Colts-Jets Game: Here's Why the Colts Will be Superbowl Bound

mike foxContributor IJanuary 18, 2010

INDIANAPOLIS - JANUARY 16:  Eric Foster #68 of the Indianapolis Colts runs out on the field before taking on the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Divisional Playoff Game at Lucas Oli Stadium on January 16, 2010 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
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As a Colts fan, I was definitely rooting for the New York Jets while watching last night's game. The last thing I wanted to see was the San Diego Chargers win.

Now, before you cry foul and think I'm making a jab at the Jets, here are some things to note about the upcoming Jets-Colts matchup:

1. The Ravens are the Jets lite. I don't mean the Ravens are worse, but they play the same style of football as the Jets. QB Joe Flacco is a second-year player who was more of a game manager than a QB in their playoff run. Mark Sanchez is a rookie who is more of a first-year player with his inexperience and decisions.

Both teams depend on their running game; however, the Jets are the No. 1 running team in the NFL. For the Colts to win, they're going to need to do what they did to Ray Rice to the Jets: shut the running game down. They held Rice under 100 yards and won by 17.

They have two dangerous defenses. The Ravens have looked lackluster this year;  however, it really showed at year-end and looked formidable going into the game, with stars like Ray Lewis, Haloi Ngata, Ed Reed, and Terrell Suggs.

The Jets defense isn't quite as big-name, but it has gotten the job done better than any other team, with a number one defense.

What do this comparison mean?

The Colts are as ready as they can be for the Jets. They are a team built on preparation, and what better way to the King to prepare for hosting the Prince?

The Jets will give them much more to handle than the Ravens, but the Colts have been ready for this game since they began preparing for the Ravens.

2. The Jets showed their hand in Week 16. I don't doubt that Rex Ryan will come up with exotic blitzes to try and confuse Manning; however, the Colts have something to review and study the tapes from. They also know exactly what's coming in a way that the Chargers didn't: They've felt those hits, they know that coverage.

The defense also benefits from knowing how physically the Jets can run the ball and how Sanchez throws the ball.

Again, I can already hear the complaints: "The Jets have the same advantage!"

However, the Jets were going to give it their all in that game no matter what. They did get a taste of the Colts in the first and second quarters, but they did not see a Colts team that was determined to win despite being down in the 4th quarter.

That was the team that won seven straight while coming from behind, and that's the team the Colts hid as a trump card.

3. Other fun stats. These are just food for thought.

Peyton Manning has been sacked 12 times in 17 games.

The Colts are the second-least penalized team in the NFL.

Peyton Manning averages 281 yards a game. The Jets average 147 passing yards a game.

Colts opponents average 36.4 passing attempts per game. On average, 23 are completed; One is intercepted.

The Colts average six yards per play while the Jets average five.

The Colts are the best in the league converting on 3rd down. The Jets are 20th.

Indianapolis averages 0.444 points for every offensive play. The Jets defense allows 0.246. Meanwhile, the Jets offense averages 0.339 points, while the Colts defense allows 0.272.

When the Colts are in the red zone, they score 66 percent of the time, 2nd in the NFL. The Jets score 50 percent of the time, 18th in the NFL.

The Jets are No. 2 and the Colts No. 4 for number of opponent touchdowns per game, with only a 0.1 difference. However, on offense the Colts average 3.1 touchdowns per game, whereas the Jets average 2.3.

The Jets average 1.3 rushing TDs a game, but the Colts only allow 0.6.

There you have it folks: my list of reasons that the Colts have the edge over the Jets to go on to face either the Saints or Vikings in the Super Bowl!


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