football", by playing stout defense and running the football. Each of these four teams proved they deserve to be Super Bowl contenders. Both of these games are bound to be good ones, here are my predictions.


Vikings 27 @ Saints 31

Well they're finally meeting up to play. This is the game everyone asked for, all season long. The Saints and Vikings have been the two best teams in the NFC all season long. Every fan has been asking to see this game, and we finally we get to see it later today. Both teams can make very strong arguments for why they will win. The Saints have had the number 1 offense all year long, and their defense has made just enough stops to win. The Saints are one of the top defensive takeaway teams in the league. On the other side of the field, Brett Favre has taken care of the football all year. He has had by far the best year of his career. Favre, Peterson, and the rest of the Vikings have had the second ranked offense all year, and their defense has been great as always. As long as the "Williams Wall" is intact today, the Vikings will be very hard to run on. The Saints however, seem to have the x-factor on their side. The Saints will be playing at home in the Super Dome, and you can expect that the Vikings will be bothered a little bit by the noise in the stadium. I expect that the Saints will be fired up to play in front of their fans, and that they will win their first NFC championship game ever. The Saints led by Drew Brees and the electrifying play of Reggie Bush will win this game. Though the Vikings will get a lot of pressure on Brees, I see him making just enough plays to win the game.


Jets 17 @ Colts 13 

When the playoffs started I bet many of you did not expect to see this match-up. The (15-2) Colts were probably expected to make this game; however, many probably believed it would be the Chargers instead of the (11-7) New York Jets matching up with them. This is where it gets difficult for me to choose a winner. All season long I have said, that until the Colts lose a game in which their starters play, you cannot tell me their is a better team in the NFL. On the other hand I have consistently said the Jets remind me of the Super Bowl Champion 2000 Ravens. Though the Colts may be the better team, I am going with my gut and taking the Jets again. With Rex Ryan's bravado and their defensive swagger, this Jets team seems to believe that they are unbeatable. Though the Colts shut down the Ravens rushing attack last week, I see Shonn Greene and Thomas Jones having another huge week. Injuries will be a problem for both teams this week, as the Colts will be without starting corner Jarraud Powers and the Jets will have a hobbled Kerry Rhodes, Bart Scott, and David Harris. Kerry Rhodes will make a huge difference in this game, as he will be on Dallas Clark all game. Though Peyton Manning will have a good game like he is expected to, the Jets will force him into just enough turnovers to win the game. You can expect the Jets to blitz Peyton Manning all day long. As long as Mark Sanchez can protect the football like he has since Week 15, the Jets will win this game.