The Picks: NFL Week Eight

Alex Tichenor@alextichenorCorrespondent INovember 1, 2009

MINNEAPOLIS - OCTOBER 05:  Quarterback Brett Favre #4 of the Minnesota Vikings lines up during the Monday Night Football game against the Green Bay Packers on October 5, 2009 at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Last Week: 7-6 (vs. spread: 9-4)

(Game of the Week: 0-1, Upset of the Week: 0-1, Lock of the Week: 1-0)

Overall: 63-40 (vs. spread: 58-45)

Buffalo vs. Houston

Buffalo has surprising won two straight games, with a combined eight interceptions in those games. Matt Schaub has never been known for taking great care of the ball, either.

That said, Houston's offense is too good not to score more than the Bills offense, especially with the way their defense has stopped the run recently. Ryan Fitzpatrick is not winning a shootout with Matt Schaub.

Houston 28, Buffalo 16 (Houston -3.5)

Chicago vs. Cleveland

This has all the makings of a blowout. A home game for an embarrassed Bears team against Cleveland is the perfect game for a blowout of their own. Forte gets out of his slump against a run defense that let Ryan Grant run all over them.

Chicago 34, Cleveland 7 (Chicago -13.5) (Lock of the Week)

Dallas vs. Seattle

Where was Miles Austin for the first five weeks of the season. In his past two games, he has been the weeks top receiver in both weeks. He also has had four touchdowns in that same span. Romo definitely has a go-to guy now.

The Cowboys will continue their winning streak against a still banged up Seahawks team, in Dallas. Miles Austin will have his way again against a weak Seattle secondary. The Seahawks will make it close in a shootout.

Dallas 31, Seattle 23 (Seattle +9.5)

Detroit vs. St. Louis

The Rams are still searching for their first win and will get it in Detroit. The Lions are back to playing really bad football, and Stafford will still likely be on the bench in this game. Steven Jackson has been running really well and will finally get into the end zone against a bad Lions defense.

St. Louis 17, Detroit 14 (St. Louis +3.5) (Upset of the Week)

Indianapolis vs. San Francisco

Is San Francisco good? They were down by way too much at the half last week, and that was after a blowout loss and a bye week to prepare. Peyton Manning is going to feast on San Fran's secondary in a blowout.

Alex Smith won't be able to replicate last week's performance against a confident Colts squad.

Indianapolis 28, San Francisco 10 (Indianapolis -12.5)

New York Jets vs. Miami

The Dolphins are somehow just 2-4 after playing very good football the past couple of weeks. They played the Jets great just a few weeks ago, but that was at home. Rex Ryan will be able to fix some weaknesses in his defense and they will shut down the wildcat.

New York 23, Miami 17 (NYJ -3.5)

Baltimore vs. Denver

After starting strong, Baltimore needs a win as much as anybody in Week Eight, and they get one of three undefeated teams in the NFL to get that must win against. The Ravens are a tough team and will walk away from Baltimore victorious.

Ray Rice and Joe Flacco bring Denver one of their biggest offensive test because of the balance between those two. The Ravens' D will finally step up and take away the running game of Denver. Kyle Orton, as good as he's been, won't win Denver the games by himself.

Baltimore 21, Denver 17 (Baltimore -3.5)

Philadelphia vs. New York Giants

The Giants are in almost the same situation Baltimore is in. They've been sliding and need to win a touch game to be taken seriously as a real contender. There's no way Tom Coughlin's boys will lose three straight games, especially in the division. Their defense will bounce back this week.

New York 27, Philadelphia 17 (NYG +2.5)

Tennessee vs. Jacksonville

Vince Young starting this game is worrisome for Tennessee's chances, but the way Kerry Collins has been playing, they need to take some kind of chance. They have millions and millions invested in him, why let a mid-30s, purely average quarterback keep playing if their going nowhere?

Vince Young will not be a huge factor in this game because this is Chris Johnson's second huge game.  He's going to run all over Jacksonville. Also, the one thing Tennessee has going for them is their run defense. Jones-Drew will have a touch time against the Titans front seven and Gerrard doesn't beat a whole lot of teams by himself.

Tennessee 20, Jacksonville 17 (Tennessee -2.5)

San Diego vs. Oakland

San Diego beat the Chiefs by 30 last Sunday. It should be more of the same here. Tomlinson will get going, at least more than he has been, against a horrid Oakland run defense. The offense is going to put up points in bunches.

San Diego 38, Oakland 13 (San Diego -16.5)

Green Bay vs. Minnesota

Brett Favre's dramatic return to Lambeau is the storyline of the year so far. He is going to get booed like Steve Bartman at Wrigley. Like Buckner in Fenway. Favre is the Benedict Arnold of sports traitors in the eyes of Packers fans. But did he really deserve it?

All he did was bring a Super Bowl title back to Green Bay for the first time in nearly 30 years. He won several MVP awards an always had the Packers in the playoff hunt. He was one of the top 10 quarterbacks of all time and he had a change of heart about retiring and his team said no. Remember, Favre just led the Packers to the brink of the Super Bowl the year before too.

Joe Montana was tossed out to dry by the Niners to give a promising quarterback a chance and now Montana is looked at as the victim. Favre wanted to play, his beloved team of almost his entire career turned him aside. How can you blame him for trying to stick it to them?

Just making his case, personally, I think Favre is annoying because of all of the drama in his "comebacks." He wouldn't be nearlyvillianized as  if he would have just said at the end of the season that he wanted to play.

Playing games to get released and join his former team's arch rival is just despicable and Packers fan must feel disgusted that the player they once loved now is trying to get back at them. Just horrible.

All of the Favre drama aside, the game should be spectacular. Favre usually plays well under pressure, although the last time he was at Lambeau (in a Packers uni) he threw a pick that cost them the game. Rodgers will get better protection than the Monday nighter a few weeks back, when super end Jered Allen sacked him four and a half times. This will be a high-scoring, hard-fought bout that will go down to the final minutes.

Green Bay 31, Minnesota 28 (Minnesota +3.5) (Game of the Week)

Arizona vs. Carolina

This is team that Jake Delhomme's unraveling came against. Less than a year ago, the 12-4 Panthers came into Bank of America stadium looking at a 10-7 Cardinals team that seemed like they would be nothing but a speed bump. That speed bump turned into a brick wall as Delhomme gave them the game in record setting fashion.

There's no way Delhomme can be as bad, but the Panthers have been quick to go away from the run in games where they fall behind, so Delhomme will be throwing a lot. That's good news for any team's fan base. The Cards will get up on the Panthers early and keep the lead throughout the game.

Arizona 30, Carolina 17 (Arizona -9.5)

New Orleans vs. Atlanta

Drew Brees will throw all over a banged up Atlanta secondary after struggling in the Miami game. Atlanta will score their fair share of points as well, but the Saints will put a massive total once again.

New Orleans 42, Atlanta 34 (Atlanta +9.5)

Game of the Week: Green Bay vs. Minnesota

Upset of the Week: St. Louis over Detroit

Lock of the Week: Chicago over Cleveland


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