A Raider Tribute To San Diego's Sporting History

Barnavicious XCorrespondent IOctober 29, 2009

To date the title for the most successful sports franchise in San Diego's long history belongs to the San Diego Sockers. This storied franchise rocked the Major Indoor Soccer League with 10 titles.

A San Diego professional sports team has never won a Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup or NBA Final. The drought dates back a combined 95 years without a championship. (Chargers 45, Padres 40, Clippers 5, Rockets 4). What's the contributing factor to this monumental achievement in futility?  Not one professional sports team from the great city of San Diego has a historical winning record. 

In order to find San Diego's last morsel of championship pie one would have to travel all the way back to 1963, when the San Diego Chargers won the AFL championship. To this day the Chargers remain the only AFC west team without a Superbowl victory, meanwhile their counterparts; the Raiders, Broncos and Chiefs have racked up six titles. San Diego has however be a most gracious Superbowl host. Each time San Diego has hosted a Superbowl a division rival has played in it. 

Like any great city void of a championship, one would expect there be a great curse to blame; like that of Boston and the Bambino. Well in this category San Diego once again disappoints. 

As lore would have it the curse of Lance Alworth is to blame for the city's 0 for lifetime debacle. Many of you, my self included have probably wondered, who in the hell is Lance Alworth?

Originally drafted by the Oakland Raiders and traded to the San Diego Chargers he was an all star from 1963-1969. In 1971 the Chargers traded Alworth to the Dallas Cowboys only to watch him earn a ring in Superbowl VI. Alworth was the first San Diego Charger inducted to the NFL hall of fame. Alworth chose the great Al Davis as his presenter for the ceremony. 

Since the trade San Diego teams have been Championship deprived. The Chargers guilty of executing the trade are the most maligned of San Diego's teams.

Ryan Leaf considered the biggest "bust" in pro sports history was drafted only one pick after the great Peyton Manning. Having nearly tasted Manning glory the Chargers elected to draft Eli Manning in the 2004 draft. Apparently well aware of Lance Alworth, Eli demanded a trade and refused to play for the Chargers. Eli went on to win MVP honors and a ring in Superbowl XLII for the New York Giants.

The Padres haven't faired much better in the draft; see Matt Bush for details.

The Chargers have only had one appearance in the Superbowl but in San Diego tradition, they choked and were routed by the 49ers 49-26. Boasting a .417 playoff winning percentage it's doubtful the Chargers will ever make it back to the big game, let alone win it. 

Despite this extraordinary display of ineptitude, Charger fans seem content with their role as perennial AFC West Bridesmaid. They find some refuge in minor victories such as division titles or their current 12 game win streak over the Oakland Raiders but the elephant in the room remains an empty Superbowl trophy case.

C'est La Vie San"d" Diego, better luck next year, and the year after that and the year after that and the next....

In the immortal words of Ron Burgandy....