Help Wanted: Tutor for Jets QB...Yes, Kerry Collins, We're Talking To You

Sam FogelgarenCorrespondent IDecember 29, 2009

TORONTO - DECEMBER 3:  Kyle Williams #95 of the Buffalo Bills tackles quarterback Mark Sanchez #6 of the New York Jets during their NFL game on December 3, 2009  at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Jets defeated the Bills 19-13. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)
Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Mark Sanchez needs help.

The Southern California star has more talent than you need to be a great quarterback, but he doesn't quite have all the quarterback common sense you need to be great. 

That's why the Jets need a mentor backup for Sanchez.

They should have had one this year, but that's an argument for a different day. Look at the NFL right now and look at all the QBs, young or veteran, who had or have mentor backups. 

Matthew Stafford in Detroit this year has Daunte Culpepper.

JaMarcus Russell in Oakland in 2007 had, you guessed it, Daunte Culpepper.

Vince Young in 2006 in Tennessee had Kerry Collins (remember that).

Matt Leinart in Arizona in 2006 had Kurt Warner.

Jay Cutler in 2006 in Denver had Jake Plummer.

Aaron Rodgers in 2005 in Green Bay had a pretty good mentor by most standards, Brett Favre (and that was an extended class, three whole years!)

Jason Campbell in 2005 in Washington had Mark Brunell.

OK, seven examples is enough. But we could go on if you wanted to (Eli in 04' had Kurt Warner; Philip Rivers had Doug Flutie AND Drew Brees). 

My point is most young QBs have mentor backups who play sparingly, but are knowledgeable and can help young QBs in many ways. 

There are a few guys I have in mind who could help out Broadway Mark, but the No. 1 guy for the job would be Kerry Collins.

At 37 years old and entering the final year of a 2-year $15 million contract with $8.5 million guaranteed, Collins could be considered a financial burden. Especially with the Jets moving into the new stadium, a $7-8 million backup is the last thing you want.

But the Jets could be able to do it, considering Collins lost his starting job after Week Seven to Vince Young, after an 0-6 start.

Collins ushered in Young to the league in the 2006 season. The Titans were not expected to be very competitive during the season, and when Young took over the team, they were 0-3, but he later took them from 2-7 to 8-8, almost making the playoffs and giving Young the Rookie of the Year title.

Not to say that Kerry Collins made that happen, but he definitely helped Young along the way.

Now granted, Mark Sanchez will be a second-year quarterback next season, so he will have some experience under his belt and will hopefully be in a better position than this season.

Still, having someone to guide Sanchez whose name is not Kellen Clemens would surely not hurt.

Kerry Collins would help.

Jeff Garcia would help.

Heck, bring back Chad Pennington! He's a free agent, and he definitely knows a thing or two about Jets football. 

Mark Sanchez doesn't need a lot of help. Just a little bit. And a guy like Kerry Collins could easily give Sanchez that little push to turn his Jets into a championship team.