Revisiting AFC East: The Most Competitive Division

Bryant WilsonContributor INovember 19, 2009

FOXBORO, MA - NOVEMBER 8:  Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots looks for an open man against the Miami Dolphins at Gillette Stadium on November 8, 2009 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

It is almost impossible to predict how teams will do in a certain season. With the draft, injuries, and other factors that can come into place anything can happen.   I took a stab at it in this article AFC East: The Most Competitive Division. I was wrong. I will re-visit every point I made and where the teams are actually at now.

As before let's start at the quarterback position.

It was true the Jets were pursuing Mark Sanchez and they have him now. Although Sanchez has had a shaky season he is the Jets Sanchise as many fans refer to him.

The Bill are struggling with Trent Edwards as quarterback. I thought he would do well but was wrong here as well. The Bills are now in  rebuilding mode and the first place they should start is at quarterback in the draft.

As for the Patriots, two words: Tom Brady. He had some trouble coming back at the beginning of the season but is looking like the old Brady. It may of took some games to get comfortable but Brady is back to his usual form.

The Dolphins HAD Chad Pennington but lost him to injury. They do have a solid back-up in Chad Henne. They also have Pat White for the Wildcat formations. With the Dolphins being a more balanced team they just need a game manager at the quarterback position and Henne and White can pull that off.

On to Offense now.

The Jets found their passer in Sanchez. They lost Leon Washington due to injury, but have two solid backs in Thomas Jones and Shonn Greene. At wide receiver they picked up Braylon Edwards in a trade with the Browns. Other then that they have Jerricho Cotchery, this may need to be a position looked at in the next draft or free agency. At tight end they have a solid player in Dustin Keller.

The Bills need a miracle on offense. They need to look to the draft for a quarterback. As far as the wide receiver position goes Terrell Owens has not been the answer and will most likely not resign. Other tan T.O. they have Lee Evans and he has not fared well either. At tight depth is also needed. The running back position is well stocked with Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson.

The Dolphins lost Chad Pennington to injury. Chad Henne has stepped in and done well. Pat White is part of the wildcat and can take snaps off of Henne's work load. They are not stocked with amazing wide receivers. As for the running backs they have a very good pair in Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams. Ronnie Brown was the go to wildcat guy but is out for the season. Now it is up to Ricky Williams to take the bulk of the load and take hand of the wildcat.

The Patriots have Tom Brady back and healthy. At wide receiver Greg Lewis was a bust. There have been some injuries at wide receiver all year but players have stepped up. Randy Moss and Wes Welker are the two consistent receivers. As far as a third receiver is concerned there have been many options. Right now Julian Edelman and Isaiah Stanback are the most likely to fill that spot. There has also been two key injuries to running backs in Fred Taylor and Sammy Morris. Laurence Maroney has had to take the bulk of the load as is getting better. BenJarvus Green-Ellis has taken more of a fullback type position and Kevin Faulk is the key third down back. The tight end position is stocked well with Chris Baker and Benjamin Watson.

Lastly, let's talk defense.

Rex Ryan is still a defensive master. The Jets defense has performed very well and will continue to be a force with Ryan at the reigns. They are ranked third in defense overall.  I don't think Ryan can bring anymore "purple" from Baltimore and we will see what he can do here in the draft.

Bills fired Head coach Dick Jauron and named Perry Fewell interim head coach. Fewell is the defensive coordinator and the Bills defense is the unit that's playing well.  The defense has been consistent unlike the offense. Still some work will need to be done here during the off-season.

With names like Joey Porter and Jason Taylor your defense should be a force. They do not have a dominate defense and there is room for improvement. Overall they have an average defense that is playing pretty well. There are rookies here that are stepping in and playing well. Parcells will need to address this unit in the off-season.

The Patriots still have some trouble will rushing the passer and overall passing defense. The secondary has gotten better but still can improve. As a unit the defense is better than most expected. They still need to make some game- changing plays to be considered a force. There are a lot of defensive contracts up next year and Belichick will have to make some decisions on who he wants to stay and who he can bring in.

There are still six weeks left(after the weekend games) and room for improvement. The Bills are three games behind the Patriots at 3-6 and most likely out of the picture to win the division. The Jets face the Patriots this week and I believe will decide if they will still be in the running for division champ. If the Dolphins come out with the win tonight they may have a chance to chase the Patriots. The Patriots are sitting pretty high in the division over the other teams and have a good chance of winning it.

I would appreciate comments to let me know what you think.