kevin lurkerContributor IOctober 21, 2009

 Winning is cool, is'nt it! Like coach Cable said this week we NEED to DO IT AGAIN

 Raiders need to build on what has been accomplished in order to make that happen. With confidence riding high, I do believe Cable can get this team going where he has envisioned. Knowing the job is no where close to complete and riding the edge of the cliff, what can they do to continue the drive up hill. This Jet's team is dangerous and hungry like a wounded animal right now. Raiders need to hit it hard and show them who the Alpha Dog is. How??

 With 6 games under his belt it's time for our rookie WR to play his part. DHB this is your chance to join the group. With Schillens back this week, with Miller,G.Russell, and Murphy on highlight reels...the time is here to break out, no one's looking at you.

 The Jet's have decent CB's in Lito Sheppard and Darrelle Revis. With FS Kerry Rhodes

 You are the key here to open up the struggling offense. With 6 games in You can make all the "bad pick" talk go away in what, about 4.3 seconds. The Jets have 2 very good running backs in Jones and Washington. Their line w/ Fergeson, Fanaca, and Mangold would like to control the game running while the passing game is trying to rebound.

 You can take that away by doing what you were brought in to do...burn them in 1 play deep, then do it again! Your fellow receiver's will have a field day if you do and this Raiders team you are a part of will start to become what your coach knows it can.

 13 points last week 'aintgonna cut it this week. Buckle up your chinstrap and find your place. Make all the past negativity fade away and leave it behind you. YOUR TIME IS NOW, THIS WEEKEND, NO EXCUSES....SHOW THEM WHO YOU ARE!!  Your coach is behind you and so are the fans. How good it will feel to hear " this is why the Raiders passed up on Michael Crabtree.. to bring the quick strike vertical game back to Oakland"