Maniac Vs. Maniac Randy Orton Is My Favorite Wrestler

Patrick GreenCorrespondent INovember 14, 2009

 " I hear voices in my head they talk to me..." my ringtone alarmed. I opened my phone, with my Legacy phone cover. " Hello Hello." " Are you ready to meet Randy tonight my dear friend Jack answered. " You know I would do anything for Randy Jack!"

 " Okay Legend Killer I am on my way over right now get the car started." I walked into my garage and stumbled on top of my Randy Orton action figure collection. Oh no I have to pick them up.

 I picked up all my Orton action figures which came to a total of 22. Then I turned around and stared at my Mercedes Benz, in the front dangling from the top of my car was Randy Orton air freshener.

 I opened up the car door and sniffed the air. I then slammed the door on my Viper hat. Ohhh Noooo I screamed as I opened the door once again and picked up my Orton cap.

 It was covered in dirt, " This won't do," I ran inside and open my Closet. On my Right for Randy Orton posters, on my left were posters of the legacy. Orton DVD's T-Shirts, and cards were neatly sorted.

 Finally I came across my spare Orton cap, stuck it on my head and ran into the garage and got in my car. I opened my garage with a touch of one button, and backed out into the driveway.

 I waited for a good 5 minutes until Jack got into the Passenger seat. He buckled and stuttered " Wow Pat I like your newest Orton bumper sticker. " Which one," I answered " Orton Country or Orton 4Prez?" " Both," he replied.

 After two minutes of hard long driving, we arrived. I was covered with excitment. Jack got out first I followed with my cool dark shades. " Shades really," Jack asked. " Yes really, I have to be cool when Randy see's me."

 " You can't lose what you never had, Jack muttered smirking. The hotel was full with little children dying to see a wrestler in person. I politely cut them, and made myself to the front of the line.

 Orton said hello, and took my paper and pen. I stared at Randy with my eyes bulging. He looked back up and said " That is kind of creeping me out dude." " Randy," I whispered. " Yeah," he said hesatintly. " I AM YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN FOR LIFE, I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW I WILL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT ME TOO!!!"

  Orton replied by saying " How about you back up five or ten feet." I did as told. A smile came across his face. " Now get me a diet Coke." I then ran to the snack bar, grabbed the diet coke from the the seven year old kid, and sprinted back.

 " I can get use to this, " Randy stated. " Now ummm go outside on top of somebody else's car and sing I am a little Teapot." I walked through the double doors, with almost everybody following me including Randy.

 I picked out this big Hunda Truck, and climbed on top of the car, and sang " I am a little tea pot short and sweet Here is my Spout, I stutterd Here is my ummmm. I could not think straight. " Umm what's the wor." I got cut off by a big heavy set guy who speared me of of his car and to the concrete.

 I was blacked out. I woke in my bed the next day. " It was just a dream." I yelled. Until Jack came in my room, and says in a low voice, " How are you doing." " What do you mean I asked." Ummm look at your leg." My eyes darted down, and there it was in a cast across my leg. " You were lucky they almost had to cut it off."

 Jack expalined to me afterwards the trucker took his truck and ran over my leg. Well I said I will do anything for Randy Orton. Maybe even a little too much.