Jets vs. Colts For The AFC Championship, And No Guarantee?

Nick SignorelliSenior Writer IJanuary 22, 2010

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - OCTOBER 26:  Former Jets quarterback Joe Namath chats with former Jets wide receiver Don Maynard (L) during halftime festivities celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Jets' win over the Colts in Super Bowl III during the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New York Jets on October 26, 2008 at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Jarrett Baker/Getty Images)
Jarrett Baker/Getty Images

Many franchises in the NFL have one moment in time that is their own. A moment that no other franchise can touch.

The Steelers have The Immaculate Reception . It is one moment of one game that is still talked about today. Ask a Steelers fan about it, and their face lites up. Ask a Raiders fan, and they may punch you.

The 49ers have The Catch , when they defeated the Cowboys to go to the Super Bowl.

The Broncos have The Drive .

The Patriots have The Tuck Rule .

The Jets also own one such moment, with the Colts. The Guarantee .

Prior to Super Bowl III, Joe Namath was so sick of hearing how the Baltimore Colts were going to win the Super Bowl by POUNDING the Jets, that he guaranteed victory.

Back then is not like today. People guarantee every week that they are going to win. Sometimes they do, some times they don't. When they don't is not really much of a big deal today, because most people are full of it.

Back then, though, it was a whole different story.

Back then, players did not guarantee anything. Back then, to say something as bold as Broadway Joe did, was unthinkable.

Yet, Namath said that the Jets were going to win, and he delivered. The Jets gave the world something to talk about, and it is still being talked about today.

Going into Sunday's game against the Colts, with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line, why has no one come forward and proclaimed victory?

Rex Ryan could, he talks enough trash to the other team that I don't think it would surprise anyone.

There is only one man that can do it, and change the NFL. Mark Sanchez.

If Mark Sanchez would come on ESPN today, and say, "I am so sick of hearing how great the Colts are, let me tell you something, the Jets ARE going to beat the Colts on Sunday, and I guarantee it!" then it could change his career FOREVER!

That statement would be the ULTIMATE in throw back. The entire world would be watching the game to see if the rookie could deliver. And, you know what, if he did, Sanchez would IMMEDIATELY be a legend.

I know that it would be a bold statement to make, especially for a rookie, but it would be something that would go down in history.

Many people believe that because of that statement by Joe Namath, he made the Hall of Fame. His numbers were not that great, so why shouldn't Sanchez do it.

I for one, would LOVE to see it happen. Come on Mark, give us all a reason to root for the Jets.