NFL Week 10 Picks: From New England Patriots Fans' Perspective

Glenn CardSenior Analyst INovember 12, 2009

FOXBORO, MA - NOVEMBER 8:  Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots throws against the Miami Dolphins at Gillette Stadium on November 8, 2009 in Foxboro, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

It's Week 10 and we now know which teams will most likely be making the playoffs through division wins, but there are a lot of teams still out there on the wild-card bubble.

That means that we still have plenty of good football left through the rest of the season.

The bye week teams this week are the NY Giants and Houston. The Giants aren't done yet and this bye week will do the team good. Look for them to come back strong next week.

The Texans will be taking a rest after their loss to the Colts, but they will be facing that same team again in a couple of weeks.

What do you want to bet that they will be making adjustments to steal that game away from them?

This week's picks are presented by TR, C. Douglas Baker, and myself.

Thursday, Nov. 12, 2009
Chicago @ San Francisco

TR: Apparently this game originally looked like a good choice for prime time, but now it looks like a highly effective Thursday night sleeping pill.

Jay Cutler has managed to put together some numbers from time to time, but the Chicago defense is sorely lacking due to some key injuries. San Francisco's stats as a whole are mediocre, but more importantly, the team is just not consistent. I'm falling asleep just writing this, but I'm going with "Da Bears" here. Zzzzz.

CB: Jay Cutler looks like Kyle Orton with an interception problem.

San Francisco looks better but is inconsistent with crappy QBs.

Mike Singletary will want to stick one up the Bears, and maybe Lovie.


GC: What happened? The bears were supposed to be fearsome this year with Jay Cutler under center. Even though Cutler did put up pretty good numbers in a losing effort their last game.

The 49ers host this game and despite their solid efforts they have an even worse record at 3–5 at this point.

The Bears should be able to move the ball on the 49ers and win this away game.

Sunday, Nov. 13, 2009
New Orleans @ Saint Louis

TR: What is there to say? They could be playing this game on the moon, Alice, and it wouldn't matter. Somebody will take out the Saints before the season is over, but it will not be the Rams. (Three guesses who I think it will be.)

CB: Oh…what a nice game.

I think Steven Jackson will get a lot of yards, and the Saints will get a lot of points.

New Orleans.

GC: This will be a one-sided snoozer. It should be no problem for the Saints to remain undefeated against the Rams. Drew Brees will have another big game.

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh
TR: At last, I'm awake. I expected Carson Palmer and the Bengals to fold last week against the Ravens, but it didn't happen.

Playing in Pittsburgh is another story altogether, and I do expect a Cincy fold pretty soon, so why not now?

The Steelers have just been dominant, and while Palmer definitely has some weapons, they won't be enough. Here is where my esteemed colleague Mr. Card and I disagree, because I say Pittsburgh takes this one.

CB: Cincinnati is resurgent but the Steelers defensive is still as potent as ever. Steelers in a close one.

GC: This should be one of the better games scheduled for Sunday. It’s a divisional game and the Bengals and the Steelers both are coming off a big wins last week. The Bengals hold the edge in the AFC North standings and the Steelers are the reigning champions. The Bengals can and will win this game.

Detroit @ Minnesota
TR: Oh, no, another one. Look, I would love to be able to give some chance to the Lions but, try as I might, I can't find a single reason why the Vikings should lose this game, or a single reason why I could be bothered to watch it.

CB: Oh Boy.

My pick, Brett Favre...I mean Minnesota.

GC: Talk about one-sided games, the Vikings at home against the Lions. Favre will only have to play the first half.

Tampa Bay @ Miami
TR: The 'Phins throw every bit of trickery in their playbook at the Buccaneers, who become hopelessly bewildered and get a lot of penalties for things like 17 men on the field.

The only possible edge for the Bucs would lie in their passing game and Miami's shaky pass defense. Honestly, though, that is nowhere near enough as Miami makes use of their predictably unpredictable kitchen sink formations, pulls an Energizer bunny out of Ronnie Brown's helmet, and runs TB out of town.

CB: Tampa Bay rolled last week; they are going to get rolled this week.


GC: The Dolphins are not going to let the Buccaneers leave without a beating.

Denver @ Washington
TR: Denver's recent meltdown was predictable, but with San Diego suddenly nipping at their heels, they will take advantage of Washington's multiple weaknesses for a win on the road.

CB: Wow, what a bunch of crappy games and crappy teams. When was the last time we saw this many crappy teams?


GC: The Broncos have dropped two in a row. The Redskins just can’t seem to get on a winning roll. The Broncos need to stop the bleeding and there’s no one better to take it out on except the Redskins.

Buffalo @ Tennessee
TR: Vince Young has looked comfortable under center, and the exploits of Chris Johnson speak for themselves. Too little, too late to do the Titans any good in the long haul this season, but they can KO the punchless Bills.

Have I mentioned how very little I think of Kerry Collins?

How have the Titans done since he took his rightful place on the bench? Hello.

CB: Crap vs. crappier.


