The Oakland Raiders Have Three Options With Tom Cable

Ramone BrownSenior Writer IDecember 30, 2009

DENVER - DECEMBER 20:  Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Cable celebrates a victory over the Denver Broncos at Invesco Field at Mile High on December 20, 2009 in Denver, Colorado. The Raiders defeated the Broncos 20-19.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
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One big question the Raiders need to ask themselves this off-season. Is it time for the Raiders to go another direction with the coaching staff? Or is Tom Cable a good option, maybe even whats best for the Raiders.

There is actually strong support for retaining Tom Cable from fans and I would classify his supporters into four groups:

First, there are those who blindly support him for whatever reason and believe he is actually doing a good job. Who knows why: Maybe simply because he is part of the Raiders, or maybe they can relate to him because they're also over-weight "mouth-breathers" or some other reason. These guys aren't even worth trying to talk to you might as well argue with your dog.

Then there are those who just want a sense of continuity. They can't stand the constant coaching changes and would rather see us fail under Cable again then switch coaches again.

They need to be absolutely sure Cable isn't the answer. And though they have good reasoning to back up there opinion they are still usually stubborn.

Then there are those who think that Cable just needs some help. They site his abilities as a motivator. They would like to see Cable retained as head coach but striped of his play call responsibility.

They would also like to see an offensive coordinator and maybe an assistant head coach and better positional coaches in to take some pressure off of Cable.

Lastly there are those that believe Tom Cable is our only viable option. Not necessarily because he is the answer to the Raiders struggles. But because neither Jon Gruden or any other playoff caliber coach in there right mind would want to coach in Oakland.

Right now there are three things the Raider can do with the coaching staff.

The first and easiest option is to do nothing. Some people believe that the team will just get better through continuity and the constant coaching changes have hurt the Raiders more than anything over the last seven years.

With players becoming more familiar with the schemes and each other they will be able to gel and actually become a team.

I think that is the most absurd option and would be a huge mistake.

The second option is to get Tom Cable some help. A lot of the players are behind Cable and he is a great motivator. Problem is motivation will only get you so far.

Tom Cable is a horrible play-caller. But if the Raiders were to hire an offensive coordinator and strip Cable of that duty, we would be able to retain his motivational skills and do away with the bone-headed plays he calls.

Some people think that Tom Cable isn't qualified for the stress and responsibility being asked of him as an NFL head coach. But this also could be helped with the addition of an assistant head coach and maybe better positional coaches and a GM.

Then the last option is to do what Rich Gannon said to do."Just blow up the building and start over." New coaches, new players, new everything. Much like the Broncos did last off-season.

The only problem with that is there is risk. If a real head coach isn't willing to come to Oakland and coach under Al Davis, then the Raiders would have to Gamble and hope to strike gold again like they did with Gruden.

It would also mean new schemes and the departure of quality coaches like John Marshall and Lionel Washington.

Lets take a look  some of the arguments for and against Cable. First the positive.

A lot of players are fully behind Cable and believe in him. Robert Gallery said he would go to war with him.Also the Raiders are desperately in need of some kind of stability and the constant coaching carousel has done nothing but hurt the team.

Then there's the fact that no one wants to coach this train wreck called the Oakland Raiders. At least not any qualified or sane head coach anyway. So essentially many believe we are stuck with Cable.

Then the negatives.

First, Tom Cable is a horrible play-caller and not qualified to be a head coach. But if the Raiders were to hire an offensive coordinator and an assistant head coach, that issue could be disregarded as a huge workload would be taken off of Cables shoulders.

Then theres his anger and character problems which he obviously has. Its said that teams are a reflection of coaching and if you think the Raiders mental breakdown against the Browns wasn't a clear reflection of Tom Cable, then you are blind.

Then there's the thought that Cable really doesn't have his team behind him. Sure he has some of the players but not all. Mario Henderson and Justin Fargas both started criticizing Cables play-calling after the Houston game.

Nnamdi criticized the defense for being so simple and Sam Williams said, "Tom Cable is a joke to half the team and everyone outside the Raiders locker room." Sure that last comment may be taken a little out of context as it was said regarding the Hanson situation but it was still said.

Does Tom Cable really have the players behind him or is that just a myth? Honestly I couldn't tell you, no one knows accept for the players on the team.

As far as us fans go its just a matter of perception. I think he lost the team weeks ago while others believe all the players are willing to go to war with him.

One things for sure, Bill Romonowski thinks Cable is gone as he had this to say on "The Chronicle Live " following the game

 "When you only win six games in the NFL your job is on the line."

"I would be surprised if Tom Cable returned as the Raiders head coach."

So what should the Raiders do with Cable: Let him be, so the team can build continuity, gel, and hopefully become better. Keep him as head coach, but get him some help or just fire him and start over once again.


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