2009 NFC West Featured Columnist Competition: Week 10 Results

Scotty KimberlyAnalyst INovember 17, 2009


Week 10 is in the books of the 2009 NFC West Featured-Columnist Competition.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the competition, click here for details, and please keep checking back for updates throughout the year! 

The NFC West went 2-2 in Week 10, with another win for the division coming against themselves . San Francisco stood tall on Thursday Night Football , Arizona had a comeback win over Seattle, and St. Louis was admirable in defeat to the undefeated Saints. Not a good week, per se, but not a bad week at all.

Here are the results and honors from Week 10.


Week 10 Individual Standings (15 Games)

Andrew 13, Scotty 13, Rob 11, Chris 10, Ron 10, Seth 9, Steven 9, Dray 8


Week 10 Team Standings

Seattle 24, San Francisco 21, Arizona 19, St. Louis 19


Season Individual Standings

Andrew 109, Scotty 108, Rob 106. Seth 101, Chris 99, Steven 99, Ron 97, Dray 94


Season Team Standings

Seattle 214, San Francisco 203, Arizona 198, St. Louis 198


Monday Night Football Team Tiebreaker

St. Louis 20, Arizona 19, San Francisco 19, Seattle 19


Pick of the Week - Chris (Carolina over Atlanta) / Rob (Washington over Denver) / Scotty (Jacksonville over NY Jets)

Week 10 featured a staggering three Underdog Upset choices that were taken by only one team. In my opinion, the most impressive of these choices was Washington over Denver, followed closely by Carolina over Atlanta, then the not-too-impressive Jags over the Jets.

Some bold selections paid off for these contestants.


Fail of the Week   - Ron/Steven (Oakland over Kansas City)

I kind of wish someone had taken the Browns, because that would have been an epic fail . But regardless, picking the Raiders is probably the next worse thing...

I get it. Matt Cassel sucks, Larry Johnson is gone, and there are a number of defensive busts on the field, but the Chiefs were still playing the Raiders

This competition has already featured one contestant who proverbially wrote on the chalkboard "I will never pick the Raiders again... I will never pick the Raiders again..." and I think the competition would be better served if more people took this approach.


The Underdog Won't Go Away! - Five Underdog Choices

After a breakout week in Week Eight, the Underdog Bonus still doesn't want to go anywhere. This week, four different contestants capitalized on the Underdog Bonus, resulting in five total Underdog Scores.

Andrew (Cincinnati over Pittsburgh), Chris (Carolina over Atlanta), and Rob (Washington over Denver) all tallied one Underdog Bonus, while Scotty nailed two Underdog choices for the second time in three weeks (Cincinnati over Pittsburgh and Jacksonville over NY Jets).

Consider the fact that these four contestants finished first through fourth this week, and the Underdog Bonus becomes that much more appealing...


Hot Streak - Scotty (Nine Points Through Nine Afternoon Games)

The morning was promising for Scotty in Week 10, as he netted nine points through the first nine games of the week. He missed picks with Denver and Atlanta, but scored Underdog points with Jacksonville and Cincinnati to compensate, leaving him with a perfect nine-for-nine


Struck Out Swinging - Dray (Four Points Through Nine Afternoon Games)

Dray had a rough opening to Week 10, missing five of his first nine choices. He righted the ship in the afternoon games, landing all but two of the remaining games, but couldn't get over the slow start, and wound up in last place for the week.


What Might Have Been  - Had New England Not Collapsed

I liked the call. There, I said it.

You have the best short-route passer in the NFL (Brady), the best slot receiver in the NFL (Welker), one of the best receivers out of the backfield in the NFL (Faulk), and a system designed for short, efficient throws (Belichick).

That being said, it busted, and Peyton Manning made them pay.

Had New England held on for the win, Chris, Scotty, and Seth all would have jumped up a point, while the rest of the competition fell. The results would not have been staggering for team standings (only San Francisco would have taken a serious blow), but Chris would have jumped to third for the week in individual standings.

It's a game of inches...


Good week, guys.

That's it for Week 10. Chip in on what you think.


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