GC: Last week the Titans looked more like their 2008 selves. The Bills are coming off a bye week but have to visit the rejuvenated Titans. The Titans will hand the Bills another loss in this home field win.

Atlanta @ Carolina
TR: The Panthers rarely win at home, and I think the loss to the Saints on the road last week probably put them on cruise control, just playing out the string.

Atlanta is far from powerhouse status, but they have the firepower to put the Cats in their place. As much as I dislike agreeing with Mr. Card so often, I'm looking for a Falcons win, even if Julius Peppers gets two tackles.

CB: Carolina Pussycats are a joke.

Atlanta isn’t.


GC: The Panthers just don’t have enough weapons to slow the Falcons down.

Jacksonville @ NY Jets
TR: This one almost qualifies as yet another snoozefest, but the Jets are a cut above the Jags. As a Patriots fan, I would be happy to be wrong, but the Jets have the upper hand here and will get the win.

CB: Goooooo Jacksonville…But Jets will win.

GC: Here are two 4–4 teams, which means someone is going to get back on the winning side of .500. The Jets will be happy for the home field advantage in this win.

Kansas City @ Oakland
TR: Do I have to pick one? Okay. KC is in such disarray; I can't see them winning again this year. Well, maybe one, but not in front of that insane Oakland crowd.

CB: This used to a marquee matchup back in the day.

Now it’s just a couple of lousy teams nobody wants to watch.

What a shame.


GC: The Raiders get a rare win this yawner.

Philadelphia @ San Diego
TR: Rivers has the Bolts on a roll, plain and simple. Vincent Jackson has been amazing, and I never count Sproles out of any play.

They continue to win games they should lose, while the Eagles have begun to look a little punch-drunk. San Diego will make the home crowd happy.

CB: Two mediocre teams, but Philadelphia is on the road.

Even if Brian Westbrook plays it won’t be at 100 percent.

San Diego.

GC: The Chargers are on a winning streak while the Eagles lost in a big way in their last game.

In this game it’s going to be about the QB who has the biggest arm. I think Philip Rivers shows up big in this game and the Chargers win.

Dallas @ Green Bay
TR: Dallas was impressive in the win over the Eagles, and GB was anything but inspiring in their loss to Tampa Bay. Can Aaron Rodgers and his gang get it together, even at Lambeau?

Sad to say, I don't think so. The Cowboys pick up another win by sheer force of momentum.

CB: Green Bay looked like crap last week, and Dallas looks like they are on a roll, well, kind of. I’ll go with Dallas.

GC: The Cowboys have ratcheted up their game and look to be contenders but I try to never pick against the Packers at home.

This will be a Green Bay win.

Seattle @ Arizona
TR: As you might remember, I don't think highly of either of these teams, but Arizona has surprised me a couple of times, and the Seahawks have not.

This doesn't shape up to be an electrifying event by any means, and I have to give the Cards some props, even if they are at home.

As soon as my roulette wheel stops spinning, I can give you...22, black. That means Arizona wins.

CB: Seahawks have too many injuries.


GC: How is it that the Cardinals have a better record on the road than at home? They’ll start fixing that stat this week with a win over the Seahawks.

New England @ Indianapolis
TR: I don't think there is anything I can write that hasn't already been written about 17,000 times in the past few days.

The numbers are all there, and the rivalry is well known.

For me, the edge goes to the Patriots and not just because I am incredibly biased, either. The Patriots have a secret weapon, and only Bill Belichick knows what it is. Yes, I expect our head coach, a man who is loved and respected throughout the NFL and in London, to pull a game plan out of his ragged sleeve that will set Manning et al. back oh, five or six years.

We all know that the Colts have barely been tested, so I won't even go there. Big surprise here: I predict that Indianapolis gets tested in this game and fails, just a little.

Big-time Game of the Week, Colts no longer undefeated as it becomes clear that Belichick IS the secret weapon.

CB: Two great teams, I hate the Colts, but they are likely to win against a young and not-quite-there defense.

Can I puke now?


GC: If you don't watch any other game, watch this one.

The Colts are undefeated and are playing at home with the current No. 1 ranked defense and sixth ranked offense. The flip side is the Patriots have a second ranked defense and third ranked offense.

The differences in the offensive rankings between these two are pretty slim. You know Manning is going to test the rookies on the Patriots defense all night long. I’m hoping that the Pats backfield is up to the task as I’m picking the Patriots to win this and kill the Colts undefeated streak.

Monday Nov. 14, 2009
Baltimore @ Cleveland

TR: Baltimore has surprised me by losing some games I thought they would win, and now they find themselves truly fighting to keep their heads above water. Cleveland is a good opponent for them right now and should give Joe Flacco and his boys a good opportunity to run their offense again.

The Ravens' defense has not been as intimidating as in years past, but for this one, they will step up and play the best game they can play.

Baltimore from beginning to end.

CB: Cleveland is one of the many laughingstocks in the league.

Eric "Manwenie" should be fired, or should have never been hired.


GC: The Ravens are trying to stay in the playoff hunt and they are not going to let the Browns get in their way.


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