Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck Could End Up a Cleveland Brown

Andy AugerContributor IJanuary 17, 2010

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There have been some whispers around the league, similar to last off-season, that the Seattle Seahawks could make the aging Matt Hasselbeck available in the right deal.

Although new Head Coach Pete Carroll has praised Hasselbeck and said he looks forward to having a Quarterback with his experience, the new regime may want to completely blow up and start over.

Even in a down year in a broken down offense, no running game, and back-to-back four-INT games, he still finished with the 17th best passer rating; ahead of 15 other starting QB's. If he has an offensive line in front of him, he can still be a top ten passer.

I personally don't advocate dealing Hasselbeck, I think they have other more pressing issues besides finding a new QB. If they stabilized their turnstile of an offensive line, he could have 3-4 more productive seasons.

That isn't to say he isn't getting up there in age, he is a viable trade candidate on the NFL's third oldest team. If the right deal came around, they should at least kick the tires and talk with the offering team.

Clubs in dire QB situations include the St Louis Rams, Cleveland Browns, Buffalo Bills, Washington Redskins, Carolina Panthers, and Oakland Raiders.

Out of the teams who should be looking at available Quarterbacks, the Cleveland Browns make the most sense for the Seahawks as a trading partner.

New Browns Czar Mike Holmgren traded for him once to be his Franchise Quarterback back when he first took the Seattle job. He could seek a trade for his hand-picked signal caller once again to stabilize a rebuilding project in Cleveland.

Holmgren is likely going to keep Brady Quinn around, and cut his losses with the overpaid, slumping Derek Anderson. Quinn won't be Holmgren's first choice as starter though, expect the Browns to actively pursue a new starting Quarterback for the 2010 season.

Their options on the free agent market will be:

  • Jason Campbell (restricted)
  • Kyle Orton (restricted)
  • Chad Pennington
  • Kellen Clemens
  • Kyle Boller
  • Daunte Culpepper
  • David Carr

With the exception of Campbell, maybe Orton, none could even provide an upgrade or any upside in comparison to Brady Quinn.

Their options on the trade block could be:

  • Matt Hasselbeck/Seneca Wallace
  • Marc Bulger
  • Donovan McNabb/Kevin Kolb (I doubt McNabb gets swapped)
  • Josh Johnson
  • David Garrard
  • JaMarcus Russell
  • Jake Delhomme
  • Shaun Hill

Out of all of these names, the Eagles' duo, Matt Hasselbeck, and Jason Campbell, are the best Quarterbacks. Campbell is an interesting subject as the Redskins might not even tender him, if they were to, it might scare the Browns away with the potential cost of a first- and third-round pick.

Holmgren is not going to half-ass it when he goes out to get his starting Quarterback, if he doesn't decide to draft a fresh face, he is going to inquire about the best player he can get to improve the position.

If he were to field a call to the Seahawks for Matt Hasselbeck, it would be interesting to see what his offer would be.

I see Hasselbeck's market value as an aging, decent, veteran Quarterback, at a second round pick/third round pick, and maybe another starting veteran player.

If the Seahawks were offered the combination of a second-round pick, and a potential starter on the offensive line, I think they have to seriously consider taking the deal amidst a rebuilding movement.

Getting a second-round pick could potentially allow them to trade back into the first round and select a quarterback to replace Hasselbeck.

Another match could be a deal involving Hasselbeck and Cleveland Defensive Tackle Shaun Rogers, who is the constant target of trade rumors. The need is their along the line for the Seahawks and Rogers would be a nice anchor for them to build around.

Either of the Eagles quarterbacks also make a great deal of sense because new Browns General Manager Tom Heckert held the same position with Philadelphia.

If the Eagles are actually serious about trading an aging Donovan McNabb, Heckert would definitely field an offer for his former Quarterback.

Both Hasselbeck and McNabb would be nice pickups, but McNabbs' price tag would probably be higher, making Hasselbeck the more likely choice if both were made available.

I wouldn't rule out the Seahawks Seneca Wallace as a potential trade target either, although he couldn't manage to win a game in three tries this season, there are a couple teams in the NFL he could start for; including the Browns, and the aforementioned Bills, Raiders, and Rams.

In the end, both the Seahawks and Browns finished 5-11, and there are going to be many different faces on each respective roster come opening day in 2010.

The thought of Holmgren plucking his former hand picked choice to lead his new team over a decade ago, is not an entirely outlandish idea at all, and is certainly a scenario to keep tabs on as the postseason continues.

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