Maniac Vs. Maniac: Time To Lay Down Your Votes

Juan Correspondent IDecember 5, 2009

A few weeks ago, I had announced a competition where the members would have to prove they were the biggest 'maniacs'.

It turned out to be better than I thought and produced some good articles.

The contestants mostly put in some great effort and I was very glad with the results. 

For those that missed the submissions, here they are:

Legend Killer

Captain Charisma

Miss Annie


Juan (me)

Some people who joined at first, couldn't do it and had to miss out, which is a shame.

The best part of this competition was this sweet and hilarious gem by Andrea Claire.

Now it's time to vote for what you thought was the best out of all. Keep in mind that the piece by Andrea is not a part of this competition. So, you can't vote for it.

But when you vote, I want you to vote in a different way. Instead of just telling me what you thought was the best, I want you to rate every article out of 5, even the one by Andrea. This way, we can see how good or bad the pieces were.

Voting ends by Wednesday. Then I will post the results, next weekend. May the best person win!